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August 30, 2021

With The 2020 Election Nothing Less Than 'An Elaborate Crowning Of The New World Order', Americans Will Either Strongly Resist Tyranny Or Die As Slaves To It

- Radical left forcefully crown their puppets using devious, satanic plans to install tyrants and dictators

By Alan Barton for All News Pipeline

John Locke has been brought up before in this column in regards to the US Constitution, and now again concerning his thoughts on Natural Rights and our God Given Rights. Locke was not the first man to claim that Man has Natural Rights; even the British government claimed that in 1215 when King John signed the Magna Carta which features the promise of Life, Liberty and Property, but only to British Barons to soothe their angers at what the Crown had done to them and NOT the common man. The largest failure is that those rights granted were by the King and NOT our Creator as opposed to what our Constitution makes direct reference. It was the crowns reneging on them that was one cause of the removal of King James II and the creation of the English Bill of Rights in 1689 and was strongly influenced by Locke’s ideas. Perhaps the strongest result of his beliefs is that Man should control his Government, and not be left to a Sovereign without any real consequences to his poor performance. This is illustrated in that the British laws allowed for some portion of self government by Property Owning Men to elect Representatives to the Parliament and our forefathers in the Colonies mandated that same right resulting in local laws such as the Mayflower Compact that gave the Taxpaying Males voice in governing themselves. By the 1700’s all of the colonies had laws in effect that gave such rights as VOTING for their representatives to stand for, or represent, them and considered it a long standing tradition as well as a God Given Right.

The actions of the British Government, specifically the King, and actions of the Parliament threatened that peace and Liberty which resulted in the overthrow of that restraining force and the creation of the American Revolution. Although it was only small but very vocal groups of colonists that were fed up with the Crowns abuses and lack of attention to the colonies, by 1763 the end of the Seven Years War between Great Britain and France and Britain gained the old French Colonies in America and the Colonists hoped to gain access to the old French properties. But that hope was in vain as the British Parliament passed the Proclamation of 1763 that forbid the colonists to enter anywhere west of the Appalachian Mountains. To pay to protect the Colonies and pay for the war itself, they raised the taxes well beyond the colonist’s ability to allow such an increase with the Stamp Act of 1765 but the outcry was so bad they replaced it in 1767 with the Townshend Acts which were received as poorly as the Stamp Act, and one result is the infamous Boston Tea Party. The resulting troops and war ships sent to the Colonies resulted in many American deaths now known as the Boston Massacre with resulting hatred for the British rule increasing rapidly and widely. Harsher Brit responses, like the Coercive Acts in 1774, was beginning to bring things to a head, and in May 1775 the delegates to the Second Continental Congress and they drafted the Declaration of Causes describing the reasons for the rebellion and on July 2nd 1776 America declared Independence from Britain and two days later signed the Declaration of Independence. The Colonists pride in their English Liberties pretty much mandated an elected Representative form of government would result. I go through this as background to show the irrational and insane thought the Evil left have for our election processes. 

NBC News had the headline “Democrats rethink the U.S. voting system. What's in the massive H.R. 1.” where they claim, as do the radical left in general, that it is a “wish list of policies voting rights advocates have urged lawmakers to adopt for years — rethinks the entire voting process: how people register to vote, how ballots are cast and how states conduct elections. The goal is to improve access, particularly for voters of color.

The bill would also create public financing systems for campaigns and ethics rules for candidates” but is in reality the destruction of what America has had since centuries before its actual inception. The enormity of the lies both made and inferred is as idiotic as they are anti-American. It does nothing more than cement in permanent place the illegal and immoral voter fraud that they implemented through the haze of “Covid” as a distraction from what was really going on. Yes, I know, that has all been covered before, but we are still in the ‘creating background’ stage, which ends now and the real discussion follows:

It (HR1) allows for just about anyone to register, and almost impossible to be removed from voter rolls, whether they are dead, are Felonious criminals, illegal invaders, and foreign nationals, whatever. It makes it easier for ANYONE to vote for ANYONE, eliminating almost all restrictions on mail in ballots, creating Public FEDERAL financing, supposedly beefing up cyber security and so on, ALL of which do nothing to enhance the security or integrity of the elections, but serve only to make them much easier for the radical left to forcefully crown their puppets using their devious and satanic plans to install their tyrants and dictators. Every single item in that 791 page disaster is worthy of starting another Revolution to stop. The Satan controlled House passed the bill, now waiting for the Senate to stop it, but will they? Even the NY Times claims it has a “steep path in the Senate” so we do still have some hope that it will be defeated. USA Today claimed “House Democrats voted Tuesday to revive federal oversight of state voting-rights laws that had been weakened by recent Supreme Court decisions” and babbled on about the background of various actions but neglected to mention that there is a reason why we do not have Federal control of elections; our Founders denied that specifically because it removes the local control to Tyrants that would only do as THEY pleased, not what the people that supposedly “elected” them wanted. Section 4 in Article I of the US Constitution says that it is the STATES that have the primary responsibility for regulating congressional elections, NOT the Feds!

It is all so much like the pre 1774 period in our situation that we really do need to look at what was done back then to stop it all. 

AP News even said “House Resolution 1, Democrats’ 791-page bill, would touch virtually every aspect of the electoral processstriking down hurdles to voting erected in the name of election security, curbing partisan gerrymandering and curtailing the influence of big money in politics.

Republicans see those very measures as threats that would both limit the power of states to conduct elections and ultimately benefit Democrats, notably with higher turnout among minority voters.

The stakes are prodigious, with control of Congress and the fate of President Joe Biden’s legislative agenda in the balance. But at its core, a more foundational principle of American democracy is at play: access to the ballot.”

It is patently false that the worry is more “minority” voters voting as a concern with Conservatives (Notice I did not say “republicans”) unless you consider that NON-AMERICANS are also considered “minority voters” by the left. The highlighted and underlined part noted above is crucial but is just too limited of a scope. It is NOT just about the current White House occupier Biden and puppeteers but the left wing democrats in general, the vipers den of evil, that are the real reason why we must defeat this atrocity. They (AP) continued “This goes above partisan interests. The vote is at the heart of our democratic system of government,” said Fred Wertheimer, president of the nonpartisan good government organization Democracy 21. “That’s the battleground. And everyone knows it.” Yes, now it seems they are seeing what the problem is, but they then babble idiotically about not allowing foreigners and multiple ballots are somehow barriers to free elections. That is just insane! Then there is the lack of Voter ID required, and that is one of the largest invitations to massive fraud that they could invent. I need my ID to pick up my prescriptions, to drive, to do almost anything, but not to vote? Drop Off boxes (and no monitoring of them), fluid “vote until…” end dates, no end to counting and recounting – just keep going until you reach the results you want.

Map of US Voter ID Laws by State

Elections as such would disappear, it would only be an elaborate crowning of the Tyrants wishes, and our input would be meaningless just as it was in the 2020 elections. That means that there is no reason whatsoever to even bother to vote again; the end of America as it currently exists. Note the tone of the satanic left in all of this; they say idiotic psychoanalyzed politically correct propaganda phrases like “House Democrats pass election reforms as GOP moves to change voting laws - The "For the People Act of 2021" is something Democrats say is urgently needed. and “it would usher in the biggest overhaul of U.S. elections law in at least a generation…” and The 2020 election underscored the need for comprehensive, structural democracy reform. Americans across the country were forced to overcome rampant voter suppression, gerrymandering and a torrent of special-interest dark money just to exercise their vote and their voice in our democracy” which is true, but it is NOT a good thing for America or our Constitutional Republic.

There have been many changes to our voting rights, such as 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments along with the 26th which I believe is a major mistake as 18 year olds do NOT have the maturity to make such decisions for the rest of us. Yeh, I remember the old phrase of old enough to die for the country but not old enough to vote, but that brings up the rational of fighting useless wars. 

That is all bad enough, but they are not through with destroying our once great Republic as they have yet another method of destroying the integrity of our Voting system and Voting Rights called Ranked Choice Voting.

This one is actually a very insidious and twisted plot to dilute votes that may not agree with the predetermined outcome of an election. This is a system to do away with Primary elections and only rely on one vote at a Final General Election. That neglects the Party system of determining who they want to represent them in the elections as the Conventions are then made redundant and obsolete, and leaves it up to the General Population (not even Eligible Voters anymore, just anyone that wants to”vote”) in most versions of it, but could also be used in Party elections to find that candidate to run in the General elections but that is not the usual route they take. BallotPedia has a nice simple explanation of how it works;

Broadly speaking, the ranked-choice voting process unfolds as follows for single-winner elections:

1. Voters rank the candidates for a given office by preference on their ballots.

2. If a candidate wins an outright majority of first-preference votes (i.e., 50 percent plus one), he or she will be declared the winner.

3. If, on the other hand, no candidates win an outright majority of first-preference votes, the candidate with the fewest first-preference votes is eliminated.

4. All first-preference votes for the failed candidate are eliminated, lifting the second-preference choices indicated on those ballots.

5. A new tally is conducted to determine whether any candidate has won an outright majority of the adjusted voters.

6. The process is repeated until a candidate wins a majority of votes cast.

The Heritage Foundation has a very good summary on what makes Ranked Choice Voting so bad, found at the link imbedded here.

In some areas, you can switch parties late in the game, so you vote for the opposing parties candidate in the Primaries that you would think should LOSE to our preferred

candidate, and then you can switch parties back for the general elections. This process is very common in some areas, and registration time limits make it impractical in others as it is seen as a form of “ballot stuffing” to push the wanted candidate into office unfairly. Ranked voter systems make that much easier; you can dilute the opposing party’s (or Factions) candidate by voting their least popular one in the rankings, and thereby killing the chance of the other party’s best candidate of winning even in a second or third place. The results would look something like the absurd finish of the Democrats 2020 race with the two lowest ranked candidates actually getting onto the ballot like Little Joey Dementia and “Oakland” Camela did. Please allow me to give a brief illustration as an example.

Let’s say you are a Democrat (dreadful I know, but hold on for a minute) and your choice for President is Bernie the Communist, so you vote for Bernie as first choice, then in order to take votes away from Trump, you vote for his WORST challenger next, which would be of course Mitt Romney because that effectively deletes one vote from Trump in the counting! And assuming that it is a three-tiered rank ballot, you then vote for the next lowest Republican challenger, whomever that might have been, and that effectively takes another vote away from Trump while making Bernie look all the more popular. What an ingenious way to dilute your enemy’s votes!

Then add to all that the leftist criminal gangs and Chinese influence and Criminal element that runs the election voting, counting and other machines that determined the outcome of the massively fraudulent 2020 elections and there is NO validation to any voting by the population in general, and conservative or non-Democrat candidates that the Powers That Be are manipulating everything to keep out of office. And yes, the Machines are totally controlled by the Left, so there is really no reason to even waste any time and effort to even vote anymore except to fill your Constitutional Duty to submit our choices for candidates that are ignored by the machines and people that are counting/manipulating the outcomes.

Dreary outlook for the 2022 elections, eh? Yep, that is for sure. But there is a solution although it is most definitely NOT one that would be “pretty”.

1776 all over again, but not against the Brits this time but against the NWO and their Satanic cult of communists and democrats, whatever the difference is anymore. Very sad to contemplate, yes; but I cannot see the Republicans or any other faction strong enough to do anything about it. Sure, the bill HR1 may not pass the Senate, but then there is still all the leftist State laws, Rank Choice Voting and the massive INSTITUTIONALISED VOTE FRAUD to contend with, so I am at a loss as what to do next other than another 1776. Anyone have any great ideas that might work? 

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