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October 7, 2019

The 'Impeachment Coup' Is An Attack On YOU By Democrats Attempting To Overthrow America And The Results Of The 2016 Election Without Firing A Single Shot 

- 'This could start a process of unraveling so great, America may break up into multiple countries'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the Washington Post, the Independent, NY Mag and several other leftist news rags have recently put out stories condemning President Trump's use of the phrase 'coup' to describe the desperate Democrat power grab that we're still watching unfolding in America, as Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch reported in this September 17th story, newly released documents essentially confirmed a sinister government bureaucracy plot to try to remove President Trump via the use of the 25th Amendment. 

Attempting to have Trump labeled insane to remove him swiftly
from the office he was voted into by the American people and thus successfully overthrowing the results of the 2016 election without a single shot being fired, while we're thankful that effort was not successful, there is no doubt we've been witnessing attack after attack upon our 45th President ever since he was voted into office.

As this new story over at the AP reports, a 2nd Trump whistleblower has come forward and spoken with the inspector general about alleged Trump wrongdoings, making it even more bluntly obvious to anyone paying attention to the events of the past 3 years that anti-American, pro-globalist political forces in America have been conducting a 3rd world nation worthy coup d'etat upon the United States with the Democrats push for impeachment nothing less than them attempting to nullify YOUR vote that put President Trump into office.

So with the demonrat/deep state coup upon President Trump nothing less than a very real attack upon America by leftists who think they know what's best for this country prior to the revelations of mass deep state/democrat crimes, and a blunt attack upon 'We the American People' who voted for President Trump despite the msm's labeling of him as a racist, sexist and all the other horrible things they've said about him, we'll be taking a look within the rest of this story at more evidence Patriotic Americans are preparing to defend their President.

We'll also take a look in the next section below at the great evil long pushing to have President Trump removed from office, with leftists 'Trump derangement syndrome' potentially even eventually resulting in a 'deep state' attempted assassination of POTUS and an uptick in engineered terrorism across America as Mike Adams of Natural News reported in this October 1st story. So please join us in prayer for God's protection of President Trump and America in the days ahead with some warning that impeachment could start a process of unraveling so great, America might even split into several different countries. 

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This must-read new story over at Zero Hedge titled "The Construed Coup – Anti-American pro Globalists stage Coup d’état in USA - Pedoparty – Global Illuminati Conspiracy stages Coup d’état in United States of America" gives us a close look at those who have launched this attempted coup upon America, blaming 'the coup' upon 'the pedoparty'. The following excerpt comes to us from this Zero Hedge story.:


If you want a symbol of the Demoratic party look no further than Jeff Pedostein. NOT ONLY did he provide the initial funding for the Clinton Foundation, the whole thing was his idea, according to Wikipedia:

Jeffrey Epstein is also said, according to his lawyers, to have taken part in the conception of CGI (Clinton Global Initiative.)

And more details from Politico:

Epstein, a well-connected Manhattan money manager and philanthropist, was once a regular at Mar-a-Lago and an active supporter of the Clinton Foundation—repeatedly lending his 727 jet to Clinton for trips overseas. Dershowitz defended Epstein amid an investigation into his involvement with underage girls more than a decade ago, and it was Acosta—then the U.S. attorney overseeing south Florida—who allowed Epstein’s case to be resolved in state court in 2008.

Folks is this a conspiracy or can we call the Democratic party the PedoParty? This guy is sick but the facts in the case explain a lot, especially about the Clinton’s (Spirit cooking?? WTF) To be fair, there are plenty of Republicans with strange proclivities as well – as there are in the Catholic Church but that’s not the point. The point is that Bill Clinton and his friend Jeff were major participants in global enterprise whereby one was not sure where the Clinton Foundation ended and Jeff Pedostein’s blackmail operation began. Did the two organizations work closely together? Did Clinton Foundation reps get children for Jeff and did Jeff provide political blackmail to the Clinton’s? It’s very likely, as the evidence would suggest. 

So is the 'impeachment coup attempt' of President Trump being carried out by the 'pedoparty' as the Zero Hedge story suggests? As William B. Stoecker had reported in this October 5th ANP story, the 'conspiracy' to take down America began long before President Trump was voted into office, engineered and conducted via one false flag event and mysterious death after another stretching back decades and as Mr. Stoecker had detailed in great depth within this story, the 'patterns of evil' that surround us are everywhere. 

Stoecker pointed out some of the mysterious deaths that have surrounded Bill and Hillary Clinton for over 2 decades, appropriately nicknamed the 'Clinton Body Count', and with 'Pedostein's' deep ties to 'Bill and Hill' well documented and a long-running pattern of secrecy surrounding just how many times Bill flew on the Lolita Express and the Clinton's very close ties to others such as Harvey Weinstein, the NXIVM Sex Cult, ultra-rich Democrat donor Ed Buck and Anthony Weiner, what if this Zero Hedge story is right? Part of the conclusion to their story.:

The fact is that a group of political enemies has construed meaning that didn’t previously exist, but one that aligns with their political agenda: Impeach Trump. Run over dead bodies do what it takes but he must be out!

The technicalities of what they are doing are important here, especially if they are successful. It’s not likely they can succeed but with corrupt judges and Demorats on the take in every sector, it seems that nothing can surprise us next, not even Alien Invasion.

There have been many good articles on the “Fake Impeachment” and one positive takeaway it’s creating an intense intellectual dialogue that’s never before existed in USA. In this author’s opinion, the Elite simply have not evolved well. Technology caught up with them and the stupid dirty tricks that worked 20 years ago don’t work today. People all carry recording devices and HD cameras in their pocket. Outright lies and bombastic untrue statements can easily be fact checked (like Adam Shifty’s parody of the Trump call). If we look at the Democrats, who is a real leader that can come forward, like a Trump – someone like Tony Robbins. Where is Tony Robbins?

If the Democrats are going to survive as a party, they need to dump the Pedophiles and get some real leaders. There are plenty of well seasoned Americans, ex CEOs in retirement who are perfect for the job. The question many are asking is – Why can’t they find anyone who wants to run? Isn’t Noam Chomsky a Democrat? For that matter, the Republicans have had a similar issue and that’s why Trump is in office and not “Pompous” Romney or another Bush like Jeb. However, given the wide scope of the Pedophelia, corruption, disregard for law, abuse of office power, and just a long list of illegal acts and abuses while in office, most Democrats need to find replacements if the party is to continue.

But here’s the scary part. It’s very unlikely Trump can be impeached based on lies and political mumbo jumbo. But what if he is? It would start a process of unraveling so great, USA may break up into multiple countries (and you know where the borderlines are drawn!).


According to this October 1st story by Mike Adams at Natural News titled "The hierarchy of deep state escalation that will end in the attempted assassination of President Trump and engineered terrorism across America", the 'deep state' is now at war with America and the CIA's attempted coup of our nation using the CIA's 'puppet journalists' pushing Democrat talking points is nothing less than an all-out attack upon America. 

Warning that this 'soft coup' is just the beginning of what Democrats have planned as they seek to take America in a totally different direction with their buzz word 'socialism' just like putting makeup on a Communist pig, is America ready for forced obedience to government, famine and mass starvation, qualities that 'socialism/communism' nearly always bring? As Adams also argues, Democrats have become terrorists, rather seeing America burned to the ground than President Trump win in 2020. From that story.:

The deep state is at war with America. The CIA is running an attempted coup, and all the CIA’s puppet “journalists” (actually nothing more than CIA-run media hacks) are all-in. The Democrats are betting everything that they can remove Trump from office and somehow avoid a popular uprising that would likely see millions of armed citizens taking action to defend this republic against the lawless deep state and its authoritarian rule.

You are witnessing the final chapter. The Democrats, CIA and media hacks are throwing everything at Trump in a last-ditch effort to remove him from office before the 2020 election, which the Dems know they cannot win (because Democrat ideas suck, and they have no ideas other than communism and handing out free stuff to everyone). Just today, lunatic Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters called for President Trump to be “imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement,” probably so the deep state can pull a Jeffrey Epstein on him, where magically all the security cameras simultaneously malfunction while the prisoner is executed.

This face off ends with just one party left standing. The Democrats cannot survive this if they do not decisively take out Trump, because in escalating this brazen, fabricated assault on our president, Democrats have demonstrated to all Americans that they don’t care about any real issues Americans are facing such as health care costs, the collapse of liberal cities and the growing power and corruption of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Instead, Democrats are willing to watch America burn and collapse as long as they think they might be able to get Trump in the process.

Democrats have become terrorists, criminals and lunatics, and they have reached the point of insanity where they quite literally want to see this country burned to the ground rather than witness Trump win a second term.

Understand that this current “soft coup” against President Trump is just the beginning of what they have planned. If this soft coup fails, they have a plan of escalation that will ultimately reach the point where deep state criminals like John Brennan and Barack Obama attempt to carry out plans that include the assassination of President Trump. But that’s not even where this ends. If that fails, they have more moves in store for America, and all these attempts will result in the loss of innocent life. Bluntly stated, if Trump doesn’t order the arrest and prosecution of all these deep state traitors and CIA operatives — across Congress, the fake news media fiction factories and even the judiciary — they will unleash deadly terror and lawlessness across America in a desperate effort to reclaim authoritarian rule (while, of course, ordering the executions of all Trump loyalists).

With Demonrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib now pushing for the arrests of Trump officials who don't comply with Democrat Congress demands also showing their push for totalitarianism in America while this very real coup attempt upon President Trump is now proven to have deep ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton and the 'gay/pedophile mafia', American's better be prepared for anything ahead with US Marine Reserves activating to support civil authorities in America as we had reported in this October 5th ANP story titled "It Could Happen Here! The Timing Of Everything Suggests America Is Approaching A National Nightmare In 2020".

And while we won't be holding our breaths waiting for the 'unraveling' of America should this impeachment coup launched by Democrats be successful, as this Wall Street Journal had reported all the way back in 2008, one Russian professor has long been predicting the complete dismantling of America with Igor Panarin forecasting America would have disintegrated by the year 2010, triggered largely by Civil War. Might Panarin's forecast have just been 10 years off? Remember the forecast for 2025 America which is being made by Deagel

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