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October 19, 2017

A Familiar Pattern Of Lies And Deception With Choreographed Scenes And Permanently Silenced Witnesses Lead To Two Crucial Las Vegas Questions That Remain Unanswered

- How Many 'Terrorists', Or 'Enemies Of America Within', Are Still On The Loose, And Where Will Be Their Next Onslaught?


By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline 

I always say that everything is in the patterns. You can look at this fact or that piece of evidence and perhaps learn nothing, but the whole pattern surrounding events like Dallas, OKC, or Vegas makes things pretty clear to those of us with our eyes open. Regarding the 10/1/17 mass shooting in Las Vegas (if it was a mass shooting), the sheriff, FBI, and slimestream media keep changing their story, but they insist, as always, that there was only one “lone gunman,” no wider conspiracy, nothing to see here folks, just move along. There are just a few minor problems.

First, no one has found a motive. No one knows why an elderly White male with no known record of criminal behavior, drug abuse, extremist politics, or of being a Muslim would suddenly “snap” and shoot over 500 mostly innocent people whom he had never met. When people do “snap,” when they have nervous breakdowns, they do not spend weeks accumulating weapons and ammunition and then commit mass murder.

I have written previously of the sheer impossibility of one man, even a trained marksman (and there is not even a shred of evidence that Paddock was a marksman) hitting over 500 people at a range of over 400 yards with “assault” rifles modified to fire full auto. Full auto fire, save with a SAW or M-60 or the like on a tripod or at least a bipod, is notoriously inaccurate. If Paddock’s weapons used “bump stocks” they would be even less accurate and more prone to jamming.


First reports indicate that the FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) shot him…but why would any of the 90-odd HRT operators, stationed in Quantico, Virginia, even have been in Vegas? So the story changed and we were assured that Paddock shot himself when the local police (or was it sheriff’s deputies? even this is not clear) came calling. First they said he shot over 500 people and then security guard Jesus Campos arrived and Paddock shot and wounded him (why?) and then killed himself.

Then, days later, the authorities changed their story again (this time we mean it…we were just joshing with you before). Now they said that Paddock shot Campos at 9:59 PM for no particular reason, firing 200 rounds (seven thirty round magazines) through the door. Then, just for the heck of it, knowing that the police would arrive soon, he made no effort to escape, but sat around for six minutes before opening fire on the crowd outside at 10:05. At 10:17 the police (or deputies or HRT, or somebody, or nobody) arrived at the thirty second floor and then spent seven minutes walking a few yards to his door, and then waited almost an hour until 11:20, when they entered his room (number 135, they say) and found him dead (or so we are told).

Why didn’t they breach the door right away and toss in a flashbang? Remember, he may have started shooting again at any moment. So from the time Paddock allegedly shot Campos it took them an hour and 21 minutes (when seconds count, the police are out to lunch…please leave a message). Realizing that Campos would have shouted for help or used his radio when he was shot (if he was shot) and called for help (another employee now says he arrived on scene and called for help) and it was hard to explain the six minute delay, the authorities changed their story yet again, and said the front desk was called almost immediately. This means that (and there were police already in the building for another event) it took them something like 16 or 17 minutes just to get to the thirty second floor. This is an argument for “gun control”? Oh, and first they said Paddock had occupied his room on 9/28, but this hour’s version says he moved in on 9/25. And this time they mean it.


When he fired seven magazines through the door, people a long way off would have heard it. In fact, Australian Brian Hodge was right next door, heard the shooting, and ran out and called for help. But even with all these reports, the police still took their sweet time. And why were flood lights shining on the crowd at the concert? And why did several survivors say that someone shut the gates and locked them all in?

And why so many reports of multiple shooters in several directions and at varying ranges? One of the attendees at the concert who was certain about multiple shooters was 28 year old Kimberly Suchomel, who was found dead in her bedroom on 10/9, even though her only known health problem was a relatively mild form of epilepsy. Meanwhile, in Fairport, New York one Joseph Beilman allegedly shot his disabled daughter dead and then shot himself in the back of a head with a shotgun. This is virtually impossible. But the only known possible connection between him and Paddock is that Beilman had been the lead engineer developing a phone charger, and one of that design was found in Paddock’s room. Even I am not ready to draw a connection here, but the FBI, for some reason, had supposedly searched his home days earlier, on 10/3/17…apparently they suspected some connection. In any event, he was clearly murdered, along with his daughter.

At least one survivor claimed that, about 45 minutes before the shooting began, a man and a woman of Hispanic (or Middle Eastern?) appearance entered the concert area and told the people that they were all about to die. Kimberly Suchomel said that as she was escaping the area an SUV drove by and an Hispanic (or Middle Eastern?) woman leaned out and said something unintelligible; Suchomel felt that the woman was mocking the survivors.

And how did Paddock smuggle multiple weapons, magazines, and thousands of rounds of ammunition into his room and keep it all hidden? Remember, there are surveillance cameras in the halls and in the elevators, including the freight elevators. And how did Paddock place his own surveillance cameras in the hall without being caught, or seen by the hotel’s own cameras? Why did no one notice falling glass when he knocked out two windows? And why two, so far apart, for one shooter? And the FBI, following another familiar pattern, confiscated survivors’ cell phones, and only returned them after wiping them clean. If they bother to “explain” this at all they will claim legal reasons (for what trial, if Paddock acted alone and is dead?), but I suspect we will see those videos when we see the tapes of the imaginary disappearing airliner that hit the Pentagon on 9/11.


Oh, and as if all of that isn’t enough to make us suspicious, Jesus Campos, minutes before he was scheduled to be interviewed by the media (including, later, by Sean Hannity), vanished off the face of the Earth. Perhaps he is alive and well and his employer, fearing lawsuits, is paying him to stay out of sight for a while. But his union and his family members say they don’t know where he is. If his disappearance is merely temporary, why does his employer release a video of him assuring us that he is alive and reasonably well. Maybe he will turn up; maybe his body will be found after he shoots himself 14 times in the back of the head with a long-barreled shotgun (a clear case of suicide); or maybe he will never be found.

Alex Jones says his sources claim ISIS and Antifa literature was found in Paddock’s room. He also suspects that Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo has been threatened with death by someone, perhaps the FBI, and is being forced to lie or tell only part of what he knows. Certainly he looked very ill at ease in at least one of his press conferences, and a sinister-looking man, probably FBI, was standing near him and staring fixedly at him.

What is particularly infuriating and depressing in so many of these cases is that quite often local officials and police have to have been at least aiding and abetting the cover-up; they have been at least accessories to the mass murder of the public they are sworn to serve and protect. Think of the murders of Danny Casolaro and Gary Webb. And the common thread, again and again, is the FBI. Ask any good homicide detective what is the usual motive when someone lies about a murder, conceals evidence, and changes his story and the detective will say: “Because he did it. My, my, my.” 

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