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November 27, 2016

'RAGE Rooms' Spread Across America As Anger Grows After The 'Pillaging And Plundering Of The Masses'

- Will 'Rage' Turn To 'Fury' If 'The Thinning' Begins?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story that the Drudge Report linked to on Saturday from the NY Times should send out a loud and clear alarm to anyone paying attention when we consider everything else now going on. Reporting that Americans have found a 'smashing new way to relieve stress', we're told that 'Anger Rooms' are opening up across America.

Charging $25 so customers can have 5 minutes of 'beating to death' televisions, computer monitors, printers, alarm clocks, glass vases and an endless list of other breakable items, these so-called 'RAGE rooms' are stocked with baseball bats, clubs, sledge hammers and other 'weapons' one can use to 'batter and destroy'. You can see some 'rage room action' in the 1st video below.†

And while we'd much rather see Americans taking out their anger in 'rage rooms' upon inanimate objects that can be replaced and don't feel pain and won't be missed when they are gone than upon living flesh and blood, we have to wonder if this is just another way of 'charging up the rapidly angering masses'. What will they do when the 'rage rooms' are gone and America is in collapse?

While some call rage rooms a form of 'anger management', others are questioning whether or not the 'benefits' people are getting from destroying things with a bat or ax is healthy or just 'kicking the anger can' down the road with one rage room customer actually saying 'he went to a dark place' and 'it got kind of scary'.


With 'black Friday' once again giving those paying attention another small taste of what might happen if 'all goes south' with fights breaking out over 'garbage' like towels, toys and toilet paper, if violence continues to plague the 'high holiday of consumerism', what happens to 321 million Americans when this consumer-bred insanity all comes grinding to a halt? Whether via massive cyber attack that takes down our banking system, economic collapse, war breaking out upon American soil or EMP, those who are preparing should never stop preparing just because Donald Trump won the election. †

And as 2016 closes down and 2017 brings in a 'Trumpian' world upon us, we're not the least bit surprised that 'Donald Trump mannequins', like Trump pinatas, have taken a beating in these 'rage rooms' as powder-puffs who've never known the meaning of the word 'LOSE' take out their anger that Hillary lost.

So we take a look below at what the future might bring us by looking at what's happening today and the recent and distant past and a few 'worst case scenarios' that could quickly unfold in the future, first looking at a new movie that most of us missed, released back on October 12th on YouTube Red, called 'The Thinning'.

Steve Quayle recently linked to the trailer of 'The Thinning' on his website and for good reason - it shows one possible post-Apocalyptic future for America and as we all know, the nwo and illuminati love to give us a look at the future via movies, TV shows and predictive programming. While pillaging and plundering the masses for decades, are they now preparing to thin the herd?


Like the movie Hunger Games before it showing a dystopian world where food was quite literally used as a weapon, the movie trailer for 'The Thinning' shows America's children going to schools in FEMA-camp like installations with guards dressed in all black. If the students fail a standard government test given to all, they die. They tell us the reason why: population control.

Showing us the depopulation agenda in full swing, the 2nd video below is the official trailer for 'The Thinning' while the 3rd and 4th videos take a deeper look at this 'illuminati/nwo' propaganda. In the final video below our videographer breaks down more Hollywood predictive programming via a movie that came out this past summer called "The 5th Wave".


We've warned again and again on ANP about the globalists 'depopulation agenda' and despite Donald Trump's win in the presidential election, we've warned that America isn't yet out of the woods. With globalists insiders recently tipping their hand in a McCarthyesque way by declaring anybody who's publishing news that's not in line with MSM government news producers to be 'Russian propaganda', we have to ask, how far might they go?

Might we soon witness an attempt to shutdown conservative and alternative news websites that don't go along with the globalists agenda? Or might the globalists pull a rabbit out of a hat and somehow 'install' Hillary as US president to placate the angry, protesting masses on US streets? And might such an 'overthrow' of what even Barack Obama recently called a 'fair election' lead to even more violence or possibly civil war upon US soil with many Trump voters already angry at a long-broken system?

Simply knowing that the globalists still have more than 50 days to complete their 'takedown' of America despite the fact that Donald Trump fairly and squarely won the election should be all we need to know to keep up our preparation for an event we pray never comes. As we've seen through the course of history, totalitarian, dicatorial governments bent on an 'agenda of destruction' very rarely, if ever, have layed down and surrendered to the will of the people.


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