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August 31, 2021

We're Witnessing The Silencing Of Whistleblowers And Truth Tellers: A Pattern Of Mysteriously Dead Scientists, Microbiologists And Infectious Disease Experts Goes Back Nearly 30 Years 

- The Globalists Knew Who To 'Cull' First All Along  

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While many on the left continue to insanely scream for 'vaccine passports' to 'keep them safe' from the rest of us who've decided not to trust an experimental mRNA injection being pushed way too hard by the mainstream media and US politicians, Harvard Medical School professor Martin Kulldorff, an epidemiologist, has just said a new medical study has completely blown to smithereens the left's insane argument.

As reported in this important new story over at FEE, the Foundation for Economic Education, that medical study found that infection from COVID-19 confers considerably longer-lasting and stronger protection against the Delta variant of the virus than vaccines.   

Reporting that "the natural immune protection that develops after a SARS-CoV-2 infection offers considerably more of a shield against the Delta variant of the pandemic coronavirus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, we'll warn right here for good reason that we hope that Professor Kulldorff is wearing the armor of God, for he may need it. 

Because as we had reported back on August 4th in this ANP story titled "This Is Why They Are Killing Off Doctors, Microbiologists And Infectious Disease Experts: 2017 Story Warned They Were Working On Bioweapons And 'Viral Pandemics' - The Globalists Systematically 'Silence' Whistleblowers Who Know Too Much", a trail of death and destruction is following around those speaking truth to power or those who simply 'know too much'

Such as this May of 2020 story over at ABC News which reported that 3 Russian doctors simply 'fell' out of hospital windows during the early days of the pandemic, leading to 2 of them dying and one other being seriously hurt, what are the odds of that happening, much less the odds of "The worlds top anti-virus microbiologists being killed off, with over 100 deaths, "many murdered while the rest of them died under very suspicious circumstances"?

With it factually known that "they were all working on highly-sensitive or government-funded research projects tied to bioweapons and viral pandemics," were all of these mysteriously dead experts on viruses and bioweapons 'silenced whistleblowers' who knew too much?

As we'll explore in the next section of this ANP story, now we have at least 3 'anti-vax' radio hosts who've died from Covid, as if they're being directly targeted by a bioweapon, with the tyrants who've unleashed this 'beast' upon America having a lengthy 'kill list' going all the way back to 1994.

With Steve Quayle having been keeping track of 'mysteriously dead' doctors, scientists, microbiologists, infectious disease experts, holistic medical doctors and many more for almost 30 years now, to say there's been an awful lot of them would be a HUGE understatement as we're watching the globalists depopulation agenda unfolding. 

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With Steve noticing that pattern of mysteriously dead doctors, scientists, microbiologists and other infectious disease experts long before Covid struck the world, as we noted back on May 1st of 2020, the mysterious deaths of actual Covid-19 researchers and the arrests of journalists covering (up!) the 'planned-demic' were more ominous warnings something incredibly sinister was going on.

And now within the space of just a few weeks, we've seen the deaths of 3 Conservative radio show hosts who spoke out against this globalists agenda as reported in this Daily Mail story.

With the death of Florida Conservative radio show host Marc Bernier following those of Dick Farrel on August 4 and Phil Valentine just last week, both of whom were also conservative radio hosts who questioned and criticized the coronavirus vaccine, are we watching something much more sinister unfolding?

We should always remember that we've been warned. As Futurism reported back in August of 2019, "in the future, we may have to deal with biological weapons that target specific groups of people, passing over everyone else. That’s according to a new report out of Cambridge University’s Centre for the Study of Existential Risk reviewed by The Telegraph.

In it, the Cambridge researchers argue that world governments have failed to prepare for futuristic weapons based on advanced technology like artificial intelligence and genetic manipulation — or even a killer pathogen designed to kill only people of a particular race"
. Or even bioweapons targeting single individuals

So before our conclusion, let's go ahead and take a look at this story from the FEE which looked at Harvard Professor Martin Kulldorff's remarks regarding this bombshell new medical study, one of 15 studies out now that indicate natural immunity is much stronger than a 'vax'., which we have absolute proof now doesn't prevent someone from 'catching covid' nor passing it on to others. 

A Death Blow to Vaccine Passports? 

The findings come as many governments around the world are demanding citizens acquire “vaccine passports” to travel. New York City, France, and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and British Columbia are among those who have recently embraced vaccine passports. 

Meanwhile, Australia has floated the idea of making higher vaccination rates a condition of lifting its lockdown in jurisdictions, while President Joe Biden is considering making interstate travel unlawful for people who have not been vaccinated for COVID-19. 

Vaccine passports are morally dubious for many reasons, not the least of which is that freedom of movement is a basic human right. However, vaccine passports become even more senseless in light of the new findings out of Israel and revelations from the CDC, some say. 

Harvard Medical School professor Martin Kulldorff said research showing that natural immunity offers exponentially more protection than vaccines means vaccine passports are both unscientific and discriminatory, since they disproportionately affect working class individuals. 

"Prior COVID disease (many working class) provides better immunity than vaccines (many professionals), so vaccine mandates are not only scientific nonsense, they are also discriminatory and unethical,” Kulldorff, a biostatistician and epidemiologist, observed on Twitter. 

Moreover, CDC research shows that vaccinated individuals still get infected with COVID-19 and carry just as much of the virus in their throat and nasal passage as unvaccinated individuals.

“High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus,” CDC Rochelle Director Walensky noted following a Cape Cod outbreak that included mostly vaccinated individuals. 

These data suggest that vaccinated individuals are still spreading the virus much like unvaccinated individuals. 

The Bottom Line 

Vaccine passports would be immoral and a massive government overreach even in the absence of these findings. There is simply no historical parallel for governments attempting to restrict the movements of healthy people over a respiratory virus in this manner. 

Yet the justification for vaccine passports becomes not just wrong but absurd in light of these new revelations. 

People who have had COVID already have significantly more protection from the virus than people who’ve been vaccinated. Meanwhile, people who’ve not had COVID and choose to not get vaccinated may or may not be making an unwise decision. But if they are, they are principally putting only themselves at risk.

So with 'the science' more proof that the American people have been lied to, and "Mysteriously Dead Doctors And Scientists Surrounding Covid, Including This Dr. Fauci Critic, Providing More Ominous Signs The 'Vaxxed' Are Part Of A Huge 'Big Pharma Mafia' Experiment", please join us in praying for the safety of Professor Kulldorff and all of the whistleblowers who've gone against the globalists covid narrative, we need such experts speaking out now more than ever. 

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