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May 23, 2021

Mysteriously Dead Doctors And Scientists Surrounding Covid, Including This Dr. Fauci Critic, Provide More Ominous Signs The 'Vaxxed' Are Part Of A Huge 'Big Pharma Mafia' Experiment

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While it would be a safe bet to assume that most Americans had never heard the name 'Dr. Kary Mullis', and the 1993 winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry passed away quietly from pneumonia at the age of 74 back on August 7th of 2019, as we'll hear in the 1st video embedded directly below, Dr. Mullis, the inventor of the PCR technique being used to diagnose Covid-19, called Dr. Anthony Fauci 'a fraud' while ripping the globalists preferred Covid narrative to shreds, long before anyone had even heard of Covid-19. 

Claiming that Dr. Fauci 'doesn't know anything' and that 'Fauci would be willing to lie on TV', as this story over at The Scientist pointed out about Dr. Mullis, he was also was very controversial within the scientific community, denying all of the claims made by globalists about what they love to call 'global warming' while also claiming that 'HIV' was not the cause of AIDS, warning something even more sinister was at play. 

The most notable critic of Dr. Fauci as also heard within the video directly below, Dr. Mullis's comments in this video should be thought about closely when horrific new stories such as this one over at the Daily Mail reporting that the CDC is now investigating dozens of reports of heart inflammation in teenagers and young adults that have occurred days after their second dose of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines. 

Just the latest concrete sign that these mRNA injections are causing more harm than good in many people who get them, the headline alone of this KTLA5 in Los Angeles story should open some eyes.:

"12 fully vaccinated people died of COVID in L.A. County, showing shots work ‘extraordinarily well,’ health officials say"

So is 'big pharma' held to a different standard than other businesses? With 12 deaths of the fully vaccinated in LA County alone touted as 'shots working extraordinarily well', the fact that Peloton had to recall ALL of their Tread+ treadmills following the death of only 1 child hints a much different standard is at play for the 'big pharma mafia' than for other businesses and people in America. 

And with the mainstream media in LA claiming the shots are working extraordinarily well in a story reporting that 12 people died following getting them, are such 'deaths' the purpose of these injections in the first place? With at least some of those 12 people probably still being alive had they NOT gotten 'the shot', who in their right minds would want to play such a game of 'Russian roulette' in 2021? 

After listening to the full 3 minute, 59 second video below, we'll certainly never trust another word coming out of the mouth of Dr. Anthony Fauci (not that we ever did, anyways!) nor do we have any intentions at all of getting 'shot up' with an 'experimental' injection. 

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So with more and more states now turning to 'vaccine lotteries' to 'fight against vaccine hesitancy', with the states of New York, Maryland and Oregon joining the state of Ohio in offering people the chance to win money if they 'take the shot', those states should also publish the disclaimer; we've got plenty of proof that such 'shots' could very well lead to your death or your health being permanently damaged. 

As a couple of comments from that story pointed out, we're witnessing nothing less than a huge human experiment with these injections that have yet to be approved by safe by health authorities but are leading to huge profits for 'big pharma'

Honestly...that these vax pushers are resorting to buying people off to get them to take these vaccines should tell ya something about their true intentions. Its been 14 months or so...... people can SEE and have EXPERIENCED things MUCH DIFFERENTLY than the Media and the Left presents and continues to push as the "narrative". These are largely untested, not "approved" by the FDA, and have shown significant adverse effects.

As long as idiot liberals keep wearing masks so we can identify them I’m good.

"Then the real adverse events will happen, against whatever is the real mRNA in the vaccines, and when the person vaccinated comes across (this coronavirus) sometime later …. what happened in the animal studies, 20% or 50% or 100% of the animals died" Dr. Cahill, Professor of Molecular Genetics

The Experiment on Human's, has begun with the Left Vax up.

The Guinea Pig Left is the Experiment......should be interesting in the next two years to see the results with them, and their offspring.

As Health Impact News had reported in this May 13th story, we've already gotten proof from the CDC's own numbers that more people have died following the Covid injection than in 21 years worth of other 'vaccinations' across America.

Warning within that story that we're watching nothing less than genocide being carried out stealthily before our eyes, the globalists depopulation agenda is very well known among the independent news community though to those who still get their news from the mainstream media, that 'depopulation agenda' is nothing more than a 'conspiracy theory'

Yet besides it being written in stone on the Georgia Guidestones, which are calling for only 500 million people on our planet Earth, which would necessitate a culling of 7 billion of us, it's also perfectly seen in the words of Bill Gates who once warned that since the world's population was headed towards 9 billion, "if we do a really good job with vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 to 15 percent" as heard in the final video at the bottom of this story.

So while Dr. Mullis called out Dr. Fauci numerous times before his untimely 2019 death, as this Humans are Free story asked of Bill Gates, who isn't a doctor but has been pushing medical advice for years, "At What Point Do We Realize That Bill Gates Is Dangerously Insane?" From that story.: 

This isn’t an overreaction to Gates’ latest foray into the news cycle. It’s an observation based on a long pattern of statements and behavior by the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men who has ever lived which, were any of us normal people guilty of them, would result in our being institutionalized. 

Bill Gates is crazy. And he’s dangerous, because he’s willing to put untold sums of money toward making the insane things he believes a reality – and all of those insane things hurt people. 

Gates’ influence with public health bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci, who he has clearly bought off, is something of a concern. He’s an unelected software developer with no medical training; nothing about him suggests he’s qualified to make public policy on healthcare for an entire planet, no matter how heavily he wants to buy his way in.

And while we're unable to prove at this time that Dr. Mullis' mysterious death just months before the first cases of Covid-19 were even being talked about had anything to do with his prior criticism of Dr. Fauci nor the PCR test as we heard in the video above, Steve Quayle has been keeping track for YEARS AND YEARS of the many mysteriously dead scientists, microbiologists, holistic doctors and medical experts who went against the 'mainstream narrative'dating all the way back to 1994

With numerous 'mysteriously dead' Covid-19 researchers and experts also documented in this May of 2020 story over at Zero Hedge which reported that two trailblazing COVID-19 researchers met their untimely deaths within a month of each other, and those deaths just the latest that were 'riddled with violence and unexplained', as we'd reported a year ago now in this May of 2020 story, all of these mysterious deaths were the latest ominous signs that something incredibly sinister was going on surrounding Covid-19.

And with Covid-19 pushing forth millions of people voting via the US mail, guaranteeing that fraud could be carried out by Democrats in the 2020 election, that 'something sinister' reeks of nothing less than a Covid-coup that permitted the 'installation' of Joe Biden as US president, another sign this entire 'plandemic' has been a 'big play', a total fraud upon the American people. 

And when you read the words below of Dr. Kary Mullis talking about Tony Fauci and the CDC as we also heard in the video above, think about just how many times Fauci and the CDC have 'flip flopped' on masks and Covid 19, leaving many of the masses highly confused with their jumbled messages.  

Kary Mullis stated in a resurfaced video interview: “Guys like Fauci get up there and start talking, you know, he doesn’t know anything really about anything and I’d say that to his face. Nothing. The man thinks you can take a blood sample and stick it in an electron microscope and if it’s got a virus in there you’ll know it. He doesn’t understand electron microscopy and he doesn’t understand medicine and he should not be in a position like he’s in. 

Most of those guys up there on the top are just total administrative people and they don’t know anything about what’s going on in the body. You know, those guys have got an agenda, which is not what we would like them to have being that we pay for them to take care of our health in some way. They’ve got a personal kind of agenda. They make up their own rules as they go. They change them when they want to. And they smugly, like Tony Fauci does not mind going on television in front of the people who pay his salary and lie directly into the camera,” Kary Mullis said.

And with those remarks made long before the arrival of Covid-19 sounding almost prophetic, and Fauci, the CDC and Democrats clearly 'making up the rules as they go', rules that are obviously driven by their own agendas, even the website Doctors Patch asked back in 2016 if the 'big pharma mafia' was involved in the mysterious deaths of so many doctors back then as Erin Elizabeth had also documented over and over and over again at Health Nut News.

With at least 5 doctors agreeing that Covid-19 injections are actually bioweapons as we hear in the next video below, is all of this more proof that Americans are being 'set up for the kill'? With the globalists depopulation agenda long written in stone, we'd certainly never put anything beyond those who've outright stated our planet needs far fewer people living upon it and the 'useless eaters' will likely be the first ones to go if those globalists have their way.

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