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May 23, 2021†

With The Next Stage Of The Globalists Sinister Depopulation Agenda Being Unleashed Upon The World, How To Tell If You Are A 'Useless Eater' In The Eyes Of The Globalists

- Ebola May Be The Next Weapon To Get The Planet's Population Down To 500 Million

Story sent to ANP written by Kalbo†

As the first stage of the agenda of the New World Order proceeds with it's de-population plan via the COVID Kill shots, the planning for the next stage has not only begun but the plan has been put into motion.†

Stage 2 will be very much like stage 1, where new strains of COVID will be blamed for deaths, necessitating an additional world-wide inoculation program. Only this time, the injections will tailored to the individual, country, or continent as needed to maximize the death count. The subsequent pandemic of cancers, pneumonias, and aneurisms will be blamed on the COVID virus and not the NWO kill shots. A full-scale ebola outbreak is also a possibility.†

The elimination of Useless Eaters is necessary for the NWO to reduce the earth population to 500 million or so. Once this is achieved, control of every human by a world wide police state becomes achievable.†

Who are the Useless Eaters? Use this guide to determine your status:

Your age in years _____†

Your Body Mass Index _____† BMI calculator here.†

Total of above _____†

If less than 100, proceed to next section. If more than 100, proceed to RESULTS.†

Genetic Disorders†

Birth Defect affecting physical functioning (Cerebral Palsy, etc) +2000 _____†

Birth defect affecting overall health (Hemophilia, spinal bifida, etc) +2000 _____†

Birth Defect requiring constant medical care or hospitalization +2000 _____†

Downs Syndrome or similar defects +2000 _____†

Birth Defects resulting in limited functioning (blindness, deafness, etc) +2000 _____†

Other Birth Defects as determined by the Committee +1-2000 _____†

Chronic Diseases:†

Diabetic type 1 +1000 _____†

Diabetic type 2 +1500 _____†

HIV positive +2000 _____†

Other Auto-immune diseases +2000 _____†

Chronic disease needing constant medical care to be determined by the committee +1-2000 _____†

Unable to walk 100 yards on a level surface (2 mins) +500 _____†

Unable to scale a flight of stairs (15 steps, 45 seconds) +500 _____†


1 or 2 children -0 _____†

3 children +100 _____†

4 children +300 _____†

5 or more children +100@ _____†


High School -100 _____†

2 yr college -200 _____†

4 yr college w/hard science degree/engineering -500 _____†

4 yr college w/soft degree +200 _____†

MBA -100 _____†

Doctorate in hard science/engineering -400 _____†

Doctorate in soft subject or law +200 _____†


Federal or State elected office +200 _____†

Attorney at Law +100 _____†

Middle management executive +200 _____†

Upper management executive +400 _____†

Journeyman level in any construction field -500 _____†

Journeyman level in any mechanical field -500 _____†

Licensed Medical Professional (MD, RN, etc) -500 _____†

Certified Medical Professional (CNA, EMT, etc) -200 _____†

Farmer, Pilot, Military, Merchant marine crewman -300 _____†

Employment in any other occupation deemed currently essential as determined by the committee -200 _____†

Criminal History†

The Committee will review each case for severity, repetition, and other factors to determine the individual's usefulness to society or for special projects as the Committee will direct.†


If your age plus BMI is greater than 100, or your score on the other sections is greater than 2000, then you are a Useless Eater. The higher your total score, the more immediate the need for your culling.

The Committee reserves the right to review and alter any score on a case by case basis; decisions of the committee are final and are not appealable. In the globalists eyes, 'Useless Eaters' are a drain on the resources of the planet.†

Useless Eaters are to be culled through disease, medical homicide, and genetic therapy. The option for directed euthanasia is reserved for use at the discretion of the Committee.†

Once the reduction in population has been achieved, the total control and the rule over all of the people† of earth will be possible. Borders will no longer exist; countries will no longer exist.

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