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April 21, 2016

Warning From US Veteran: NWO Using 'Smart Weapons' To Take Down America - 'The Clock Is Ticking' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to Billy Corgan, the lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins as heard in the 4th video below with Alex Jones from Infowars, if we lose free speech, we lose everything as Americans and 'free humanity' and ensure that the future will forever be a boot stamping upon a human face. However, all across America at this very moment, the right of Americans to speak freely is under fire with 'social justice warriors' mobilized to attack the 1st Amendment Rights of US Patriots and anyone else whose own ideas disagree with their own being the least of our worries.

At this moment, as Susan Duclos previously reported on ANP, a most insidious movement is underway within our own Congress via House Resolution 569 to take away our right to speak freely - a move by some to condemn free speech and conflate it with violence in an underhanded attempt to institute sharia law in America.

As we learn in the latest alert from the website of Steve Quayle republished below offering us a glimpse of what America and the free world now face from 'a warrior who spent a lot of time in the Middle East and has a very interesting perspective about what is now happening', Europeans and Americans are now facing 'smart weapons' of the New World Order. The 'smart weapons' that we face, we are unable to stop before they attack because we cannot fully detect them as they blend into American communities and they get full political protection from those who are enabling them and their agenda. And we are warned: "the clock is ticking". 


Why should Americans and Christians 'kowtow' to a group of people whose stated agenda is to destroy us and who are raping and killing Christians around the world in the name of their religion every day? Is there something more at play here that we have to dig a little bit deeper to find out? As we're told in the SQAlert below, Islam has become a secret weapon of the NWO and according to this alert, it's a 'weapon of mass destruction' that is enabling Christians and others to be slaughtered in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world in the Islamic name. Meanwhile, those who are in Washington DC and have the power to do something about it turn their focus instead upon law-abiding American citizens, Christians, Constitutionalists and everybody else whose ideas, thoughts and speech don't align with their own. 

In the first video below we get an emergency warning from Donald Trump to the American people in the form of a poem based upon a 1968 song called "The Snake" by Al Wilson based on the Aesop fable of 'The Farmer and the Viper" set to current day events, especially in Europe, where a 'trojan horse invasion' is ongoing this very moment. In the 2nd video below we hear why Trump's proposal to ban Muslims is completely lawful and legitimate. More below videos on what is now happening in America as the government of Saudi Arabia attempts to dictate to the American people. 1st, the important alert from the website of Steve Quayle below.:


Islam, is a RELIGION OF MASS DESTRUCTION. They are the smart weapons of the NWO that we cannot fully detect before an attack and that we cannot stop because of our political leaders

Steve over the last couple of days I have been waking up pissed and wanting to fight. Every morning I check the news and see a new head line about some barbaric attack from a Muslim that is just so heinous I can't bare to read further..

Attacks on Christians are relentless and filmed for the all the world to see. Attacks on women, acid thrown in their face, gang raped by dozens or more muslim men, beheaded, tortured, sold as sex slaves, child brides and beaten until some are unrecognizable. Killing children, piking them, crucified, burned to death, ripped apart and eaten, the boys ripped from their mothers to become the monsters that killed their own families..all for what? And why?

I'll tell you what this is. It is the world's best weapon of mass destruction so far. It is Islam. It is a RELIGION OF MASS DESTRUCTION. They are the smart weapons of the NWO that we cannot fully detect before an attack and that we cannot stop because of our political leaders agendas have integrated them into our own governments and society's. They are everywhere and you better start gripping that "go bag" a little tighter and clean your weapon. You may very well be needing them both this summer. 

I heard yesterday that Islam is peaceful religion but ruined by extremist? As a man who has been to these countries and fought these hellions I can tell you for a fact that the only peace these, monsters, these anti-christ warriors know of is the peace they will receive once they've been killed...true to us all sadly. 

For how many thousands of years have these animals been torturing and murdering their way through history and killing the children of God? This decadence will NOT last much longer. These grotesque creatures of hell will not stand when the Lord Jesus Christ comes back. All will kneel and all will bow before the one and only King. 

The clock is ticking, the evil one's armies are amassing and the great war will begin soon. But fear not for the Lord thy God will not abandon you. He will lift you up amongst His saints and you charge into battle with a crown of glory on your head beside the King of Heaven; and through the grace of God we will be victorious. Top that hollywood..

To My fellow veterans. Repent of your sins, ask Jesus to come into your heart and let Him redeem you and you will be saved. Wash yourself in His holy fires and cover yourself in the Blood of the Lamb. It is not too late brothers and sisters. Rejoice in His honor and let His love embrace you. God is calling your name stop and listen.

To all the father's and husbands out there. Now is the time to man up and own your mistakes. Repent, repent and be forgiven! The Lord God did not assign you as the head of the household because you are weak. Let go of your weaknesses and wickedness! Be kind to your ways, be loving to your children! Turn off the explicit things and thrown down your addictions! None of these things make you a man. God does. Your family does. You duty to them and Him does. Time to man up or face the incoming b*tch slap that I'm gonna give you if I ever catch you not acting the way God has decreed you to act. If what I just said offended you then take it to the Lord as brother Steve always says. 

Some people may not like that. Some people don't like to be called out and have their metal tested from one of their own. Too bad. This is my calling then and not yours. Then men of God are not meant to to be weak. A man of God acts, he does not wait no matter the consequence of his actions. 


The story over at Zero Hedge and the 2nd video above from Infowars tells us all about 'the smoking gun', what is known as 'Document 17' and links that Saudi Arabian Embassy in Washington DC to September 11th. As ANP has previously reported, Saudi Arabia is now threatening the United States over releasing the truth of those documents. Will Americans allow the government and kingdom of Saudi Arabia to push us around? 

As The Times writes today, new evidence has come to light of a definitive link between Saudi Arabian officials and the 9/11 terrorist attacks "further raising tensions as President Obama travels to the kingdom."

According to the report, Ghassan Al-Sharbi, a Saudi who became an al-Qa’ida bomb maker, is believed to have taken flying lessons with some of the 9/11 hijackers in Arizona but did not take part in the attacks on New York and the Pentagon that killed 3,000 people in 2001.

He was captured in Pakistan in 2002 and has since been held at Guantanamo Bay. According to a US memo, known as document 17, written in 2003 and quietly declassified last year, the FBI learnt that he had buried a cache of papers shortly before he was captured.

Think of "Document 17" as a mini version of the "28 pages" whose content has yet to be revealed. The document was written by two US investigators examining the possible roles of foreign governments in the attacks.

One detail leapt out at the FBI agents from the papers that Sharbi had tried to hide: his US flight certificate was in an envelope from the Saudi embassy in Washington. 

Should Americans be concerned about the attempts to take away our right to speak freely? As Susan Duclos told us back in January, the 1st Amendment protects even unpopular, or offensive speech, so long as it is not being used as incitement to violence. Why is our government attempting to protect an ancient book that promotes such violence as seen outlined in the picture below?

There is clearly something wrong here and it appears to us that those who were promoting the 'trojan horse invasion' of Europe have similar plans for America and the American people. Would you follow sharia law in America? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below. 



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