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May 30, 2022

Addressing Mass Shootings And Guns In America: A Time To Take A Deep Breath And A Collective Pause - A Time For Calm And A Time To Analyze All The Factors Which Contribute To Such Tragedies

By John Scotto for All News Pipeline

We sadly currently exist within a society that is becoming oblivious, regarding taking the time to grieve when a tragedy occurs. Every single time a mass shooting takes place, we are prompted to react in a partisan way, completely ignoring the feelings of the victims' families. We are now all encouraged to and are being conditioned to have an initial reaction of political outrage, without ever taking the time to let the facts of the incident unfold, nor do we allow the time for the ensuing evidence to be collected and analyzed.

Our society has become so jaded, that we don't ever dare take the time to take a collective pause and pay our respect to the victims or their families, when a tragedy occurs. Families, loved ones and friends suffer greatly during these tragic occurrences, their well being should be prioritized.

Can we all agree to respect the dead, especially when a tragedy takes place and put an end to scoring political points. We all must at least make an attempt to portray ourselves as decent and caring human beings. Avoiding becoming the pawns of a particular ideology/media outlet should be our goal.

It has become a race by both sides within the political spectrum, a rush to place the blame upon the other side for the current shooting/tragedy. The media seem to demand we believe that the shooter was motivated by a particular political ideology, in order to have committed such a heinous act.

How low have both sides sunk? Why is there always this insistence by the media to use tragedies for one side's political gain? Why is there always a motivation to use tragic shootings to push gun control?

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It's time for all of us to take a deep breath and just stop feeding into the selective partisan rage on both sides. Politicians who use and take advantage of tragedies in order to advance their respective political agendas are despicable people. People must ignore these partisans, who wish to stir up the irrational emotions of hatred within all of us.

The time has come for all of us as decent human beings to learn a valuable lesson. Civilized people should strive to act with class, particularly when a tragedy occurs. All of us need to wait for a thorough investigation to occur, and sit back patiently letting the police finish their work, before rushing to judgment. After a proper and thorough investigation occurs, only then might we be able to form a rational opinion/conclusion on why and how this particular tragic incident took place. And in some cases we may never know the truth about a particular tragedy.

Most of the time these tragedies boil down to a mentally disturbed person, just reaching his/her tipping point and then snapping. The members within these people's families need to pay closer attention to their loved ones who are struggling. People who are struggling, who just might be unstable and who are portraying unusual signs of depression and or of being troubled in some other way. Anything deemed radical, peculiar or unusual behavior should be scrutinized. Family, friends, schoolmates and co-workers should be constantly engaged/aware and not ignore these possible early warning signs. This, in essence, could just be a way of crying out for help, by those people who have become emotionally troubled and or disturbed.

Maybe if these mentally unbalanced people were just shown a little extra care, we could possibly avoid some of these tragedies in the future. If there was somebody who took a genuine interest in their well-being and actually coaxed these emotionally disturbed human beings toward some type of professional help, we might not be witnessing as many of these tragic incidents as we currently do.

Having said all that, we all know the media and the leftists are going to use these tragic shootings as an excuse to advance their gun control agenda. Educated citizens know the goal of every neo-liberal is full governmental control of the citizenry. Most Conservatives have come to realize that these marxist politicians are pretty much constantly conspiring to take away our precious second amendment.

Many leftists do not have the foresight or wisdom to know that one of the main reasons responsible Americans possess guns is because they serve as a deterrent. A deterrent and a defense against corrupt politicians and those within the government, who one day just might decide to abuse their power exponentially. Conservatives know most Americans just wish to keep themselves and their families safe. Guns are the last line of defense, which a vulnerable citizenry has in defending their freedom and their way of life.

Unfortunately leftists and many of those in the younger generation who have become brainwashed, these misguided people embrace government tyranny and the police state. They enjoy their "marriage" to their cell phones, which monitor them 24/7. Many enjoy leftist politicians telling them how to live, how to breathe, how to eat and what amount of energy or even what light bulb they can use, and what type of car they can drive. Most today don't realize how dangerous and extensive the overreach of government has become and how its power over the citizenry continues to increase and metastasize. Most corrupt dictators within other countries find comfort in knowing their citizens are unarmed, gee I wonder why.

Free people know the value of gun ownership, mainly because they know criminals will always find a way to obtain a gun or a dangerous weapon in order to carry out their nefarious misdeeds/crimes. And, generally speaking about these most dangerous predicaments which occur, the one sure fact which remains obvious to all of us who can still use logic and critical thinking is: THE ONLY WAY TO STOP A BAD GUY WITH A GUN IS WITH A GOOD GUY WITH A GUN. Why don't we ever hear about all the responsible gun owners who have saved numerous lives because they were carrying a gun during a shooting?

11 times a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy, saving lives


The second amendment is sacred. I don't own a gun personally, yet I'm very glad so many Americans do. This gives me peace of mind when I go to bed at night. Most people who respect freedom are cognizant of the fact that there always remains the possibility that some despot within the government might think about confiscating their guns. Citizens must remain fervent in their defense of the second amendment.

The framers of the Constitution were not ignorant people. They foresaw the potential for a government to become too big, too powerful, too overreaching and too controlling. Many of our founding fathers had the wisdom and the prescience to know that a well armed citizenry was the best option in deterring tyrannical leaders. Leaders who might decide to go rogue and who might get the idea that a dictatorship could be advantageous to them.

Guns are not just for hunting or military use, they are here to protect citizens, who are aware and who realize freedom isn't free and that there is always the possibility of tyranny lurking around the corner. A well armed citizenry also serves as a deterrent against invading armies. This is probably the only reason China right now thinks twice about invading the USA. The US citizens are well armed and ready to defend themselves at a moment's notice.

Liberals are always likely to tell us about the low murder rates in other countries which have banned guns. But, they also fail to point out at that other crimes are more apt to rise. Because the simple fact remains that criminals have less to worry about in committing their dastardly deeds. Mainly because they know the chance of lethal gun force being used against them is close to nil. Home invasions in other nations significantly outnumber US home invasions, simply because home invading criminals outside the US know their victims are more likely not to own a gun. These criminals know their potential victims are more vulnerable and less likely to defend themselves.

When I was growing up, mass shootings were basically a non issue. Young people and older people were more civilized. Mass shootings were virtually non-existent. There was more respect for life back then, real human contact was commonplace. Kids were playing innocent games on the street and enjoying themselves. These young people were not hooked up to machines (computers/cell phones) all day, nor were they likely playing violent video games ad nauseam. Most young adults back in my day were not heavily medicated and or on a daily regimen of prescription drugs.

It becomes very easy to blame a lifeless object, a gun for all these tragedies, however this is so naive. Many people ignore the many other factors which possibly contribute to these shootings. The mental illness, the lack of real human contact within today's society, the disconnect from the real world that many young people suffer from today, a citizenry which has become numb to violence, and a society which has become highly addicted to prescription drugs and painkillers. These are all factors we as a civilized society should be aware of and have the courage to address. When we ignore all of the above out of political correctness/convenience and just haphazardly blame guns, this makes all of us willfully ignorant and this hampers us from solving the real problem. Real problems require real solutions, not liberal fairy tales based on good intentions.

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