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August 7, 2020

 The 'Boiling Frogs Syndrome' Is Now Fully At Play As The State Of New York Attacks The NRA, Another Sign Of America's Full Descent Into Communism 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story written by General Michael Flynn over at the Western Journal on Wednesday should be a must-read for every US citizen in 2020. With General Flynn confirming what we've long been reporting on ANP, that Communists are attempting to overthrow the United States and the entire world is now in danger and threatened by 'creeping tyranny', many might argue that Democrats/globalists in 2020 ARE the 'tyrants' that America's Founding Fathers warned us about when they drafted the US Constitution and all of those beautiful 'Amendments'

With New York attorney general Letitia James recently announcing her intent to dissolve the NRA just the latest attack by Democrats upon America's Constitutional Rights, and the 'theme' of her intent echoing the madness we're now hearing out of Minneapolis, Minnesota where residents are actually being told to 'obey' criminals and 'prepare to be robbed', it's easy to argue just why the 2nd Amendment is now more needed than ever before. And the state of New York going after the NRA gives Americans another reason to 'arm up' like never before being another step towards Democrats trying to ban the 2nd Amendment in total as we march towards November and what is looking more and more like a 'Democrats steal the election at all costs', even if it brings an end to America. 

And with many Democrats now pushing 'brain-dead Joe Biden' to avoid any and all presidential debates in the coming months another sign of just how desperate and dumbfounded the party of 'white hate' is to have a white man as their presidential candidate, we have to take a look within this story at not only General Flynn's must-read story but examine the 'incrementalization' we're now witnessing to transform America into a totalitarian nation, with Democrats/globalists also using the covid-19 lockdowns to 'condition' Americans to the loss of freedom and tyrannical government mandates. 

Often termed 'the boiling frogs syndrome', as Dr. Don Boys recently warned in this ANP story titled "This Is Why Millions Of Americans Will Die In The Numerous SHTF Scenarios Which Await America: Most People Really Do Believe 'That Could Never Happen Here' - People Will Never Prepare For TEOTWAWKI If They Think 'Government' Will Save Them", we humans too far too often fall victim to what 'boiling frogs' go through when sitting in a pot of boiling water thinking "the water sure feels good"

Frogs are very similar to humans in the power of adjustment with the situation. 

When you put a frog in a vessel of water and start heating the water. As the temperature of the water rises, the frog is able to adjust its body temperature accordingly. The frog keeps on adjusting with increase in temperature. Just when the water is about to reach boiling point, the frog is not able to adjust anymore. At that point the frog decides to jump out. The frog tries to jump but is unable to do so, because it lost all its strength in adjusting with the water temperature. Very soon the frog dies. 

What killed the frog? Many of us would say the boiling water. But the truth is what killed the frog was its own inability to decide when it had to jump out. 

We all need to adjust with people and situations, but we need to be sure when we need to adjust and when we need to face. The frog-in-boiling-water syndrome, can arise in other, more serious, situations throughout our lives where we willfully ignore an increasingly dangerous situation, telling ourselves that we’ll do something about it “soon”. 

There are times when we need to face the situation and take the appropriate action. If we allow people to exploit us physically, emotionally or financially, they will continue to do so. We have to decide when to jump. 

The main reason we get into these situations is “Denial”, we stubbornly choose to remain in the same situation and get stuck in deteriorating circumstances and do nothing about it till we find ourselves at a miserable dead end.

So with Democrats rapidly pushing America towards that 'miserable dead end' and that 'end' being the very existence of our nation as we hear in the 2nd video at the bottom of this story from Infowars, as General Flynn warns us, it's time that we all step it up in the days and weeks ahead or there's a very real chance we'll soon lose our nation.

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Let's take a look at this important story by General Michael Flynn over at Western Journal before we continue. As General Flynn warns, what we're witnessing now is unprecedented in recent US history.

We are witnessing a vicious assault by enemies of all that is good, and our president is having to act in ways unprecedented in decades, maybe centuries. 

The biblical nature of good versus evil cannot be discounted as we examine what is happening on the streets of America

It’s Marxism in the form of antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement versus our very capable and very underappreciated law enforcement professionals, the vast majority of whom are fighting to provide us safe and secure homes, streets and communities. 

When the destiny of the United States is at stake, and it is, the very future of the entire world is threatened. 

General Flynn then addresses the 'war upon God and religion' that we've been witnessing by Democrats/globalists over the past several years with them kicking this war upon Christianity into high gear during these covid-19 lockdowns that have shuttered church doors while democrats across the country have continued to allow massive riots and violence in US streets. Hypocrites? Tyrants?  

As Christians, shouldn’t we act? We recognize that divine Providence is the ultimate judge of our destiny. Achieving our destiny as a freedom-loving nation, Providence compels us to do our part in our communities.  

It encourages us in this battle against the forces of evil to face our fears head-on. No enemy on earth is stronger than the united forces of God-fearing, freedom-loving people. 

We can no longer pretend that these dark forces are going to go away by mere prayer alone. Prayers matter, but action is required. 

This action is needed at the local, state and federal levels. Action is also required in the economic, media, clerical and ecclesiastical realms. 

Decide how you can act within your abilities. Stand up and state your beliefs. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for. And face, head-on, those community “leaders” who are willing to allow dark forces to go beyond peaceful protests and destroy and violate your safety and security.

Churches and houses of worship must return to normal. We invite everyone of goodwill to not shirk their responsibilities and instead act in a fraternal fashion. If for no other reason or with no other ability, act in a spirit of charity. 

We cannot disrespect or disregard natural law along with our own religious liberties and freedoms. 

I am witnessing elderly people lose their connection to all that is good in their lives: connections to their faith, their families and their individual freedoms, especially the simple act of attending church, something they’ve been doing for decades. 

Let us not be intimidated or fear those who cry out that we are in the minority; we are not. 

Good is always more powerful and will prevail over evil. 

However, evil will succeed for a time when good people are divided from each other and their personal lives — children away from their teachers, preachers from their congregations, customers from their local businesses. 

America will never give in to evil. Americans work together to solve problems. 

With Democrats seemingly making themselves the sole determiner of what should be allowed during a 'pandemic' and what shouldn't, and the entire 'planned-demic' looking more and more like a massive election ploy to shatter the US economy and get President Trump out of office by 2021, as Mike Adams warns in the final video at the bottom of this story, none of us should put it past Democrats to attempt to carry out a coup in the months before the election once they realize 'brain-dead Joe' doesn't have a chance to beat President Trump in a 'fair' election.

So in the final section of this story we're going to be taking a look at what awaits America should the Democrats agenda for 2021 and into the future be successful and we get a big taste of it in this new story over at NPR as also heard in the 1st video below from Fox News. 

As NPR reports, if you live in Los Angeles in the Summer of 2020 and decide to throw a party at your home, the city may just decide to enforce it's tyrannical reach and shut off your power and water. 

With California clearly leading the way in their imposition of tyranny upon the masses, with the war upon God and Christianity being waged by California governor Gavin Newsom clearly draconian with Newsome overstepping his bounds, the ongoing legal fight over whether or not Newsom and California can shut down and jail Christian church leaders for holding services during this 'public health emergency' while allowing violent protests is another sign of where America is headed should Democrats win in November. From this story over at NPR about California's latest tyrannical moves.    

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced on Wednesday that he is authorizing the city to shut off water and power service to properties hosting large house parties, which he said had "essentially become nightclubs in the hills." 
In a briefing, Garcetti expressed concerns about reports of large parties and gatherings that violate public health orders, often taking place at homes that are vacant or being used as short-term rentals. Starting Friday night, he said, houses, businesses and other venues hosting "un-permitted large gatherings" will face tougher consequences. 
"If the LAPD responds and verifies that a large gathering is occurring at a property, and we see these properties reoffending time and time again, they will provide notice and initiate the process to request that [the Department of Water and Power] shut off service within the next 48 hours," Garcetti said.

So with the Democrats/globalists long running plans to usher socialism/communism/tyranny into America coming to a head in 2020 and them now adapting a 'do or die' attitude, unleashing their favorite terrorists onto America's streets, as General Flynn has warned, if we sit back as Americans and do absolutely nothing, we're going to lose our country and all of our rights and freedoms that go along with it. We'll close here with the conclusion of this story by Michael Snyder.
If we stay on the path that we are currently on, there isn’t going to be an America. 
And it deeply grieves me to say that, because I was taught to greatly love this country from a very early age. 
For years, I have been trying to get people to wake up. For years, I have been battling the insidious forces that are eating away at the foundations that this nation was built upon. 
And I will continue to battle, but the hour is getting very late, and America is slipping away a little bit more with each day that passes.


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