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June 15, 2021 

The Hostile Takeover Of America's Farms, Food Supply And Production Are The Latest Signs America Is Being Herded Back Into A Nightmare Of Serfs Living Under Overlords

- Land ownership is in HUGE trouble in the USA and getting rapidly worse, by design

Story sent to ANP by Alan Barton 

The short TikTok clip posted recently on ANP talks of manufactured food shortages that we are now witnessing. There are many stories on this from Conservative news and opinion sites, but that is not the main topic on this story as there is far more to it than just that. 

Corporate ownership of farms, pasture and any productive land mass is what needs to be looked at. There has always been a push by the wealthy to own large masses of land, but the recent huge increases in that trajectory is what is very disturbing. 

As the article in The Real Truth titled “The Disappearing Family Farm” stated, “According to the Census of Agriculture,” a United States Department of Agriculture report revealed, “the number of U.S. farms fell sharply until the early 1970s after peaking at 6.8 million in 1935…By 2002, about 2.1 million farms remained.” 

And added “Giant agribusinesses are an additional factor. Even though 90 percent of all farms are still owned by families or individuals, more and more farms are becoming “corporations.” These giant agribusinesses are not just involved in local farming, but also in the distribution, processing, storage and retail of farm products nationwide.” The graph below via this Washington Post story saved at Archive titled "The decline of the small American family farm in one chart". 

This trend is growing at a shocking rate, with many corporate farming and multi billionaires like Bill Gates and Communist China buying up American farm land, which removes control of so much arable and productive land, whether for farming or ranching. 

Family farming is shrinking at an accelerating rate and Family Farming in America stated “As family farming is drastically decreasing, industrial farming has rapidly increased. A correlation between the two? Yes. 

Industrial farms cause smaller farms to go out of business by mass producing food. Efficiency is the key to production.” 

The Western Journal article of June 11 of this year titled “Food Prices Soar Under Biden as Industry Leader Issues Dire Warning: 'There's Still More to Come'” gives an idea of where we are right now. 

And as if that isn’t enough, the war on Americans owning their own land even goes down to the homestead, whether a small suburban lot or an acre or two for the family garden and chickens. The push for High Density housing to replace the family home is far more than just packing the people in tighter groupings for better control, it is the official platform of the current regime illegally in power  

The Green New Deal also plays a major part in it all, as the Satanic NWO has it all planned out as an article in Doctors for Disaster Preparedness titled “What Happens to Single-Family Homes Under the Green New Deal?” points out: “Single-family houses in the suburbs may be a thing of the past. Without cars, people will need to live close to work.” 

This leads in to the huge building boom of massive High Density Housing projects all across the USA and a decrease in owner occupied single family homes. There is also an increase in young families that cannot buy a home, not just because the corporate home purchasers are pushing the pricing of homes out of the market, but because “Many younger people, wanting to live and work in the wealthy metros, have little choice but to become permanent renters, usually in smaller apartments.” 

As stated in the article titled “In Defense of Houses” published in the City-Journal July 2019: “Today, the aspiration of regular people to own homes—arguably one of the greatest achievements of postwar democracy—is fading. But the dilution of this key aspect of the American dream is not the result of market conditions or changing preferences, but rather the concerted effort of planners and pundits.

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This begs the question “Who benefits most from increased density?” which is also the title of an article in The San Diego Union-Tribune that states “Once again the city is victorious in its quest for density as a Superior Court ruling allows developers’ plans to erect high-rises along the new trolley line. The city continues to be adamant that this housing — and others like it — will help alleviate the housing crisis in San Diego.” 

And it is the same all over the world but “The real winners are the developers…..Really? Are these developments low- or even moderate- income units? At a Greater Golden Hill Planning Group meeting a couple of years ago, a developer touted his planned affordable housing project. I asked him his definition of “affordable housing.” His response: market value.” 

Home ownership is going to the large scale corporations that own the rental market now as noted in the Urban Institutes “The Surge of Investors in Single-Family Homes Raises Three Concerns” saying “last year, investors purchased one-fifth of all single-family starter homes on the market, double the number they bought 20 years ago…. When an investor and a noninvestor show interest in buying a home, the investor is likely to have one big advantage over the noninvestor: they can often make a cash purchase, while noninvestors need mortgage financing, which can be time-consuming and difficult to obtain.” 

This all goes to show that what is written on our Declaration of Independence, “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—“ that originally stated Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of PROPERTY because it is PROPERTY that allows a man and his family to live without need to kow-tow to an overlord, it is our Creator that gives us the right to own property, which is the basis of Joy because when you know your family is secure you then have HAPPINESS. 

This fight against our ability, and even our right, to own property is of Satan, as it the satanic NWO that is over it all. We left Europe centuries ago because we had a new world where we were not just serfs living under overlords, but were free to own property and meet the demands of our families hunger – and we are slipping rapidly back into that nightmare. 

In the 2nd video below in a recent special Ice Age Farmer broadcast, Christian was joined by Dr. Frédéric Leroy, a professor in the field of food science & biotechnology at Vrije Universiteit, to detail what can only be described as an attempted hostile takeover of all human food production.

Dr. Leroy outlines with studied precision the UN Food Systems Summit: the agenda to end traditional farming and ranching, the players involved (and the revolving door between big multinational food companies, think tanks/foundations, and policymakers), the movement's genesis in new age "Gaia" worship, and much, much more.

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