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June 28, 2021

An ANP Interview With The Smartest Man In The World On TEOTWAWKI: As Very Dangerous Trends Unfold In America Keep In Mind, When All Else Fails, A Good Defense Is The Best Offense 

Story below written by Christopher Langan for All News Pipeline

(ANP Intro: Just days ago on ANP back on June 22nd, we had reported in this story titled "'Mass-Scale Operation' To Exterminate Much Of The Human Race Confirmed: While The 'Elite' Consider Themselves The 'Master Race', They're Killing Off The Reproductive Capabilities Of Everyone Else" that according to Christopher Langan, the man who is often called 'the smartest man in the world', the globalists DO have a sinister 'depopulation agenda'.  

This new ANP story will be a two-part follow-up to that story, with ANP recently sending Chris a series of questions for a 'prepping 2021 interview'. We thank Chris for taking the time to answer those questions. Once again confirming what we've long been reporting on ANP, we invite you to please  share your own thoughts. in response to this interview in the comment section below.)

1) How do you feel that Americans who've awoken to the globalist's agenda can best spend their own time right now to help get them and their families through this very dangerous period in time? 

Answer: Do some planning and prepping. Obtain supplies - at least a hundred gallons of fresh water, storable food, first aid equipment, a bit of hard currency like silver or gold in small denominations, essential hand tools like wrenches and shovels, and so on - and fortify your residence against siege and invasion by the mob. 

Plan an escape route (inner cities and dense suburbs, with their narrow, easily blocked streets, can be hard to escape, and some of their inhabitants are more likely to carjack and kill you than help you).

Own at least a couple of decent firearms - one for each capable family member - with plenty of ammunition, and safely ensure that everyone knows how to use them and has the will and judgment to do so when necessary. 

Get a reliable electrical generator capable of running a refrigerator-freezer and other household appliances, and if you have the zoning for it, build a concrete block shed in your backyard for fuel. 

Try to arrange a fallback position, a place where you can retreat if the cities become totally uninhabitable, and store enough fuel, motor oil, and spare tires mounted on rims to get there. A small trailer can help in transporting necessities. 

Prepare yourself psychologically. Imagine what you will do in the event of socioeconomic collapse and chaos, and what you will need in order to do it. Recent events suggest that “our” present government often sides with the mob against law-abiding citizens, leaving citizens without recourse or turning on them. This trend is very dangerous, for when it comes to mass murder, governments hold every world record on the books. 

Many are they who, after being awakened in the middle of the night and led down the stairs to their eventual doom by enforcers of the State, have experienced pangs of hindsight and wished they'd put up a fight when they had the chance, if only to set the example for others. When all else fails, the best defense is a good offense. 

While it might feel safer to keep a low profile and hope not to be noticed, it's not really a good long-term bet short of total self-concealment. As soon as a predator senses that its prey is paralyzed with fear and afraid to fight, it pounces and enjoys a meal. Predators are not just criminals and hostile minorities, but can also include members of the uniformed services. 

Although most of us find it comforting to imagine that the government, the police, and the military exist to protect us, “imagination” is sometimes just what it turns out to be. Uniformed personnel, dressed up in their fancy uniforms and wielding the power of the State, can become heartless thugs who openly violate the rights of citizens; when threatened with the loss of their jobs and paychecks by rogue superiors, they mindlessly follow the money. 

Start preparing yourself for the day when the police and the military are no longer your protectors and servants, but vile enforcers for an occupation government run by insatiable criminal oligarchs who despise you and wish you harm. We’re already most of the way there, and can’t afford to surrender another inch. Remember, those with great power don't need courage, and because they are above the law, they don't need righteousness. Because they rely on hired brainpower as well as hired muscle, they don’t even need intelligence. All they need is a limitless supply of bankster monopoly money to get others to fight their battles for them on their terms, for their exclusive benefit. 

We can already be sure that neither they nor their officials and other proxies can be trusted, as the United States is even now being destroyed on their watch and under their command. They care only about money and power, and regard decent people as nothing but a liability. 

As anxiety provoking as this may be, we must view the situation objectively and maintain clarity in order to have any hope of turning things around. All of that being understood, involve yourself politically. Many communities are run by shameless sell-outs who have already capitulated to the powers that be. They are pushing critical race theory and child transgenderism in our schools, encouraging "minorities" (hostile worldwide majorities) to hate and abuse White people, and threatening you and your family as potential "domestic terrorists". 

Perhaps some of them are even in the "InfraGard" and secretly taking orders from the FBI and DHS while ratting on "suspicious" majority citizens behind their backs. Set boundaries for them, and if they resist, use all lawful means to get rid of them. 

We are fast running out of time to effect political change. Only if the government knows that the majority will fight, and fight hard, will it back off and conduct itself decently. In order to improve, it needs incentive that only we can provide. Natural law trumps mere legal positivism any day of the week, and upholding it in the face of tyranny is our right and our duty to God, country, and future generations of American citizens. 

2) Do you feel it's getting close to the time where those in the cities/suburbs will need to 'bug out'? Certainly any true TEOTWAWKI scenario will put those living in such areas nearly immediately in jeopardy, especially if everybody is trying to 'get out' at the same time. 

Answer: It’s well past that time. White and light-skinned people as well as conservatives of all races are now officially sanctioned targets in Blue areas. If one can possibly avoid it, one should not be living in any jurisdiction that makes it illegal to defend oneself from criminals and minions of a rogue government. 

When my wife and I left New York in 2003, the writing was already on the wall there. We liked the area - it was pretty, with a dynamic economy and many good people - but the property taxes were insane, unassimilable migrants were already pouring in, minority crime rates were appalling, and it was impossible for any decent law-abiding citizen to pull out of his driveway without having a uniformed traffic revenuer on one’s tail, looking for any pretext on which to pull one over and extort money for the enrichment of insatiable government crooks. 

In short, we didn’t move to Missouri for the weather (140 degree F seasonal temperature swings, Canadian winter storms that park here for weeks, superhigh humidity in the heat of summer, and the complete Tornado Alley experience). We moved here to find a place where it was still possible to live without 24/7 surveillance and breathe without being charged through the nose for each breath. (“Climate change lockdowns”, anyone?) Some states are much better than others, and if you live in a bad one, it is not to your advantage to stay. 

In the final part of this story tomorrow, we've asked Chris what he feels it will take from Americans to get America through this period with our country and Constitution intact, with ANP strongly agreeing with Chris's thoughts: "With God, ALL things are possible!"

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© 2021 Christopher M. Langan; All rights reserved.

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