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June 22, 2021

'Mass-Scale Operation' To Exterminate Much Of The Human Race Confirmed: While The 'Elite' Consider Themselves The 'Master Race', They're Killing Off The Reproductive Capabilities Of Everyone Else 

- Vaccination Nation And The Dangerous Truth About The Globalists Slow Kill Agenda 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While most Americans may have never heard the name 'Christopher Langan', this Wikipedia entry on Langan describes him as 'an American horse rancher' born in the year 1952 whose IQ was estimated on ABC's 20/20 to be between 195 and 210, and in 1999 he was described by some journalists as "the smartest man in America" or "in the world". 

With Langan's 195 to 210 IQ higher than that of Albert Einstein's, whose IQ was estimated to be between 160 and 180, Americans in 2021 should pay close attention to what Langan is saying now. 

With that Wikipedia entry saved at for good reason, as Langan might soon be 'ghosted' from Wikipedia as being the 'smartest man in the world' due to his recent bombshell Facebook remarks that have gone viral, as we'll explore in this ANP story, Langan just confirmed for the world what ANP has been reporting upon for years now: the 'globalists' have a sinister depopulation agenda. And Langan has warned that those who've already been 'vaxxed' could be 'sitting ducks'

Confirming that the globalists have what amounts to a 'slow kill agenda', with any quick 'die-off' actually threatening them and their way of life, Langan confirms to us that the so-called 'elite' think of themselves as 'a master race', with everyone else simply pawns or slaves or useless eaters, something they feel the need to 'do away with' to preserve their ways of life and their families futures. 

Langan doesn't hold anything back, clearly fearless in the face of some of what is probably coming his way from those who once called him the smartest man in America (or the world), with 'cancel culture' seeking to do away with anyone going against them while anybody who is 'anti-vaccine' in this day and age of 'covid' is ridiculed and shunned. The excerpts below comes to us from this Big League Politics story and this Infowars story. His comments should sound very familiar to regular ANP readers.  

Langan made a post in his Facebook group where he addressed his concerns with the COVID-19 vaccine, the mandatory vaccine regime, and its dire implications for mankind. 

Answering the comment: “I’ve been wondering if there was a nefarious motivation behind the V@x. If I were an sociopathic oligarch and thought mankind needed to be reduced massively to protect the earth, would I use the vax to cause a mass die off, or would I cause mass sterilization? While either approach would cause huge turmoil, the mass sterilization might cause the least disruption.” 

Langan's response: First, according to the usual definition of “vaccine”, the current injections are not “vaccines.” They are just another strain of dangerous technology that the parasitic overclass is funding and using for the purpose of global domination and control. (ANP: The same reason why the globalists HATE the 2nd Amendment; they'll always be unable to control a well-armed people!) 

“A mass human die-off would be traumatic and threaten the status quo. If the human population crashes and the economy follows suit, the elite will have nothing, no innate superiority or adaptivity, that might protect them and conduce to their survival. Hence, they prefer mass sterilization and a slower (but still rapid) population decline,” he wrote. 

Langan admitted that population growth concerns are legitimate but felt the approach of the elite is highly unethical and misinformed. He made some controversial conclusions as a result of his analysis.:

 “In short, by virtue of stuffing their pockets and pushing everyone else around, the elite consider themselves a “Master Race”, a kind of global livestock breeding association to which the rest of the species is nothing but a herd of docile cattle to be bred for servility and barely enough intelligence to follow orders,” he wrote. 

“This has been clearly and irrefutably documented by e.g., the “White Genocide” agenda described a century ago by R.N. Coudenhove-Kalergi, originally funded by the Rothschilds, Warburgs and other international bankers and now pursued as international policy throughout the Western world,” Langan continued. 

“It’s easy to see where this leads, and it’s nowhere good. Personally, I’m willing if necessary to do severe physical harm to anyone attempting to force one of these injections on me, and the same should be true of any other decent self-respecting person,” he added.

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Confirming the dumbing down of America that we've long been warning about, the 'white genocide agenda' we've written about in numerous stories, the dangers of getting 'vaxxed' by an experimental injection, the globalists depopulation agenda and the fact that the global elite think about the rest of us as 'docile sheep' all in one post, as we'll explore in this section of this story, Langan wasn't done yet. Thank God for people like Christopher Langan who aren't afraid to 'speak truth to power'

Warning us also that we're witnessing 'a mass scale operation' and that 'every death serves the depopulation agenda', what else are these devils capable of doing? From this Big League Politics story

In a follow-up post, he elaborated on the reasoning behind his conclusions. 

Resisting the ‘vaccine’ helps the elite identify you as someone who is better killed and therefore eligible for ‘leader vaccination,’” Langan said. “Any worthwhile slaves who die immediately are acceptable collateral damage; besides, every death serves the depopulation agenda,” he continued.

“This is a mass-scale operation in which human error makes it impossible to efficiently select for “quality”, whether quality is defined on objective merit, or serviceability to the parasitic overclass,” Langan added. 

Langan will inevitably be branded as a conspiracy theorist and other slurs for expressing his point of view against the globalist technocracy, but he certainly has courage to speak out during a time of increasing censorship and repression.

And from this Infowars story saved at Archive, also about Langan's recent remarks. 

“Remember, the elite suppose themselves to be the genetic creme-de-la-creme, and assume that everyone else is genetically inferior garbage and thus ultimately susceptible to their mind-control techniques,” Langan wrote. 

In the elite worldview, only the elite are ‘elite’. Everyone else is sh*t and therefore expendable.

Yet as long as there are 'free-thinking Americans', those who haven't yet been hypnotized by the mainstream media's lies, there will always be people who aren't susceptible to those 'mind control techniques' long used by the deep state as partially described in this story titled "The CIA's Appalling Human Experiments With Mind Control"

With the globalists depopulation agenda also not only carved into stone on the Georgia Guidestones, but expressed for years on the 'deep state sourced' website Deagel's '2025 forecast for the world' which showed tremendous 'depopulation' ahead for the United States and the Western world, it's also been seen for years in the left's push for widespread abortion as well as in their 'LGBTQZXYadayadaetcetc' agenda. 

And with the scribd document we've embedded at the very bottom of this story, originally published by Lakeland Chiropractic, titled "Vaccination Nation: The Dangerous Truth About America's Slow Kill Agenda" written in 2012 warning us of the gargantuan overlooked dangers of vaccines all the way back then, as we'd reported within this May 25th ANP story, Deagel has conveniently 'ghosted' their 2025 forecast which showed tremendous depopulation for the Western world, as if it cut too close to the truth in 2021. 

With that forecast showing a projected US population of 2025 of only 99 million, down a whopping 230+ million from our current population of approximately 332 million, what might the globalists do to get their desired population numbers DOWN to that number, especially considering the 'global elite' have long argued the world was massively overpopulated? 

With the mainstream media calling us here at ANP 'Russian propaganda' for our pro-America, pro-Trump stories over the years, we'd certainly never put anything past those who've long been pushing globalists propaganda and disinformation, blatantly lying to the American people for years! It's truly dangerous to the globalists agenda for Americans to think for ourselves. 

In the only video below titled "Pro Vax Doctor Reveals That COVID Vaccines Can Insert Nano Particles Into The Brain", we hear from Dr. Byram Bridle, an associate professor of viral immunology who for over a year has been speaking publicly about concerns he has about current COVID-19 vaccines being offered to the public. 

Speaking truths quite inconvenient to the globalists agenda of getting everyone 'vaxxed', we're not suprised that he's been getting hit by massive harassment by those who've been pushing 'the kill shot', with even the mainstream media attempting to 'tamp down' his message as seen in this USA Today story. Yet, who should we believe, a mainstream media that has been lying to the American people for years and years, or this PRO-vaccine doctor, warning of the dangers of THIS 'injection'

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Vaccination Nation: The Dangerous Truth About America's 'Slow Kill' Agenda by All News Pipeline on Scribd

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