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October 27, 2016

Russian General Has Alarming Warning For Americans: 'We Are Teetering On The Brink' - Russia Warns Globalists Trying To Turn The Entire World Into 'Uncontrolled Chaos'

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By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on December 10th of 2009, not even in office for a full year, Barack Obama accepted the Nobel Prize for Peace. Citing his promotion of nuclear nonproliferation and a 'new climate in international relations' fostered by his outreach to the Muslim world, with Obama's term in office winding down and a nuclear war with Russia and China that could completely destroy America in moments on the table, Obama better earn that prize he won nearly 7 years ago or all bets are off for the future of much of humanity.

As we see in the pictures below from this new story from The Sun that the Drudge Report linked to this morning called "Braced For Armageddon: Terrifying Footage Shows Russian Soldiers Prepare For Nuclear War During Drill Involving 40 Million People", what's happening now between nuclear superpowers that could destroy much of our planet for many years to come doesn't come along with a 'reset button'.

And as we read in this new story from South Front, according to Russian Lt. Gen. Evgeny Buzhinsky, Russia and America are teetering on the brink of war with no way to manage a possible confrontation. As this story from Pravda tells us, the globalists here in America are now pushing the world towards 'uncontrolled chaos' as events spiral out of their control.

russia-carries-out-terrifying-nuclear-war-drill-involving-up-to-40-million-peoplea-00_00_18_21-still009.jpg russia-carries-out-terrifying-nuclear-war-drill-involving-up-to-40-million-peoplea-00_00_06_18-still006.jpg

The fact that world war 3 is being dangled before us on the precipice of the most important election in United States history isn't lost on those who are paying attention. As this recent Wall Street Journal story tells us, a new 'cold war' has begun between the US and its allies in the West and Russia and their allies in the East, just at a time when there's a very good chance that the globalists lose control of their 'biggest prize' with a Donald Trump election, America.

With a Hillary Clinton presidency almost guaranteeing a war with Russia that could turn nuclear very quickly, Obama has a real chance to prove that prize he won was 'not' for 'naught' and one huge way he could do that would be to use the power of his presidency to implode the candidacy of Clinton. While we certainly won't hold our breaths waiting for that to happen, we have to ask why a man who has won a Nobel prize for peace would be so willing to assist the candidacy of someone who so obviously wants war? Compared to Trump, who has promised to work WITH Russia in fighting the ISIS terrorists who want to kill us, not AGAINST Russia, Hillary IS a war, just waiting to happen.

While many Americans are still more concerned with their 'special snowflake rights', what Donald Trump may or may not have done or said 15 years ago and where they're going to find their next Pokemon, we take a look directly below at "Nuclear War Survival Skills" by Cresson H. Kearny, the entire 317-page book embedded here for your knowledge and survival purposes.

Much more below including several new videos which help prove to us the globalists NEED a war with Russia now to get them out of the mess that they've gotten themselves into as well as proof directly from the mouth of a US General that this was all planned long ago with 100% proof that the globalists had Syria in their sights soon after 9/11, if not before.

This book could save your life.

As the previously mentioned Sun story tells us, all of the preparation we've been witnessing on the side of Russia should be a huge red flag to those in America still paying attention that those who'd like to 'lord over us' have something bad in store upon the horizon, something bad proven to us in the next video below from a US Army General.

Soldiers were seen carrying away ‘victims’ of a nuclear attack while civilians scampered into protective tents.

More than 200,000 emergency service staff are believed to have taken part in the drill.

Moscow’s entire population of 12 million would be able to fit into refurbished underground shelters, Russian authorities confirmed.

The latest footage confirms Western reports about the huge operation, organised in the light of deteriorating conditions between Russia and the West.

The US and Moscow have clashed over President Vladimir Putin’s support for embattled Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

If you're someone who still don't believe that all of this war, war and more war was planned long ago, you need to listen to US Army General Wesley Clark in the viral video below telling us exactly what would happen. After listening to this video, do you still believe that America should take a chance of being blown off the map just to depose Assad?

The story headlines from the past week alone tell the story that we'll never get from the US mainstream media about exactly how close we now are to a possible nuclear apocalypse. The Daily Mail story from yesterday is called "NATO Squares Up To Putin As Russia Beefs Up Its Military Might On Europe's Border, West Responds With Biggest Show Of Force Since The Cold War".

Another story from the Daily Mail story yesterday told us Russia had just test fired its radical hypersonic 'super nuke' warhead, a missile able to change direction on approach to a target at high speed, thus allowing it to easily fool interception systems. We're told it will eventually be used by the new Satan 2 super nukes capable of wiping out entire countries, states the size of Texas and with only a few of them, the entire US east coast.


The Daily Mail was full of World War 3 news stories on Wednesday and also told us Great Britian is building up military forces on Russia's border while the Russians continue to conduct more nuclear war drills with the new cold war heating up.

How can the American people ensure that the 'proper mechanism' is put into place to guarantee that the US and Russia won't go head to head in a nuclear confrontation that would quickly be the 'end of America as we know it'?

The election booth in less than two weeks may be the only way. A Trump presidency at least ensures a calm, rational mind will be at the helm should crisis indeed strike. Hillary, on the other hand, seems ready to barrel head first into a war that she'll quickly realize has no winners and only losers, everywhere, even here on US soil. Is that what you want Hillary?

rusnukeexc.jpg russia-sarmat-missile-rocket-topol-nuclear-600x338.jpg

In closing, in General Wesley Clark's own statements, we have absolute proof that war, war and more war has long been the globalists agenda, with Clark pointing out for us the specific nations that the globalists wanted to put under their thumbs and as history proves to us, they've been successful at overthrowing dictators. As Donald Trump has proven though, such overthrows of dictators leave power vacuums, filled by terrorists who want to destroy us.

Another massive problem left by Hillary and the globalists foreign policy is the horrific refugee crisis where a countless number of peaceful, every day Syrian citizens were driven from their homes, creating the absolute mess we now have in Europe and America with 'not so peaceful' jihadis mixing in among them in the ultimate 'trojan horse'.

If the globalists REALLY want war with Russia, it'll be war that they get with Russia unless the American people can somehow put a stop to their war-lust madness. Until that time, all bets are off. We may have reached the point in time when ONLY a Donald Trump presidency and the American people can save the world from complete destruction. 

For those who don't know the full uncensored history of what's been happening across Syria for several years now, End Times Headlines does an excellent breakdown of the history there in the 2nd video below. In the 1st video below, Anonymous' official YouTube channel gives us the reasons why they've put out a WW3 alert to the world. And as Pastor Dave tells us in the final video below, the American people can put a stop to this madness in less than 2 weeks, if we make it that far and into January of 2017.


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