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December 28, 2017

CNN Stumbles And Bumbles To Delicious New Low After All Day Freak-Out Over Mysterious White Truck Blocking Video Access To President Trump

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

CNN is making it a practice to offer up almost daily items of entertainment for conservatives and independents, while inciting liberals to the point of foaming at the mouth like rabid animals, and the past couple of days have been no exception. We see CNN have an all day whine-fest because a white box truck blocked their view of President Trump playing golf, and another CNN personality is upset that corporations are offering employees bonuses and pay raises because of the tax cut bill because "If you get a thousand dollar bonus, you are voting for Donald Trump again!"

With President Trump on vacation out of Washington DC, there has not been a lot happening to feed CNN talking heads their daily dose of outrage, but† that isn't stopping them at all as they manage to create their own petty little narratives.†



The Trump family spent Christmas in Florida at Mar-A-Lago, and a CNN reporter decided to 'creepily' take video of president Trump golfing through what CNN's†Dan Merica calls "a break in the hedges."† The next day a white box truck was blocking their "break in the hedges," and the whining from CNN talking heads began.

"The president and his staff doesn't really tell us when he's golfing and we have taken to...filming him through a break in hedges," CNN reporter Dan Merica tells Don Lemon. "Today a big white box truck parked in front of those hedges trying to obscure our shot of President Trump golfing."

Merica goes on to admit this may seem "trivial," then claims it is "important to get video of the president as he does these things on a daily basis." Interestingly enough, CNN thought the issue was so earth shattering that they felt the need to reach out to the White House, the Secret Service,† and the Sheriff's office to find out who is responsible for the trucking blocking their access.

It wouldn't be as entertaining to media observers if CNN just casually mentioned the "event," but CNN actually mentioned it all day long, whining about it††from morning to night, as well as dedicating a Money.CNN article to the issue, where they claim this is the "latest -- and perhaps most literal -- attempt by this administration to limit the media's access to Trump." ( link here)

Before continuing, let me offer a bit of news that absolutely none of the CNN talking heads, or other media outlet snowflakes ever bother to inform their audience of: There is no law that says the president even has to allow any access to reporters at all. It is a "tradition," that the press get to stalk the president like a gaggle of vultures, but despite their acting like they have a right to document every single time he goes to the bathroom.... they do not have that legal right.†Until President Dwight Eisenhower, there was no press pool.

Other CNN reporters, and CNN's official newsroom†continued to babble about this throughout the day,† some taking to social media to issue a statement from the†US Secret Service spokesperson Cathy Milhoan after they bothered their office with questions about the truck, where she said "The USSS is in the business of protection and investigations not in commissioning vehicles to block the media's view of the President's golf swing."

In the Daily Caller video below, we see clips from throughout the day on CNN, which is noted in the timestamp at the bottom right of the screen, showing how much coverage they gave to whining about the mysterious white box truck.

My Take: President Trump arranged for the truck just so he could kick back later and laugh while watching CNN collectively lose their minds over it.†


I found this next item notable for a variety of reasons.†CNN's Alisyn Camerota discusses the hikes in minimum wage and the announced bonuses from companies to their employees after the GOP tax cut bill was signed, naming her "partial" list of nine companies (there are 18 to date), she asks a Democratic congressional member if Democrats are worried about the "wind in their [GOP] sails," because people vote with their pocketbooks, then stating "If you get a thousand dollar bonus, you're voting for Donald Trump again."

I find this interesting for a couple of reasons: Camerota, along with her cohorts at CNN, and the all of the liberal mainstream media consistently attacked the GOP Tax reform bill before its passage, with liberals screaming it would "kill people," yet she is now forced to admit that hundreds of thousands of employees from at least 18 businesses and corporations already, will benefit from either hike wages or bonuses and in some cases both. That doesn't even address those that will see less federal withholding taken from their checks starting in February or March, meaning they will have more in their pockets every payday.

The second reason I find her statement notable is that for the first and perhaps the last time in history, we see a CNN talking head agree with former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, who makes that exact argument over at Fox News, saying that the benefits that are already being seen, and those that will be seen throughout the year will cause the "great political surprise of 2018," which he believes will be the size of Republican victory.

In Gingrich's article that accompanied the interview, he asserts "the tax cuts will be the 2018 proving ground of media liberal bias and dishonesty." He uses an example from CBS News, where they spoke to three different families, all of which thought they would be paying more under the Republicans††Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because that is what the media has been drumming into the heads of their audience for months, yet when the accountant they brought on explained the facts to them, each family, and the CBS reporter, learned they would all be seeing a significant tax cut.

Last video below is the CBS segment Gingrich references and it is important because it all comes down to expectations. The fact is the families in the clip below only believed they would be either not save any money, or would be paying more, because the media has spent so many months lying to them about the bill. This goes directly to both Camerota's point and Gingrich's, the media lied, Democrats lied, and the general public, for the most part, are going to see it and feel it as they pay less and take home more.


The tax bill polled dismally in the run up to its passage, because the media and Democrats constantly lied about it, and when people realize this, the natural question is what else have they lied about?

Which brings us to President Trump and the media hailing his bad poll numbers, yet Rasmussen finds that at the exact same point of Obama's presidency, he had the exact same poll numbers, as highlighted by Drudge this morning.


According to Pew Research in the first 60 days of Obama's presidency he received 42 percent positive coverage from the MSM, 20 percent negative coverage and 38 percent listed as neither. In President Trump's first 60 days he received only 5 percent positive coverage from the MSM, 62 percent negative coverage, and 33 percent listed as neither.


Yet Obama and Trump polled the exact same percentages at this point during their presidencies? Anyone else seeing a massive disconnect here? That much negative reportage and they couldn't even bring President Trump down below Obama's poll numbers. That should definitely tell the MSM they have lost all confidence by the American people in their trustworthiness.

The chickens are going to come home to roost for all of them in 2018.


If CNN and other liberal media outlets do not stop trying to manufacture outrage, do not stop throwing their all-day temper tantrums because they don't like President Trump, and do not stop trying to constantly grandstand on camera, the distrust in them by the American people is going to magnify exponentially in 2018.

Not one liberal media outlet admitted that the GOP tax bill would benefit the middle class because they are incapable of being honest if it is anything Trump/GOP related. Rather than reporting the "news" with any kind of†objectivity, they would rather whine all day about a mysterious white truck blocking their view of the president playing golf.

They have become the joke of the internet and the country.


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