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July 18, 2017

Has 'Big Pharma's Medical Mafia' Struck Again? Another Dead Holistic Doctor Brings Another Mystery

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

During many years of writing stories covering so-called 'conspiracy theories', its difficult to say I've ever come across a 'conspiracy theory' quite as 'twisted' as this. While dating back all the way to 1994, Steve Quayle has kept a running list of scientists, chemists, astronomers, medical experts and biologists who've mysteriously met their untimely ends, the list of holistic doctors who've mysteriously died or have been killed being kept by Erin Elizabeth over at Health Nut News over the past 2 years keeps on growing.

Well over a year ago on March 12th of 2016, she published a story titled "Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 60 Dead In Just Over A Year". Calling her story an 'unintended series of holistic doctor deaths', as we learn in her new story, another name has been added to the list in the recent death of Dr. Justine Damond.

The death of Dr. Damond has gone viral all across America and the world after she was gunned down in cold blood in an alley behind her own home after calling the police for assistance. As many are reporting now, her murderer is one Mohamed Noor, a Muslim from Somali who had been on the force for less than two years and who left his partner stunned when without warning, he opened fire upon Dr. Damond from inside of their police car. 


While an absolutely tragic incident, the mainstream media reports are neglecting to mention anything at all about the series of dead holistic doctors and with the death of Dr. Justine Damond, another human being's name has been added to the list. As HNN reports, Dr. Damond was dearly loved by many and well known 

While the series of holistic doctors killed seemingly have very little in common, and those who have been held responsible for their deaths seemingly have nothing to tie them together either, the fact that there have been so many bizarre and unexplained deaths among this particular field should send up a red flag to those paying attention.

Why was Dr. Damond gunned down in cold blood? According to one commenter on the Health Nut News story and many commenters around the internet, it's very simple as shared in the comment seen screenshot below. And if his theory is correct, how many more 'terrorists' are posing in 'roles' all across America? With Noor most likely an 'affirmative action hiree', we've long been warned that terrorists infiltrated our entire nation under Barack Obama


However, as Elizabeth also reported at HNN back on July 17th, there is an ongoing witch hunt against alternative medical practicioners being led by none other than big pharma. Completely 'freaking out' that they're losing tons and tons of customers and millions in revenue to 'alternative health', have 'big pharma terrorists' launched an all-out war upon alternative health practicioners, determined to wipe them all off of the planet?

One holistic health practicioner who decided to begin carrying a gun after an attempted assassination attempt upon her had her medical license suspended by the hospital she worked at, Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, for carrying a gun for her own safety. 

Another recent murder of a holisitic doctor that was just as mysterious as the death of Dr. Damond occurred back in June of 2017 when Dr. Chistopher Bayley King was gunned down outside of an organic restaurant after an argument with a fellow customer as was reported in this story from Natural News. As Natural News reported then:

The pharmaceutical world will do everything in its power to protect its cash cow. Anything that stands in its way will be eliminated. In just over one year, more than 60 holistic doctors and researchers have been found dead, most of them in suspicious circumstances.

It is time our country deals with these killings. We should not run away from it. There is too much at stake. Stay informed about the criminal, inhumane practices of the pharmaceutical world at


We know for an absolute fact that 'big pharma' has access to what is called 'the most dangerous drug in the world' in scopolamine, a drug that's used by criminals to incapacitate their victims, giving them complete control over them to do anything that they want. Is the 'big pharma medical mafia' using scopolamine to 'program assassins' who're being used to 'knock off' holistic doctors? It's not lost on us that the CIA used scopolamine in experiments for many years and as is documented on the CIA's own website, the Soviets used scopolamine programming assassins.   

While we don't have all of the answers as to why so many holistic doctors are meeting their untimely ends, it is absolutely time that America gets some answers about all of these mysterious deaths. Yet with the msm refusing to even report upon them, it will likely be up to citizen journalists like Erin Elizabeth and Natural News for Americans to get any real answers. 

In the first video below we hear a msm report upon this tragic shooting while in the 2nd video below our videographer takes a look at the bizarre series of deaths of holistic doctors in America and around the world. Are we witnessing an all-out attack upon holistic medical practicioners and alternative health by the 'big pharma medical mafia'? The 3rd and final video below is called "Death By MediSine: How Big Pharma And Medical Professionals Are Killing Us" all. 

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