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November 29, 2021

Horrified Woman Warns Her Whistleblower, Doctor-Partner Was Murdered: Recently Warned What's Really In The Vaxxes And Trust Us, If You've Been Vaxxed, You Don't Want To Know

- More Proof Hospitals Have Become Murder Factories And Ivermectin Is Saving Lives

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Beginning nearly 30 years ago now, Steve Quayle began keeping tracking of mysteriously dead doctors, scientists, microbiologists, chemists, biological weapons experts, holistic medical doctors and more on his website, a list that contained names such as David Kelly, a British bio-weapons expert who was said to have slashed his own wrists while walking near his home

Serving as the Ministry of Defense's chief scientific officer and senior adviser to the proliferation and arms control secretariat, Kelly was also the senior adviser on biological weapons to the UN biological weapons inspections teams (Unscom) from 1994 to 1999. He was also, in the opinion of his peers, pre-eminent in his field, not only in this country, but in the world.

And while some might ask, why is ANP bringing up 'mysteriously dead doctors' now, as we've reported numerous times on ANP, we're quite thankful that not all doctors and scientists are playing by the 'get vaxxed now' rules of the globalists, one who was apparently just brutally murdered right after putting out a video warning about what he says are really in the vaccines, NOT 'graphene oxide' as some have claimed but, 'graphene hydroxide', what he warns in the 1st video at the bottom of this story to be nothing less than 'nano-scale razor blades'.

And in the 2nd video below, a video in which Dr. Andreas Noack's partner speaks to us, she tells the world of the brutal murder of Dr. Noack soon after he put out the 1st video below. A German Doctor who stood firmly against the lockdowns, masks and vaxxes, as we had reported about Dr. Noack on ANP back on November 19th of 2020, he was once raided and arrested by German police while doing a live anti-lockdown, anti-tyranny video broadcast report. Media Matters not too long ago did a story about 'dangerous COVID conspiracy theorists' and Dr. Noack was mentioned within that story. 

Think that Dr. Noack's apparent brutal murder WASN'T tied to his anti-tyranny stance and his latest warning of allegedly microscopic razor blades in 'the vax'? In the final video at the bottom of this story from  Bannon's War Room, mRNA vax inventor Dr. Robert Malone joins Steve Bannon in a video appropriately titled "‘Hunting Down Of Physicians’ Underway Right Now". And as we'll explore within the next section of this story, just as Alan Barton has warned of numerous times on ANP, US hospitals have seemingly turned into 'murder factories' in 2021, with emerging evidence the bioweapons unleashed upon America and the world were developed over decades

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While it'd be an easy bet to assume that most people now reading this story do not personally know, or may have never heard of, 'Sun Ng', a contractor from Hong Kong, Sun was recently visiting his grandchildren here in America. So we'll do our best to make sure you remember his name now. 

While Sun was here in the US, he unfortunately was exposed to and came down with COVID and ended up in a hospital in Illinois. Placed on a ventilator due to his struggles to breath several days after his admission, Sun's family asked that the hospital put him on Ivermectin, but they refused to do so.

Doing the smart thing that most loving families would do, Sun's family hired a lawyer to sue the hospital. And while the legal process itself became a huge headache to the family as his lawyers had to go through 5 different court appearances to get anything done, they eventually won the case and the Edward Hospital in Napersville, Illinois was forced to give Sun ivermectin over their own advice.

Stunningly, as the hospital was waiting for Sun to die naturally as his chance of survival was estimated to be between 10% and 15%, he was not only off of the ventilator within days but soon thereafter, able to stand up and walk out of the ICU under his own power, to enjoy Thanksgiving with his family. And with the Edward Hospital insanely appealing that decision which saved Sun's life, anyone who is paying close attention can see what is really going on. From this story over at The Blaze written by US Attorney Daniel Horowitz titled "Why every red state has an obligation to fight hospitals killing patients on ventilators."

The family of Sun Ng will definitely have a meaningful Thanksgiving this year thanks to an attorney, a judge, and a doctor who bucked the system and enabled him to get ivermectin when he was at death's doorstep. Imagine how many thousands of others are missing at this year's Thanksgiving dinner thanks to the satanic effort to block this lifesaving drug – both outpatient and for those close to death? 

Sun Ng, a contractor from Hong Kong, was visiting his grandchildren in October when he caught COVID-19. Ng was admitted to Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois, on Oct. 14 and was placed on a ventilator several days later. Like thousands of other patients, the hospital offered Ng no viable hope of survival but bitterly fought the use of ivermectin, even with the family's own doctor, at their own cost, and with their own liability. Ng's daughter, Man Kwan Ng, sued the hospital in DuPage County Circuit Court for the right to have Dr. Alan Bain administer a regimen of ivermectin. 

According to a court affidavit, at the time Ng was "in the same state for many, many days … critically ill," and a nurse suggested that Dr. Ng "stop all this aggressive care and let [her father] die naturally." On November 5, after Ng was on a ventilator for three weeks, DuPage County Circuit Court Judge Paul Fullerton ruled in favor of the family and allowed Dr. Bain to administer 24mg doses of ivermectin from Nov. 8 through Nov. 12. The result? Within five days, he was able to breathe without the ventilator and on Nov. 16 walked out of the ICU. By this past Sunday, Ng was breathing without supplemental oxygen on a regular hospital floor. 

Shockingly, the lawyers had to go through five different appearances in this case just to save this man's life from a hospital that senselessly blocked lifesaving treatment. Originally, the judge dissolved his order because the doctors lied and said the patient was getting better. Then they blocked Dr. Bain from administering the ivermectin because he wasn't vaccinated. According to reporter Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Judge Fullerton overruled the hospital again because he had testimony from a hospital doctor who estimated that "someone in his condition being on a ventilator like that has a 10 or 15 percent chance of survival." 

Ralph Lorigo, the lawyer on this case, told me that the patient was able to extubate himself from the ventilator, yet the hospital is still appealing the decision! How dare this man live! "You shouldn't have to have a lawyer to come out alive," said Lorigo in an interview with TheBlaze. 

Shockingly, the hospital attorney, Joseph Monahan, said, "We continue to strenuously object to the false science narrative that is being given to the court without basis." 

Lorigo told me that he has been retained on 129 cases dealing with ivermectin denials, but in the vast majority of them he can't even complete the court filings before the patient passes away. However, in the cases where he had time to fight it and win in court, he almost always succeeds in saving the patient. "Of all the cases I won and the patient was able to go through the full course of ivermectin, the patient is home and healthy," declared Lorigo. 

Unfortunately, most of these stories don't have a happy ending thanks to the failure of governors and attorneys general to enforce the law and thanks to obtuse judges. Tarrant County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Jones is dying of COVID at Texas Health Huguley Hospital in Tarrant County because the hospital has fought tooth and nail to block ivermectin. His wife sued in court and originally won at the district court level, thanks to the help of Lorigo's law firm. However, when the family was about to get Dr. Mary Bowden to administer the ivermectin, the hospital appealed the decision and got the lower court's ruling stayed. Emily Miller reported last week that the hospital wrapped a towel around Jason's feeding tube so that his wife, Erin, couldn't administer the drug herself. 

There is an immediate need for every attorney general to do battle with these hospitals and every legislature to pass a law specifically barring hospitals from blocking any patient from seeking the use of an FDA-approved drug at the direction of a physician to treat COVID. Hospitals cannot be allowed to become prisons where patients are denied rights they would otherwise have.

Prisons? Sounds like a 'murder factory' to me as Alan Barton had also pointed out in this September 8th ANP story. And while we're not medical doctors here at ANP, nor are we offering, nor have we ever offered, anybody medical advice, we're more than happy to report on the medical advice being given by medical doctors that is being highly censored by the mainstream media and 'establishment'. 

And as this story over at Business Observer points out, the life of Sun Ng saved was definitely not the only one. Reporting within that story of one Grandmother who led the global fight for the drug that would end up saving her life, how many more such stories are out there? And how many more people have needlessly died because they took 'the vax' instead of an alternative medication that is saving lives? While we've gone ahead and embedded the full 10,000 word story at the very bottom of this story, below is a brief excerpt from this Business Observer story titled "The Battle For Ivermectin".  

You need to read this magazine story. An old-school reporter shines a light on a COVID-19 miracle drug and the establishment’s efforts to quash its use. 

Amid the craziness about masks for school kids and the second and third rounds of the Wuhan virus, we are departing this week from our normal practice of focusing on regional business, the economy and government’s effects on business. 

Instead, we are connecting you to an extraordinary story that the national press ignores but is one that needs light shined on it. 

It’s the story of a miracle drug that is “the most powerful COVID-19 killer known to science.” 

You may have heard of it: ivermectin. 

Dr. Paul Marik, famous in world medical circles, the second-most published critical care doctor in the history of medicine, told a former colleague of mine and friend, journalist Michael Capuzzo, if ivermectin “were universally distributed at a dose that costs 10 American cents in India and about the cost of a Big Mac in the U.S., ivermectin would save countless lives, crush variants, eliminate the need for endless big pharma booster shots and end the pandemic all over the world.” 

That sounds like not-to-be-believed hype. But it’s not. 

If you do anything today, or this week, you must read Capuzzo’s story, “The Drug That Cracked COVID,” which was published in the May edition of his and wife Teresa’s Pennsylvania magazine, Mountain Home. 

In riveting detail, Capuzzo has exposed what we’ll call the tragic, criminal, irresponsible behavior of the U.S. and world medical establishment, Big Pharma, mainstream media, social media tech giants and top political and government leaders around the world. Capuzzo exposed with factual reporting their blatant ignoring and refusal to accept and their efforts to quash and silence undeniable, solid, convincing medical evidence of the effectiveness of ivermectin. 

You must read this story. It will infuriate you. And it will convince you yet again that the political, big corporate and world health bureaucrats have lost credibility in whatever they say or do about COVID-19.

So with more and more evidence emerging that Ivermectin is saving lives, especially with the MSM and medical establishment seeking to demonize it while it is saving lives and costing the 'big pharma mafia' 100's of millions of dollars, one ANP reader recently left the following link in a comment on an ANP story to a place where you can buy Ivermectin now, reminding once again we are not medical doctors, nor offering medical advice, nor are we making any money off anything sold at that link. A February of 2017 study over at that he also linked to in that comment is linked here titled "Ivermectin: enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations"

With ANP also putting out this May 21st of 2020 story titled "Mysterious Deaths Of Covid-19 Researchers & Arrests Of Journalists Covering The Pandemic Are More Ominous Warnings Something Incredibly Sinister Is Going On" and this August 4th of 2021 story titled "This Is Why They Are Killing Off Doctors, Microbiologists And Infectious Disease Experts: 2017 Story Warned They Were Working On Bioweapons And 'Viral Pandemics' - The Globalists Systematically 'Silence' Whistleblowers Who Know Too Much," both warned of something incredibly sinister going on behind this 'scamdemic'.

So what are the American people NOT being told about COVID-19, the vaxxes, their heavy censorship of ivermectin, their attempts to bring in medical martial law and a medical dictatorship, vax mandates, lockdowns and everything else that have become household words for Americans in 2020/2021? It's clear that this story has only just begun if the globalists have their way. 

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