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October 19, 2020

'Satan's Communists And Anarchists' Brutally Attack Peaceful Conservatives - Another Warning To Arm Up To Defend Our Families Now, While We Still Can, With Leftists Pushing To Repeat History!

- 'If Commies Try To Punch You In The Face, Break Their Arm, First!' 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

If Americans needed any more proof that 'black lives don't really matter' to democrats in 2020, we get it from San Francisco, California where the unfolding of America's next civil war just took another giant leap forward. And the latest acts of leftist terrorism there against peaceful anti-censorship protestors gives law-abiding Americans all across the country another reason to ARM UP AND AMMO UP now in preparation of defending our families and loved ones from leftist terrorism. 

As The Sun reports in this new story, during an anti-big-tech-censorship protest organized by 'Team Save America' activist Phillip Anderson, who is a black man by the way, antifa terrorists descended upon the rally, jumping Anderson and quite literally knocking his teeth out.

Also filmed throwing rocks and other debris at the pro-America, anti-censorship group that had secured a permit and was holding the peaceful protest legally, anyone who thinks that the rest of 2020 and into 2021 will unfold peacefully in America needs to take a look at what happens to black men who go against 'black lives matter' and the democrat agenda, with antifa terrorists violently attacking law enforcement in San Francisco as well. 

With these latest attacks by leftist terrorists upon peaceful pro-America protestors giving law-abiding American citizens our latest reason to prepare for absolute mayhem ahead, the fact that pro-antifa-terrorist presidential candidate Joe Biden called antifa 'just an idea' begs us to ask: "when was the last time you saw 'an idea' punch someone's teeth out"

And with Maoist former msm talking head Keith Olbermann also recently giving Americans a reason to buy as many guns and as much ammo as possible when he said President Trump supporters should be rounded up and 'removed from society' hinting at what Democrats will be pushing for if Joe Biden somehow steals this election, even Rudy Giuliani recently warned 'its reasonable to worry about Biden's allies killing people' in reference to Hunter Biden's bombshell computer revelations and the depths the left will sink to.

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So with leftists going out of their way to terrorize peaceful, innocent President Trump supporters hinting at what's ahead for America, and Democrat politicians and the mainstream media running cover for that radical communist group that has turned America into a battleground, as Simon Black over at Sovereign Man recently reported in this story, "Antifa is real. It’s violent. And you need to plan for it." 

Comparing antifa to Adolf Hitler's 'Brownshirts' who terrorized the people of Germany but who were largely accepted by the German people, as Black warned, things quickly grew out of hand until the 'Brownshirts' were murdering innocent people with impunity. From his story, also republished over at Zero Hedge, before we continue.: 

This willful ignorance of the undercurrent coursing its way through the Western world will not save anyone from the destruction it brings. 

For example, just this past Monday, “peaceful protesters” in Portland, Oregon celebrated Columbus Day with an “Indigenous People’s Day of Rage.” 

They weren’t even pretending to be peaceful. They called it what it is: RAGE. That’s literally the name they gave to their own actions. 

Hundreds of people dressed in all black, covered their faces, and armed themselves with shields and nightsticks. They marched their way through the city, smashed windows, and forced any witnesses to stop filming and delete photographs. 

A man who filmed from his apartment’s terrace had lasers shined in his eyes and was doused in some sort of liquid. 

The protesters tore down statues of Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. They smashed the windows of the Oregon Historical Society building, and unfurled a banner that said “stop honoring racist colonizer murderers.” 

Police did not even attempt to intervene until the rioters had been on the streets for hours and had already caused havoc and destruction. 

(Ironically, much of the mainstream media still refuses to acknowledge that this group ‘antifa’– the fascists who call themselves anti-fascists– even exists.) 

It’s obvious that a small, fringe, ideological minority has started to take control. 

They have squashed civil discourse and free speech. Dissent is met with violence and intimidation. And if you dare to speak out, you become a target. 

That could mean being “cancelled” by the Twitter mob. Or being accosted in public and forced to raise your fist. Several people have already been killed in protests across the nation. 

When people like the former CEO of Twitter are calling for capitalists to be “lined up against the wall and shot,” it’s time to take the threat seriously. 

This is far from the first time in history that a tiny fraction of the population has resorted to violence and extremism to force their agenda on an entire nation. 

But you don’t have to watch helplessly as the born-again Brownshirts destroy everything you have worked for. 

The first step is to recognize that the radical movement will not simply go away on its own. This has been growing for some time, and history tells us that it could become much worse.

And while the first step is to recognize that these radical leftist terrorists won't just go away, the 2nd step is to prepare to defend our families and loved ones from the mayhem they're unleashing upon America. 

As author Scott Campbell reports in this new book titled "ANTIFA: SATAN'S COMMUNISTS AND ANARCHISTS"Antifa represents organized and continuous intimidation and physical violence against whoever is against their credence of anarchy with no government. From his book description we learn all about Antifa's fascist history. 

Antifa arose from para-military factions and has been likened to a militia. Marxist Antifa-progenitors first arose in the Russian Revolution starting in 1917 and were instrumental in bringing down the Russian government. Antifa groups then migrated to Germany.

The goal was to establish a communist dictatorship through violence. They wanted to do to Germany what they had done to Russia, help overthrow the government through Marxist violent revolution. The largest Antifa organization was officially named in 1932 as an affiliate of the Communist Party of Germany and also had paramilitary roots. 

Antifa was under the leadership of the committed Stalinist and leader of the Communist Party of Germany, Ernst Thälmann. The terrorist group was so ruthless and violent that they drove many Germans to vote for Hitler's National Socialist Workers Party instead, which would become their sworn enemy and downfall. Thalmann’s fate was alleged to be shot in a Nazi concentration camp after a long prison term.

Antifa members today are also Satanists, like the Dayton Shooter, and/or members of the Democrat Socialists of America, which are some 50,000 strong. The Dayton shooter's vest bears "Against All Gods" and occult patches. The Dayton shooter’s notebook shows the devil's pentagram and "Lucifer" references.

Modern Antifa groups in the United States and Europe have been documented to receive funding and support from Leftist radicals such as George Soros’ Open Society groups. Antifa’s behavior has been likened to the intimidating goon squads of Hitler’s Brown Shirts or Mussolini’s Black Shirts. 

Recently they tried to shut down any free speech or protests by conservatives in the United States and Europe. East Germany is another Antifa epicenter much like Portland, Oregon. Antifa joined the Occupy Wall Street movement in America.

Antifa, if anything, are Communists but who don’t want organized government at all. Communism was invented by rich bankers and industrialists of England, France, and the United States to topple governments and replace them with a totalitarian rule. The Rothschilds banking magnate family funded two Communist authors to create Communism out of concepts of Satanism, Adam Weishaupt of the Illuminati around 1776, and Karl Marx in the mid 19th century.

This book not only explores the history of Antifa and its ideology and its main actions but also explores in depth the origin and nature of Marxism as arising from a foundation of Satanism directed against the Christian Church.

So with leftist terrorists unleashing havoc all across liberal cities in America, (but the leftist-terrorists largely steering clear of 'red states' to avoid being 'eradicated'), we shouldn't be the least bit surprised that people are 'bugging out' of liberal cities 'en masse' as if they're all 'diseased'

As this story over at Investing that The Liberty Daily linked to on Sunday reported, the top cities in America that people are leaving in mass numbers are all Democrat-run hell holes including: Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California, Seattle, Washington, New York City, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Washington DC, Los Angeles, California, Houston, Texas, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin among them. 

So while millions of Americans are getting smart and moving out of the liberal wastelands across America, we still owe it to our families and loved ones to get prepared. As my own martial arts instructor once told me, if someone's preparing to punch out your teeth, break their hand or their arm before they have a chance to do so. And if someone is preparing to take your life, do absolutely whatever you have to do to defend yourself right then and right there, you may not get another chance.  

Thankfully, as Susan Duclos had reported within this January 2020 ANP story, there are a variety of personal defense weapons available these days, delivered right to your door with no need for registration or licenses, that are very useful in deterring assailants and if needed, disabling them.

Up close and personal one can use a knife, tactical pens, baseball bats, even just a walking stick can be an damaging weapon if swung hard enough.

When the assailant is a little further away, stun guns, tasers, and pepper spray, are some cheap and effective methods to deter or disable someone coming at you.

Longer range when one does not have a gun, there are sling shots (remember extra ammo), enough practice and one can use it for hunting as well if need be. Others items like cross bows and blow guns can also be used as a weapon or hunting tools.

As always, readers are encouraged to share their tips on prevention and protection in a SHTF scenario.

As we hear in the first video below, as Muslim terrorists decapitate school teachers who have the audacity to show the pictures of the prophet Muhammad, the left in America is realizing that they can use violence and the threat of violence in order to get ordinary citizens to kowtow to their satanic desires. This must stop, and the one gate that they haven't broken down is the Donald Trump presidency, which is why he absolutely must serve for a second term. The Democrats are enabling antifa and BLM and the riots which are on going in the United States.

And in the 2nd and final video below, Mike Adams takes a look at what he expects to unfold here in America over the next several months with the election ahead and the radical left sure to riot and burn down US cities no matter who wins. 

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