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September 27, 2017

Are NFL Protests A Massive Distraction From The Tragedy That's Coming As World Stampedes Towards An Engineered Nuclear War That Would Initiate The Globalists Plan For The Major 'Population Reduction' They So Long For?

- With Death And Destruction On The Doorstep, Preparing For A Nuclear Attack Upon America  

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While much of America is watching as NFL players, coaches and owners quite literally destroy their own 'game' by bringing leftist-politics into what should be entertainment, the entire world stands at the brink of annihilation with a potential worst-case scenario, full-scale nuclear war that would quickly bring an end to the NFL season and all of life as we know it hanging in the balance.

Never in our lifetimes can we remember so much World War 3 'talk' coming from so many different sources and as Gary Franchi of the Next News Network tells us in the final video below, the entire world is now holding its breath, waiting for the next shoe to fall. In this story we'll take a look at nuclear war prepping and all of the latest signs around us proving if we haven't prepared yet, we better do so now because we may be quickly running out of time to do so. 

With North Korea actually claiming that the US and President Trump had declared war upon them, fears of an all-out conflict continue to grow after Kim Jong Un's top aide declared NK had the right to shoot down US bombers even if they're NOT in North Korean air space, an action if taken by NK that would surely lead to an absolutely devastating US military response. Will a 'false flag' event kick off nuclear annihilation? As William B Stoecker reported on ANP back on July 30th, we've witnessed one false flag after another launching global wars. 

And while President Trump warns Kim's rogue regime won't be around much longer, we pray that any such actions taken won't result in the worst case scenario for America that even Fox News is now direly warning us about. With WW3 talk all around us, is it just a coincidence that FEMA will be conducting a mandatory alert of the emergency broadcast sytem today at 2:20 p.m. eastern?


As we've heard from some ANP readers, it almost feels like what's happening now in the NFL is part of a huge distraction from other real world events - while Americans eyes are set upon boycotting overpaid whining jocks, the world is falling apart all around us.

And if Kim's warning to America detailed in this new Fox News story is correct, none of the protests or boycotts that are happening right now in the NFL will matter anyways because if the electric grid is down nationwide or America is under nuclear attack, nobody's going to be watching overgrown and overpaid kids playing a kids game.

Putting everything into proper perspective, who'll be screaming 'oppression' when there is no internet, TV, grocery stores, banks, ATM's, public transportation, running water or anything else that makes modern-day America 'modern'?

From Fox News:

Risk analyst and policy expert Dennis Santiago observed that any effort to harden the U.S. power grid — including the oldest and most interconnected portions of it in the eastern United States, which are especially exposed to disruption due to their age and design — have fallen short at the public utilities level because of “more pressing threats like physical attack security and cybersecurity.”

“In the end, this process has left the U.S. with antiquated and vulnerable infrastructure,” he said. “There is no unified or specified commander charged with specifically marshalling America’s resources from the government and private sector into an active defense of the power grid. There are civil services and regulatory bodies mostly focused on energy as utilities but nothing looks like an energy version of a military defense command.”

“If something happens in two weeks, we wouldn’t be able to close all the gaps of vulnerability,” pointed out the official. 


While many so-called experts and people within the mainstream media are still attempting to sugar coat the EMP threat from North Korea, the vast majority of the American people are still totally unprepared for such an event with many calling the possibility 'science fiction'. With such non-preparation assuring that they and their families will likely be a part of the 90% of America that would be dead within a year to 18 months after the 'event', many experts believe most of that 90% would be dead within months if not weeks or days after an EMP.

If you are one of the people who don't think you should be concerned about an EMP, you need to read the following.

Earlier this month, state news agencies in the Kim Jong Un-dictated country explicitly cautioned that it could hit the U.S. with an EMP offensive. A hydrogen bomb detonated at a high altitude would create an EMP that potentially could abolish prominent parts of the electrical grid. The higher the bomb’s detonation, the wider the scope of destruction. And given that high-altitude nuclear tests were prohibited as per a 1963 treaty, from the U.S. side, there is little scientific data to understand the devastation of a detonation on modern infrastructure.

But the potential fallout from such an event is monstrous. In 2001, Congress enacted the since-disbanded Commission to Assess the Threat to the U.S. with regards to an EMP event, with commissioners testifying that up to 90 percent of Americans could die within a year of such an attack. All the functions communities rely upon — hospitals, water, waste, transport, telecommunications, air control, medical care — could potentially be decimated for not days or weeks, but months or years.

The U.S. electrical grid, which is deemed one of the most vital pieces of infrastructure in the country and serves more than 300 million, does not have one singular oversight body responsible for its safeguarding — hence authorities have cautioned that the magnitude of threat has fallen between the cracks.

“The military doesn’t think it is their job to make the grid resilient, even though 99 percent of their missions in continental United States rely on the civilian grid. The utilities don’t think it is their job because it is a national security problem. Besides, they don’t want to come up with the money, face more regulatory burdens or fool with making over parts of the grid with uncertain technical consequences,” lamented Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy President and Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy under President Reagan, who has long warned of EMP’s efficiency to bring down America. “And because of the sweetheart regulatory arrangement they have at the federal level, they have been able to avoid it.”

“The very existence of the nation is at stake,” Gaffney added. “We are facing explicit threats to use EMP against us from the North Koreans — and there is a lot of capability to execute such an attack in the hands of other enemies.”


In this must-read new story by Jeremiah Johnson over at Ready Nutrition the former Green Beret shares with us 15 priorities that we need to follow in the event of a nuclear war which begin with having a plan created beforehand that is immediately kicked into action should nuclear war break out. Those who think that they can start planning what they're going to do AFTER the war has already begun will likely be among the first casualties as panic would break out across the nation as reality quickly set in.   

Should the nuclear strike upon America be an EMP that is successful at taking down the grid and most modern communications along with it, those who neglected to prepare would already be out of luck and would quickly join the world of 'marauders', the 90% or so who didn't prepare and are now ready to do anything at all to keep their families alive, including stealing from those who prepared. 

Johnson references Cresson H. Kearney's "Nuclear War Survival Skills" which can be found here at Amazon and is fully embedded below videos at the bottom of this story for you to read right here and right now. 

*BONUS from the Survivalist Blog: Build a homemade Faraday cage - inexpensive! Here's How!


In the first video below we hear that North Korea is now moving towards a full-scale nuclear war, a prospect that could leave hundreds of millions of Americans directly in the middle of it and lead to the Deagel forecast population numbers of only 54 million Americans living here in 2025, down more than 270 million from the 324 million living here in 2016. Just as the global elite have been long working towards as has been seen within the goals stated on the Georgia Guidestones

Both the 2nd and the 3rd videos below also take a look at the latest news on the North Korean war front as Kim Jong Un prepares his nation for suicide should he launch an attack upon America while in the 4th video below we hear from Christopher Greene of AMTV in his video, "How To Survive The First 5 Minutes Of A Nuclear Attack".

And while we'd like to believe that Kim Jong Un would never do such a thing to his extremely poor and innocent people, we once again remember the warning from William B. Stoecker and his outstanding list of all of the false flag events that have kicked off wars and as Stoecker asked within his story, "Will The 'Final Act Of The Tragedy' Be An Engineered Nuclear War That Exterminates Most Or All Of The Human Race?"  We pray for America and the world in the days ahead. 

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Psalm 23:4

The knowledge shared in this must read book will save lives. 

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