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September 24, 2017

Powerful Warnings For All Americans To Prepare For The 'Law Of The Jungle' - America Moves Closer To Open Warfare Within As Hysteria Arrives In Hurricane Ravaged Puerto Rico - How Does This NOT Turn Into 'The Lord Of The Flies'?

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

UPDATE 9/24/2017: 'Apocalyptic' scenes in Puerto Rico: Aerial photos reveal devastation as the island is hit by widespread looting and STILL has no power or cell service after Hurricane Maria 

With the tragic shooting at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee proving to us how quickly everything can change in just a moment's time, every day provides us with more and more evidence of why we always need to be prepared for the unexpected with America inching closer and closer every day to civil war and known and unknown dangers in the road ahead of us.

While details on the shooting are still trickling in, its been reported that the shooter was a 26-year old black man with no known relationship to the chuch and as Steve Quayle mentioned in an SQnote while linking to this story on the horrific shooting, "if he's a BLM guy, the war has just kicked into open warfare. Couple this with the NFL hatred for America, NOT GOOD!" 

And with Antifa still threatening to make America ungovernable in the coming months while North Korean war fears dangle in the air like putrid smoke that just won't go away, we see why what happened today in Tennessee and what's happening now in Puerto Rico should be a huge warning to all Americans and a forceful urge to 'prepare' - everything can change in an instant. As we learn in this new story from Chris Martenson over at Peak Prosperity, most Americans are much less prepared for disaster than they realize. 


In this new story over at the Weather Channel they report that while aid has begun to trickle in to hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico after their main port was finally reopened, hysteria has already started to set in with one of the islands biggest hospitals set to collapse and more calls going out across the island for help needed immediately.

The day after the SHTF in Puerto Rico, leaving the entire island without electrical power and sending them back 20 years, Steve Quayle left a powerful SQNote while linking to this story from Daisy Luther over at the Organic Prepper: "No EMP but watch what happens in Puerto Rico, as there is no power on the island outside of generators, and it will descend into chaos, starvation and the 'law of the jungle'".

With travel throughout Puerto Rico crippled by debris and downed power lines and most supplies running low or completely out, panic was spreading as family members are unable to find their loved ones, most communications lines also downed and gas shortages making most automobile travel impossible.


And while most Americans have dodged the wrath of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria outside of those people in Texas, Florida, and elsewhere, we pray for everyone who has had their lives turned upside down over the past month+ as shared in the final video below, a new video from Mike Adams the Health Ranger who offers his prayers and blessings to all those impacted by the recent hurricanes.

With the very fabric that holds America and most civilized nations together suddenly gone in a moment, we see by what's now happening in Puerto Rico how suddenly America could be turned into a scene from 'The Lord of the Flies' as once the power goes out, and there's no turning it back on for months, chaos, starvation and the 'law of the jungle' set in.

And with 'political turmoil' now at the highest levels in the US since the 1960's and very real talk of a potentially devastating civil war in America ahead, we're warned in the 1st video below that most members of Antifa will likely turn into lawless marauders once SHTF, having already shown that they, like Hillary, have no respect for the law.


Since George Soros is still being allowed to continue the funding of antifa terrorists and other anti-America organizations at a time when much of the NFL has shown their true hatred of America by allowing spoiled brats who make millions of dollars a year PLAYING A GAME to protest against so-called 'oppression', we see why America is getting closer and closer to being ripped apart at the seams. Any 'NFL stars' reading this, please go to North Korea, for good, to learn what oppression is, and oppression IS NOT making millions and millions of dollar for playing a childs game. 

With the FBI and Department of Homeland Security warning of more Antifa terror attacks upon America ahead while every day, our nation moves closer to disintegration, the 2nd video below from Mike Adams takes another look at why US cities will suddenly become death traps in a collapse or 'civil war' situation (not to mention WW3), providing us with even more reasons to prepare for 'the law of the jungle' while we still have the opportunity to do so.

And as Susan Duclos previously reported on ANP, such preparation shouldn't be because we're fearful but because we're hopeful for as most members of the US military, law enforcement and other 1st responders fully know, proper preparation = survival.  

“If you believe you can accomplish everything by "cramming" at the eleventh hour, by all means, don't lift a finger now. But you may think twice about beginning to build your ark once it has already started raining” ― Max Brooks


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