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September 29, 2016

'Catastrophic And Unprecedented': Is Massive Grid Down Scenario In Australia A 'Dry Run' For America?

Is Washington DC Now In 'Weather Warfare' Bullseye?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new SQAlert on the website of Steve Quayle comes to us from Samantha in Australia, a wide-awake Christian mother of two who is rightfully concerned that huge parts of Australia might now be under a weather warfare attack after a massive storm created a catastrophic and unprecedented power outage with twin tornadoes and over 24,000 lightning strikes.

Despite the fact that Dane Wigington over at his Geoengineering Watch Blog has documented weather modification patents over many years in great depth and Steve Quayle warned us of "Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters" long ago, the large majority of American people STILL tell us to put on our tin-foil hats if we try to talk with them about chemtrails, cloud seeding or weather warfare.

While it's clear that most Americans still believe there is no such thing as 'weather modification' or 'weather warfare', the final video below from Australian TV from back in June of 2016 as well as this linked story from ABC News Australia tells us that 'cloud seeding' a day before a historic flood back in June of 2016 caused the flooding and residents want to know why.

As we learn below in the 1st video, more than a decade ago a patent was filed in the US to develop a lightning/thunder gun for US military use. Steve Quayle warned us in his book on weather warfare about man's propensity to try to play God with the 'Devil's HAARP'. If you didn't believe in weather modification before you came across this story, we'll do our very best here to prove to you that it's not only real, but it can cause major damage. According to Wigington, climate engineering and weather warfare could one day lead to the very collapse of civilization.

We also take a look below at a massive mysterious flash that recently happened off of the coast of Northeastern Australia on Monday night that was reported to be a shooting star or 'big meteor' that lit up the beach. As was also recently told to us by a well trusted source, there's a history of top secret infrastructure at nearby Pine Gap, Australia including satellite technology and extremely high amounts of UFO activity going back many years that can be documented in this story. Is someone making war upon Australia's top secret and highly covert technology?


Was the massive storm that has caused all of the current damage in Australia that Samantha told Steve about in the SQAlert below caused by HAARP or weather warfare? While we don't have all of the answers, we know as an absolute fact that a patent was filed back on October 7th of 2004 for a 'lightning-thunder gun' for military use and weather modification as heard in video directly below.

Was such a device used upon Australia that caused some 24,000+ lightning strikes and caused ALL of the state of Southern Australia to lose its power? Why might Australia be under 'weather warfare attack'? Might the massive power outage in Australia caused by horrific storms be some kind of a globalist weather warfare 'dry run' leading to a future grid down scenario for America? Weather experts tell us Washington DC is now in the bullseye in America with unprecedented rain amounts and the chance of historical flooding across much of the state of Maryland. More on that below but first, let's listen to this video about US Patent #20130015260.


According to the recent story from the Washington Post, Washington DC, Northern Virginia and much of Maryland are now quite literally in the bullseye, expecting historical amounts of rain in between now and Friday that could leave flooding across the state with record rainfall numbers as seen in the image above.

While at the moment we have no indications that what is happening to DC is due to weather modification, whenever such a historical storm strikes during a time that tensions are extremely high all across the world, it's wise to remember that the US isn't the only country that has the technology to create massive storms and modify the weather.

Might such a 'lightning gun' as heard in the video above be used to bring down electrical grids? The fact that the US military had such an interest in it more than a decade ago shows us that they were already thinking about using it for destructive purposes. Certainly with America now in the middle of a full-fledged insurrection against globalist rule and the elite in a mad dash to build underground bunkers, it's not out of the question the globalists will use some kind of an attack upon our electrical grid to put the final dagger in America's heart and send us back to the dark ages.


In the new SQAlert below we hear directly from Samantha in Australia who is quite concerned her country might be under weather warfare attack and who also interestingly compares what is now happening in Southern Australia to recent warnings given by Steve Quayle and others that a 'grid down scenario' in America might be in our futures as well.


Hi Steve There is breaking news in Australia that there was a massive storm cell that created a catastrophic and unprecedented power outage through the entire state of South Australia.

I listened to your show and also other alternative news shows and this week have heard talk about expected take downs of the grid in America via EMP etc. I thought it was a big coincidence that there was a massive storm cell with an extremely large amount of lightning strikes. Apparently there were 24,000 strikes and also twin tornadoes. This doesn't usually happen and it was described as the worst weather in 50 years. The entire state of South Australia is left without power. People said it was like going back to the 1950's. Apparently it 's not the end of it either.

It all seems a bit coincidental. Weather weapon maybe?

I listen to your show regularly. We're a Christian family with two girls and praying for protection over all of us during these times. Thank you for all that you do.

God Bless. Samantha


As we hear in 1st video below, extreme weather is now striking all across the planet. Is much of what we're now witnessing worldwide simply 'nature being nature' or is the massive uptick in destructive power of some of these storms and the fact that they're so widespread across the planet a sign that the globalists who control the weather machines are throwing a temper tantrum?

With much of the 'awakened' world now well aware of weather modification and weather warfare programs thanks to people like Steve Quayle and Dane Wigington despite the mainstream media censorship of such topics, we have to ask WHY the government and mainstream media continue such censorship? The only reason that we can possibly think of that that they'd continue to hide these programs would be if they are being used in ways the American people wouldn't approve of.

In the 2nd video below we hear absolute proof that cloud seeding was used as far back as 2008 in China, proving to us once again that those who still shout 'tinfoil hat' are either completely clueless due to being totally dependent upon the mainstream media to get their news or like our videographer tells us, they're being paid to keep the American people dumbed down. The third video below takes a look at the recent meteor strike in Australia that was followed by an earthquake while the final video below gives us the proof straight from the Australian MSM that cloud seeding caused previous historic flooding in Australia, just months ago.

Since we've already got 100% proof now that weather modification has been used as recently as June of 2016 in Australia and it caused historic flooding, is there anyone who still believes that weather modification is only 'conspiracy theory'? If so, we've got some tinfoil hats for you - you've obviously been getting your information from MSM 'conspiracy theorists' for far too long.


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