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October 15, 2021

Between Atrocious Stupidity In Hospitals And The Vaxxed Being Superspreaders, Americans Are Better Off Avoiding The 'Kill Factories'

By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

I heard on the radio yesterday morning about a story of hospitals using plastic bags over the heads of people that go there for whatever reason that supposedly have “covid”.  My mother taught me when I was still a little tyke to never put a plastic bag over my head, as I might turn out to be a liberal if I did so.  (OK, so I stretched that one a bit, but it was worth it)  There are two major problems with this other than the obvious one of embarrassing themselves with their stupidity. 

One is the fact that the “covid” died out over a year ago. 

Reason two is because the so-called “covid” is really just the seasonal flu. 

The seasonal flu only lasts one season, and by the time the season dies out, the bug has gone, it has changed and the anti-bodies are present in the larger population enough that it is of no concern anymore.  The next year’s flu is brewing up slowly, and the drug companies are trying to guess which one will emerge so they can make the vaccinations for it.  They rarely guess correctly which not a big concern to me because I never get them anymore; at least for the last few decades because every time I got the shot, I got the flu.  No shot, no flu.  Duh!

I do believe that they have created a modified SARS corona virus using HIV and other donors to the bug in the bio-warfare labs, but out in the ‘wild’ is a failure overall, just an excuse to put out the real Bio-Weapon, the “Jab”.  True, there were some original ‘kills’ from it in China, but it faded out very rapidly over a year ago.  As ANP as shown a number of times before, “covid” follows the standard flu curves and timing while the flu, colds and pneumonia magically died out almost completely when “covid” replaced them as the brand name referring to the standard flu season.  IT IS JUST THE DAMNED SEASONAL FLU – “covid” never was the problem.  The co-called “variants” are nothing more than the results of the “Kill Shot” jab being blamed on the “covid” farce.

The first portion of the First Video below is on the atrocious stupidity of some hospitals as narrated by the Health Ranger Mike Adams and tells the tale that I referred to in the opening sentence of this story.  Shaking My Head is not sufficient to evidence my total disgust with such lunacy.  Would not a face shield work better and be easier to disinfect between users than a sheet of plastic, the thin type as used as equipment and furniture covers?  Use what is at hand maybe, but not something that can kill outright.  Also note that this is in ADDITON to the normal face masks, just for some nurse thinking you may have a cold – err, I meant “covid”.

I also heard on the radio of something I am not finding very many stories about yet.  There must be some more out there, but I haven’t found them in my searches. I will keep on looking; it is just too interesting of a story to let it go.  As a side note, the AM radio show I hear a lot of good stuff on is a local one called “Inside the News” hosted by Paul Jensen with good regular guests such as Harley Schlanger, Sarah Westall, Joel Skousen, Alex Newman and many others.  I did, however, find some info directly on the FEMA website that supports it. 

It appears there is a letter from a woman talking to a nurse disembarking from a bus along with some other nurses and doctors, all dressed in scrubs and with some associated paraphernalia, entering a hospital and her curiosity got the better of her so she asked a few questions.  Among those questions who were they, what were they doing there and where did they come from.  The responses were that they were filling in for the huge number of personnel that were being fired for not accepting the “jab” to stay employed at that hospital.  So, where did they come from?  FEMA is their employer.  Do they require them to be jabbed?  No, they do not have to have had the Kill Shot.  Give that some thought for a moment, the Powers That Be require the hospitals personnel to be vaccinated with the Kill Shot, but the replacements are government stooges shipped in that do NOT require vaccination.  Why?  Why is the government taking over hospitals?  They are already known as Kill Factories, as Death Camps, so why this change?

Release Date August 18, 2021.  Medical Staffing Requests Advisory. 

State, Tribal and Territorial (STT) governments across the nation are experiencing increases in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, resulting in renewed strains on medical personnel availability. FEMA and our interagency partners are working to support requests for additional medical staff and recognize there may be more solutions than the federal government alone can provide. Given the possible scarcity of medical personnel resources, the federal government is asking STT partners to consider the following items prior to requesting direct federal assistance for medical staff” is how the FEMA notice begins.  If you know more please let me know.

There are a couple of stories that I have found that mention it a bit, the first is from Idaho in the Idaho Capital Sun paper titled “Idaho asks FEMA and other states for help, in last-ditch effort to staff hospitals” where they state “Multiple Idaho hospitals are asking for help, it said. They don’t have enough nurses, nursing assistants or respiratory therapists” and this is before the walkouts and firings of hospital staff.  Next door to them is Oregon asking for FEMA help to fill out staff requirements at very short handed hospitals.  “although more than 71% of adult Oregonians are vaccinated and the state has had relatively low levels of infection during the pandemic, communities with low vaccination rates are experiencing extremely high rates of COVID-19 infection and hospitalizations are spiking statewide.

“As a result, the state hospital and health care systems are facing an acute staffing need,” the lawmakers wrote FEMA. “State officials estimate that the current surge in cases is likely to exceed hospital capacity by 400-500 beds in a matter of weeks. The state has subsequently tightened mitigation measures, like indoor masking, and has asked the National Guard to provide support to hospital staff in heavily impacted areas. In addition to these efforts, Governor Brown is requesting FEMA provide additional personnel to ensure Oregonians get the care that they need during this critical time.”   It is insane that they do not look at the evidence proving that it is those vaccinated ones that are dying, the official word is to NEVER admit that is the case and to ‘jimmy’ the numbers and facts to keep it that way.  If the feds can go without vaxing, then why are the hospitals trying to force it?   Something is not right, and I have hinted at what that is, but no official explanation is out there to warrant the case.

 Now on to the real bad portion of today’s story.  We have already watched the videos of that tiny stringy thing trying to reenter a soldiers body and the incorporation of nano carbon tubes, aluminum, stainless steel, self-assembling Graphene Oxide Nanotech, heavy metals and deadly poisons incorporated into the vaccines along with parasites.  Let’s look at the newest parasite involved in those Kill Shots.

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Graphene, parasites in c19 vaccine

Self-assembling Graphene Oxide Nanotech

Unidentified parasite, lower right

Long curling ribbon of Graphene as carbon nanotube

The above micrographs are from an Out Of Mind article and a video on Bit Chute of Dr. Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters show discussing these findings along with more clips and photos of them that you may want to watch. (Just over 6 minutes)

THE THING! ANOTHER ‘LIFE FORM’ IN THE COVID VAX VIALS screams the headline in TGR Intelligence Report that looks at an even more revolting and sickening finding in the so-called “vaccines” that I must suppose you do not really want to hear about if your stomach is as weak as mine.  A Dr. Zalewksi said it is worth asking, “Why do some people get and injection with only a saline solution, and why some get something else?”

I do not speak French, but the Second Video below has English subtitles and it came from Conspiracy Café BlogSpot that describes the Thing as an Aluminum Lifeform.  Earth Life forms are Carbon based, so what in the world is a new aluminum-carbon based life doing in the so-called covid “vax”?  I do love SciFi and monster movies, but come on now, this is real life here folks.  A three tentacle parasite of super creepy appearance.  Iniitially stating it is 25 microns in size he goes on to demonstrate with string the comparative size of the head to the legs, saying the head is 20 microns in size and the tentacles 2.5 mm (2500 microns). [about 1/10 inch]

Understated but dramatic, Dr. Zalewski’s presentation offers a terrifying look into a very sinister program of stealth insertion of self-replicating synthetic biology lifeforms into what has been presented by world governments as a beneficial vaccine for humanity”

Dr. Zalewski states that he examined five vials of the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine and found only a saline solution with drying NaCl (Sodium Chloride or Common Salt) cyrstals in a couple before discovering the “Thing” with a head and three legs in a third vial. He also says he was specifically looking for something in the vaccine and suggests that using graphite tape caused the emergence of this living being under the microscope; he concludes that the graphene in the vaccine acts as a kind of food or catalyst for the Thing, and that the vaccine contains the eggs of the thing which hatch in the presence of graphene.”

He also shows other spectrographs, reporting these are other samples of the unknown creature which is possibly a synthetic biological creation, manufactured in a bioweapons lab.”  A PDF article is available that goes over artificial life forms calling them “the strains of the future”.  “Synthetic biology is the field of biology that is involved in the manufacturing of genomic material designed by man with subsequent introduction into a chassis. A synthetic life has a minimal genome of about 500-800 genes as well as a few additional genes required to fulfill a particular task. Synthetic life forms can be used for the production of valuable target compounds such as the antimalarial drug artemisinin. This technology is applicable to all subfields used for the making of biofuels, drugs, energy, artificial photosynthesis, in medicine, bioremediation/biosensors, in the chemical industry, and in agriculture. It is believed that these novel artificial strains will become the ruling strains in the near future with many a use in many a field

Images of 'The Thing'

The Third Video is Dr. Carrie Madej MD talking about them and with more video images as well as many other artifacts found in the Kill Shots.

Let me end today’s commentary with this pairing of articles, “Inventor of mRNA The says ‘fully vaccinated are COVID “SUPER-SPREADERS from The Liberty Beacon and from State of the Nation this one, “500,000 Dead from Vaccine in USA Alone” with a subhead of “World Health Organization confirmed 10.20 SARS-COV 2 no more dangerous than the flu”

The common flu recently called Covid 19 is no problem, but the vaccine to it is killing massive numbers and the other bad side effects are yet to really be seen.  The last video (the Fourth one) is another Stew Peters show with a nurse named Corrine Lund RN that is very good, calling C19 for the “vaxed” “Community Acquired Pneumonia . Amazing, nurses and docs calling those that are in the hospital with the Kill Shot problems a community acquired pneumonia.  And sedated patients are in danger of getting the kill shot (and therefore The THING) whether they want it or not. 

Health Ranger on stupidity in hospitals

Dr. Madej on the C19 vax as examined by a US Lab.

Nurse Corrine Lund RN on hospitals actions

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