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May 9, 2020

Globalists Are Using A 'Double-Whammy Covid-19 5G Deception' To Usher In Their 'Brave New World Order'

- Never Before In History Have So Many Been Put In Grave Danger By Their Satanic, Hidden Schemes

By R. X. Kendrick for All News Pipeline

In a recent article, Susan Duclos exposed many “new” developments with the COVID-19 virus. From a tragic murder-suicide of a researcher that was no suicide, to scientists saying a new “dominant strain” of the virus appears to be more contagious, to younger people suddenly developing a new symptom called “Covid-Toes.” Is this fake news?

Covid-Toes? Could this be for real? Probably not, but the pictures look like swollen-red human toes? From her article: “What is alarming is the majority of people with this symptom never thought they were even exposed to the coronavirus.”

People who had “absolutely no symptoms of COVID at all,” it goes on to say. Were suddenly dealing with half-cooked toes? Do these “virus” symptoms make any sense at all? Yes, if something very strange is going on as many people are coming to realize. Because no one can figure out what the hell is really going on. Which is by design and coming from a specific source.

There is a consortium of high-minded extremely wealthy people with exorbitant earthly power who jointly want to dictate terms to everybody else on earth and rule over all of the world’s populations. As if they are entitled to exercise power over all humanity. A hidden group behind the scenes we refer to most often as: “They”.

The nameless, faceless “They” are at it again. People talk about Them all the time. They want to rule the world. They want to kill us all. They commit all these fake murder-suicides and get away with it. They this, they that… They are coming for our guns. They are poisoning our skies. They have to be stopped!

But how does it help anything for us to always be “shadowboxing” at the wall? Jab, jab, jab, hook! Back up, keep your feet moving, come close to the wall again. Jab, jab, jab… Doesn’t seem like this is getting us anywhere, does it? Fighting the phantom “shadow people” THEY who actually do have real names and real facial recognition identities. One of them, we know is their favorite outspoken guru virus prophet: “BillyGoats” Billionaire Bill Gates!

According to studies done since the 1940’s with many different versions published. We know a “general population” average of 87- to 90-per cent of the common populace make their decisions based on first-source information. The most recent quote I saw says only 7% of us these days look for a second source to corroborate the first source. And only 3% of us will routinely search out more than two sources to understand what’s really going on.

Guess what?

“THEY” know this about us.

They play to this weakness directly. It’s part of how They follow Their normal social engineering operating procedures, including “repeating the first official version” they publicize again and again. Even if They get exposed by the 3% and are busted by the conscientious few. They will stick to their guns and repeat stories like “Lee Harvey Oswald” assassinated John F. Kennedy by shooting him from a multi-story building in Dallas, Texas as a lone gunman. Because They know 87- to 90- per cent of the people will believe them.

Everyone knows the lone assassin theory has been debunked a thousand times in a thousand ways now. How then is this over-repeated version of the assassination still being told to us? How is it seriously still in Wikipedia? They are still repeating the first story They told us. Still repeating the cover story lie 50-years later. There is nothing new about this. So we have to improve our comprehension of, not only “who” They are, but also “what” They are really doing to us in real time.

The reason the people Susan referred to “had absolutely no symptoms of COVID at all,” is because they did not really have the COVID-19 virus. The reason people with the new symptom of the virus called Covid-Toes “never thought they were even exposed to the coronavirus,” is because they most likely were not exposed to the virus.

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Consider how microwave ovens cook things, from the USDA’s online page on this topic:

“Microwave ovens cook unevenly and leave ‘cold spots,’ where harmful bacteria can survive.” Anybody who has used a microwave knows this. You get cold spots and hot spots when cooking in microwave ovens. You need the rotating bottom plate to cook more evenly.

Could this dynamic be happening to people who keep coming down with symptoms that match 5G EMF radiation exposure more than a virus? Where they develop signs of being slow-cooked and there are hotter spots in-or-on their bodies where 5G microwave exposure is invisibly and unevenly roasting them inside-out?

One of the first deaths in the US from the Covid-19 virus was reportedly determined to be a coronavirus “massive heart attack.” Say what? Another so-called virus death was reportedly from a coronavirus “major stroke” hemorrhage in the brain. Really? Good grief everybody, RUN FOR THE HILLS !!! What kind of virus is this? The wild fantasy TV/Movie version?

Now we have Virus-Toes! And certainly with the MSM around everybody will start believing in Virus-Toes. Blatant deceptions with comical descriptions. I hope the virus doesn’t morph into Virus-Ears!! Or Virus-Eyes!!! People this stuff is so unbelievable it’s hard to believe you believe any of it! How stupid are 90% of us?

All humans today need to wake up and understand that in late 2019 planet earth and mankind embarked into a whole new realm of life together. Never before in the history of the planet have people been put into such an invisible microwave oven of 5G electromagnetic frequency. Let that sink into your brains.

NEVER BEFORE – EVER BEFORE IN HISTORY have large dense populations of people been put in such dangerous-to-our-health microwave grids. Never. Not for any period of time, much less an extended period of time. This just started the first of the year 2020. A dangerous military grade frequency that is not safe to human, animal or plant life is amongst us now. In many places people are getting cooked to death in sickening tragic intentional 5G EMF attacks..

World life health danger “5G Electromagnetic Frequencies” are also getting positioned to send-back-to-earth 5G from Space! With some of these satellite signals already reaching their owner Elon Musk, he has reported. And thousands more satellites planned to be deployed above us.

Wherever the 5G EMF grids were rolled out in just this past year of 2019, the people living within the grids were the first ever humans to experience such a “5G life phenomenon.” This incredible new “Radiation Town” experience never existed before this time in time. This is like the “new frontier” from Star Trek reruns. None of us have ever been here.

Man is entering a new time with this RF radio frequency reality. We are literally “where no man has ever gone before!” We are there today, right now. Starting in late 2019 when the newly rolled out EMF telecom technology was switched on around the world, and Covid-19 showed up simultaneously. Isn’t that a coincidence that these things happened in synchronization with each other.

It is not a coincidence. They did not happen by chance together. They happened by plan intentionally together. It is a dual weapon system. The virus + 5G EMF radiation = “COVID-19 Mass Murder Plot.”

It’s hard to comprehend because we don’t know anything like this 5G life phenomenon from previous human experience: To actually try living in this dangerous microwave frequency. But there are plenty of obvious signs that “something” has changed dramatically in our world and we just aren’t used to distinguishing symptoms of radiation exposure from virus symptoms. This is all new territory. All new critically dangerous territory.

That “something” that has changed is having 5G EM cooking-heat frequencies in our midst 24-7. This isn’t just a new swan song. This is something no man has any personal experience of “living in” until now. Everything about the maniacal so-called virus symptoms that don’t add up, is most likely thanks to this new “5G EMF reality” in our midst day and night.

The 5G life phenomenon. Pay attention and see for yourself. Virus symptoms that don’t make sense for a “real” virus, do make perfect sense for EMF radiation exposure. There’s a CLUE for us! Isn’t that odd. Right when 5G is first introduced all of this happens together in perfect sequence and synchronistic timing with the coronavirus.

My favorite news term of late? “Morphing Virus.” But there’s a catch you might want to know about.

The Morphing Virus BS of the CDC and the WHO and Billionaire BillyGoats Bill Gates and the Mainstream Media’s puppet reporters is a big joke. Because the so-called Morphing Virus is totally harmless to humans. It won’t hurt kids or old people. It can’t kill anyone. Everyone has been running in panic and fear, but in reality it won’t harm a flower in your hair. I mean it. Yet everyone is fearful of it as they hear MSM story after story about a “morphing virus” on the loose destined to kill millions!

No it’s not. Not unless you’re a cyborg. Nobody is going to die. Take a search engine look into this yourself and see what you learn.

“Morphing Virus” is a computer term, not a medical term.

Now do you see how utterly stupid and ignorant “They” think you are? Believe me They are laughing all the way to the bank as people go on believing humans worldwide are being infected by a computer virus! What a joke. Not a single person on the entire planet has been infected by a morphing computer virus.

The Morphing Virus is a made for TV MSM-Hollywood drama fear term – being used to scare people. The correct medical term is “mutating virus” not morphing. Some interesting things about mutations of viruses were recently discussed in the article: “How fast can the coronavirus mutate?” From this article we learn:

“The new coronavirus, like all other viruses, mutates, or undergoes small changes in its genome.” Nathan Grubaugh, an epidemiologist at the Yale School of Public Health explains further, “These slight changes likely wouldn't have a major impact if any at all, on the functioning of the virus.”

And the mutations a virus undergoes worldwide “would take a nontrivial amount of effort” and potentially “years to complete.” In other words, a lot of work and a long time.

Grubaugh published his commentary in the journal Nature Microbiology in February of this year by the title: "We shouldn't worry when a virus mutates during disease outbreaks."

The word mutation, he says, "naturally conjures fears of unexpected and freakish changes. In reality, mutations are a natural part of the virus life cycle and rarely impact outbreaks dramatically.” Grubaugh also notes how “most mutations negatively affect the virus.”

What MSM reporters are saying about fast-morphing “symptoms” of Covid-19 strains is not true. Total Baloney Sandwich. Flying BS in the Wind nonsense. Ridiculous beyond belief. Scripted drama meant to cause fear. Almost fraud, if not actual fraud.

Making things harder for mutations to happen super-fast like you hear in the news, the author clarifies that: “For a virus to become ‘more severe or transmit more easily,’ multiple genes would have to mutate. Despite high rates of mutation among viruses in general it's UNUSUAL to find viruses that change their mode of transmission between humans over such short time scales.”

Hello! Anybody listening to this? Anybody putting the pieces of the puzzle together here? The opposite of what the MSM news sources are telling you is actually the truth. There is no scary morphing going on that is happening so fast nobody can keep up with the changing symptoms. The mutations that do happen are typically negative to the virus and do not make it stronger or more contagious.

It would be highly “unusual” for a virus to become more severe or transmit more easily in a short time. We’re being lied to by an intentional disinformation campaign complete with faux science forces pushing mandatory vaccine and testing agendas. And exactly what is the test that is being used to identify the virus these days anyway?

The testing is a total hoax. They aren’t testing for the virus! They can’t because the test doesn’t exist yet. It takes time to develop such a virus test, so what exactly are the tests testing for that MSM reporters keep telling us about?


That’s right, the tests you hear about in the news are random non-uniform tests of all different kinds that can only identify symptoms, but not the actual virus itself. When a person “tests positive” for coronavirus that is actually not true. What really happens is they test positive for symptoms of coronavirus. Which symptoms could easily be from flu or many other illnesses and diseases?

Nobody in the whole world has tested positive for coronavirus even one time since this outbreak began. Believe it or not, not even one person. How could they, if there’s no test for it yet? This is a preplanned premeditated psyop-scamdemic for real folks. Things like this do not happen in concert together in perfect timing by accident. Be realistic in your thinking. Is any cover story ever true? No. Then don’t believe the cover story you’re told that doesn’t add up or make sense.

A deadly mass murder event is happening in real time and the weapon of choice being used to do most of the damage? Extremely harmful to human life 5G EMF radiation.

“They” who are doing this include Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci as the front men with lots of high-level executives, owners and other fascist players connected to Big Pharma, the WHO, the CDC, Mainstream Media, the depraved depopulation extremists behind the Georgia Guidestones, Big Tech, corrupt banking, Luciferian secret societies, corrupt and entrenched deep state political and military traitors. All wanting and predicting a massive depopulation of the earth from present population numbers.

China is apparently not the only nation to release the weaponized virus on their own citizens. 

Real viruses come and go in real life, and don’t stick around and keep coming back to infect the same person again and again. That’s not realistic at all. That is fantastic and imaginary. 5G radiation could do that, but not a real virus. We can’t keep confusing 5G radiation exposure symptoms with Covid-19 symptoms by calling the 5G symptoms coronavirus.

Both of these things just started happening at the same time in late December 2019. And we’ve had lots and lots of viruses that didn’t cause anything like this. How hard is it to see the difference between realistic virus symptoms and not-realistic at all virus symptoms that are actually clear evidence of the dangerous radiation in the newly introduced 5G Network Grid Systems rolled worldwide in 2019?

Making sense of the virus is impossible without recognizing people are getting zapped with 5G at the same time and completely separately too. This is causing people without the virus to develop radiation-related symptoms similar to a virus “up to a point.” Radiation exposure victims are getting counted as virus victims when they don’t have the virus. Calling any of the “new” 5G exposure symptoms “virus” symptoms convolutes all tracking and numbers exponentially.

How perfect for generating fear among unsuspecting dumbed down citizens who refuse to see what’s happening to them! This is what is happening. The deception ploy is so perfectly misleading and confusing. It is working well for Them since They can “re-infect” someone who was never infected to begin with – many times over with the 5G symptoms mimicking virus symptoms.

Compromised health officials, and others in on this scam, are calling all similar symptoms Covid-19. Meaning, as long as the 5G deployed in 2019 is not turned off this “plandemic” will continue. The only way to save ourselves from the game being played against us is to stop 5G deployment and disable and remove all 5G already deployed whether on land or in space. It is a weapons grade frequency completely unsafe for densely populated areas. It is deadly and it will kill, kill and keep on killing. Far and away deadlier than any virus, it is killing people right now wherever people are caught in the severely harmful to human health radioactive microwaves.

There should have been no panic at all. This has been mostly scam-theater not reality, except they are killing people with 5G EMF. All the requirements forced on populations the world over were unnecessary. Fear and panic were created intentionally by combining the simultaneous 5G attacks with the Covid-19 release to allow the new abuses of our freedoms and personal rights.

To that reality and affect a growing group of concerned professionals and individuals has formed to present an international appeal to stop all 5G on earth and in space. An excerpt from this international appeal describes the reality of what we’re dealing with. “Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming. The accumulated clinical evidence of sick and injured human beings, experimental evidence of damage to DNA, cells and organ systems in a wide variety of plants and animals, and epidemiological evidence that the major diseases of modern civilization—cancer, heart disease and diabetes—are in large part caused by electromagnetic pollution, forms a literature base of well over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies.”

Please check out this link, go to their website and sign your name to join in supporting this most critical and urgent endeavor of our times.

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