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February 16, 2020

Signs Medical Martial Law In America May Be Unavoidable With The US Military & The Center For Disease Control Actively Preparing For The Ultimate 'Black Swan Event'

- China's Lockdown & US Military Prepping Hard For COVID-19 Hint So Should We! 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While one Harvard Professor recently sounded the alarm on coronavirus  becoming a global pandemic with absolutely shocking numbers that he believes 40% to 70% of all living people may become infected with the virus THIS YEAR as was reported in this MEDIAite story, some very alarming news comes to us from 'google trends' where we see the general public has very little interest in COVID-19 nor protecting themselves from its spread.

With google's most-searched topics this weekend including names like 'Caroline Flack', 'Lynn Cohen' and 'Amanda Bynes' with 'HQTrivia', 'Stranger Things', 'Fantasy Island' and 'All-Star Weekend' also filling out the top of what Americans are now searching for, the interest in 'Coronavirus' among the general public has completely tanked as seen in the screenshot of google's trending searches below, although among independent media readers, stories about 'Coronavirus' are still getting huge traction.  

And with China now disinfecting and quarantining bank notes as the Daily Mail reports in this Saturday story, which proves the virus can survive on surfaces of money and be contagious to others who might come across the same bank notes, those who have been paying attention to and researching what has been happening in China warn coronavirus could be the 'black swan' of 2020 and now nearly 20% of all Fortune 500 companies are warning their investors of potential impacts from the virus in the business world this year.  

So with the US military already approving 11 different coronavirus quarantine camps near major US airports across America while US Northern Command has implemented the Department of Defense's Global Campaign Plan for Pandemic Influenza and Infectious Diseases as the Military Times had reported in this February 13th story, just imagine America should 4 to 7 out of every 10 people YOU know become infected by this virus if the Harvard professor is correct. From this MEDIAite story.: 

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health professor Marc Lipsitch told the Wall Street Journal this week that “it is likely we’ll see a global pandemic” of the coronavirus with up to 70 percent of people infected worldwide.

“I think it is likely we’ll see a global pandemic,” Lipsitch claimed, adding that “If a pandemic happens, 40% to 70% of people world-wide are likely to be infected in the coming year.”

What proportion of those will be symptomatic, I can’t give a good number,” he continued.

Others have also predicted that the coronavirus could infect between 60 and 80 percent of the planet.

With most Americans paying very little to no attention to COVID-19 (the name officially given to this virus), and going out in the world living their lives completely oblivious and unprepared to its possible danger, of great concern are two recent stories, one from the NY Post and one from Zero Hedge, both reporting upon the Center For Disease Control's recent announcement which appears to be preparing Americans for a coronavirus outbreak here as we'll explore more in the next section of this story below. 
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As the NY Post reports in this new story, according to the CDC, this deadly virus CAN be spread to others by people exhibiting no symptoms at all, people who have no idea they are even sick. Reporting within their story that "the spectrum of this illness is much broader than was originally presented" and "there’s much more asymptomatic illness", the CDC also added "a number of confirmed cases presented with just a little sore throat."

With this Zero Hedge story also adding that according to the CDC, coronavirus will become widespread all across the United States throughout 2020 and likely into the future and that "the CDC was 'going into aggressive containment mode", will they be as 'aggressive' here in the US as they're now being in China, where authorities are going door to door and ripping people out of their homes and cars and throwing the 'infected masses' into quarantine camps without their permission? If so, welcome to 'medical martial law' in America. From Zero Hedge.: 

The extremely virulent coronavirus which is sweeping through China's Hubei province like wildfire will eventually gain a foothold in the United States - becoming a 'community virus' this year or next, according to CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield.

"We don't know a lot about this virus," Redfield told CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta. "This virus is probably with us beyond this season, beyond this year, and I think eventually the virus will find a foothold and we will get community-based transmission."

"Right now we're in an aggressive containment mode," said Redfield.

Redfield says that while more research is needed, the CDC is focused on containment strategies to isolate and slow the progression of the novel coronavirus, buying time to develop a vaccine and antiviral drugs.

"The containment phase is really to give us more time. This virus will become a community virus at some point in time, this year or next year," said Redfield. "We don't have any evidence that this coronavirus is really embedded in the community at this time, but with that said, we want to intensify our surveillance so that we're basing those conclusions based on data."

The containment strategy refers to efforts to prevent widespread transmission of the coronavirus in the United States, including having people with confirmed cases stay in isolation and placing restrictions on travel between affected areas in the world. Such containment measures were used widely during the SARS global outbreak of 2003, during which 8,098 people worldwide became sick and of those, 774 died, according to the CDC.  


With what's now happening in China showing us the 'containment strategy' they're having to undertake hinting at what will be necessary to stop the spread of the outbreak here in America as well should the worst case scenario unfold, there is a very real possibility that our nation will look completely different by 2021 than it does right now, where Americans are still free to travel within the country without any restrictions.

Should you have to self-quarantine within your own home for at least 14 days, unable to go out to purchase food, water, toilet paper, paper towels and other basic necessities, would you be prepared to do so? With what's happening now in China underscoring why we should all get prepared to 'shelter within our own homes' for a period of time, we see that many in China who weren't prepared to be suddenly quarantined are having great difficulties getting what they need just to survive. 

According to this new story over at the National Post, China's 'food couriers' are providing a vital service to coronavirus victims who are quarantined within their own homes with people no longer able to go out and purchase their own food and basic necessities have become more and more difficult to come by.

With China's top food delivery company 'Meituan' launching a 'contactless delivery service' in Wuhan and  184 other cities across the nation of China, Americans can learn about what may be coming here by watching what's now happening there. And while communist China has long been much more 'totalitarian' than America, should a full-blown viral outbreak of a weaponized biological disease happen here in America, all bets are off. 

And with the number of people now under lockdown in China exceeding the entire population of the United States as Natural News had reported within this recent story, with up to 760 million people now under some kind of lockdown there hinting at what might be coming to America in a worst case scenario, Americans should be watching what the US military is doing and what the CDC is doing to get a true idea of just how bad things can become here, quickly.  

With the growing possibility that COVID-19 is a bioweapon as Dr. Francis Boyle, author of the United States Bioweapons Act, has warned, and the entire msm attempting to 'tamp down' Dr. Boyle's warnings, calling  Dr. Boyle's warning a 'conspiracy theory' despite experts admitting they still don't know the origins of this virus, we should all remember that all wars are based on deception as warned by legendary Chinese General Sun Tzu

In the first video below, videographer 'Rural Money' takes a look at how and why the US military is preparing for the arrival of coronavirus in America while in the 2nd video below from WION, an English-speaking mainstream news media outlet in India, they actually go over the reports of this coronavirus outbreak possibly having begun in a lab in Wuhan while even suggesting it was potentially created by the US (think 'global elite' depopulation weapon) while in the final video below from Celeste Solum of Shepherd's Heart she warns that medical martial law in America will mean "the world as we know it is over".

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