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November 10, 2016

Satanic Globalists Threaten Violent Revolution Upon America As Thousands Of George Soros Zombies Are Triggered By Donald Trump And Reality

- Trump Plaza Becomes Militarized No-Fly Zone As Threats Against Trump Continue


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Possibly just too ignorant to even realize that America just had a bloodless revolution that has begun the overthrow of corporate, satanic, globalist dictatorial powers intent upon permanently enslaving all of America and the world, America's cupcakes and special snowflakes are now threatening to unleash a violent revolution upon America with one lost soul actually outright calling for bloodshed and death while on CNN.

While we are huge supporters of legal protest here at ANP and we're quite sure we'll be writing critical stories of Donald Trump and his presidency over the next 8 years (yes, I did say 8!), the fact that illuminatists such as singer Katy Perry are actually calling for 'revolution' on Twitter, apparently seeking to permanently overthrow our Republic and help the satanic globalists enslave America, helps prove America isn't quite out of the woods yet and has a long way to go.


And with most snowflakes and cupcakes having no idea that a Hillary Clinton presidency likely would have quickly lead to not only their own deaths but the deaths of most every other person they have ever known, with even the Kremlin again claiming a Clinton presidency would have led to World War 3 (and likely nuclear annihilation for America and much of the world), thousands of unaware Americans are actually protesting the fact their lives will continue and not come to a radioactively abrupt end.

Rather than celebrating the death of a 'rotten to the core' dynasty that has brought widespread corruption and shame upon America, they prove to us just how dumbed-down a huge part of America has become. And while that part of America remains 'hopeless', as we see on the map below showing election results county to county, most of America is a shiny red ocean except for the big cities, the 'left coast' and near the border with Mexico where 'blue' dominates.

With this map proving to us that most of 'America' clearly saw what was going on and voted out a failing ideology in favor of giving America a very real chance despite the myriad problems that we face, we also see that America's big cities, which will instantly become 'death traps' in an economic collapse, overwhelmingly voted Clinton thus seemingly 'skewing' the final voting numbers which showed Hillary ended up winning the popular vote. 


With countless cupcakes shouting 'not my president' and burning 'orange-haired effigies' of our next president we have to ask, are we about to witness insane violence on US streets from people who don't even realize that their lives may about to get much, much better under a President Trump? Do they not even understand we'll now get someone in charge of America who'll bring jobs back to our country and focus on America first rather than further sinking America into globalist tyranny?

If the younger generations in America really believe that America and the world would be a better place under a president Hillary Clinton, all they need to do is take a look at the mess SHE helped to create in the Middle East, with Syria a fallen nation due to HER policies, certainly not Donald Trump's.

Back in the 2nd debate Trump actually triggered Clinton's foreign policy spokesperson Jesse Lehrich after Trump told the entire world that Muslim-American US Army Captain Humayun Khan would still be alive if he had been in charge because he would have never invaded Iraq and Kahn wouldn't have been in the position to die in a war that America never should have been in.

Just like a clueless social justice warrior special snowflake, Lehrich either couldn't hold back his pure and total ignorance or has proven to America he's just another warmonger intent upon death and destruction for the world.:

“Unlike her, who voted for the war…I would not have had people in Iraq because Iraq was a disaster,” Trump said, referring to Clinton’s vote in support of the war. “So he would be alive today.”

Lehrich fired back on Twitter: “hey, @realDonaldTrump – regarding your claim that Captain Khan would be alive if you were president: go f–k yourself.


Are Americas younger generations so ignorant now of the US Constitution that protects our God-given rights that they don't even realize that they're simply tools of George Soros and our satanic globalists overlords intent upon ending all human rights and enslaving us all?

With Hillary said to be inconsolable and blaming everybody but herself for the end of her presidential aspirations, we get more evidence that Trump's election will indeed upset the world order with America preparing to work upon America's problems and not the worlds. And while George Soros and his paid terrorists will likely continue to try to 'take down America', Hillary is not too happy that she won't be able to help him in the White House.:

Ed Klein said that Hillary Clinton called an old friend this morning and was crying inconsolably. She was blaming FBI Director James Comey for her loss.

It’s not Comey’s fault she treated national secrets like the household grocery list. She also is said to have blamed Barack Obama for not doing enough. What more could he have done? Put her in office with an executive order? Hillary felt he should have stopped Comey.

It’s not Comey’s fault or Obama’s fault she lied 50 million times.

This was her whole life from the time she married Bill. She wanted to be president and she sacrificed everything for it. Her entire life’s ambition was in her grasp and it was snatched away from her, but it’s her fault.


With Trump's election proving to us that 'America' does indeed still have a chance despite all of the globalists powers now aligning against us, attempting to sabotage Trump's presidency and bring war to US soil, we take a look below at several new videosof some of these 'fake protests', paid for by terrorist supporter George Soros. We also look at new warnings that have come out that the globalists will continue to try to take down America despite the fact that an America-first president has just been voted into office.

And as we move on into tomorrow, for all of those now shouting 'he's not my president' we have to implore, please give him a chance. Barack Obama was 'not my president' but I and America gave him a chance, for 8 full years. With desperate liberals already plotting to impeach 'President Trump' before he has a chance to get into office and threats being made against him, we understand why Trump's home at Trump Plaza has become a militarized zone with a no-fly zone placed in the air-space above it. 

And while we've criticized Obama relentlessly, and unlike the MSM with Clinton, we'll be sure to report on issues we don't like about a Trump presidency including violations of the rights of American citizens that his administration might carry out, America should all stand strongly against the kind of violence that we're now witnessing in protests across America. Once peaceful protest becomes unlawful and violent, those protesting against Trump are playing right into the hands of the satanic globalists intent upon enslaving us all.

As we're told in the 2nd video below, Soros' zombies have been unleashed upon America, just as the alternative news had warned would likely happen if somehow, through the Grace of God, Trump was able to beat Hillary. Now that Trump has been able to dispose of Clinton, America will need to get it together, and quickly, before the masses play right into the globalists hands.

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