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June 7, 2016

'Doomsday Drills' Begin In FEMA Region X - Is 'Cascadia Rising 2016' More Than Meets The Eye? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The Cascadia Rising 2016 Earthquake drills are beginning today preparing for what could be the biggest natural disaster that America has ever seen and in this 2nd ANP story in this ongoing series, we'll take a look at a few 'conspiracy theories' that have arisen surrounding these massive drills that involve the White House, FEMA, the Department of Defense and more than 20,000 people across the Pacific Northwest.

While this ABCNews story calls Cascadia Rising 'doomsday drills' and tells us of what they hope will be a 'best-case response' to a 'worst-case scenario' that would involve US, Military, State and local emergency reponse managers all across the region working together along with local Native American tribes as well as emergency officials in British Columbia, Canada, there is always 'the other side of the story' as the videos contained within this story look at. Is 'Cascadia Rising' preparation for something more than just an earthquake and tsunami?


A look at the screenshot below from the Cascadia Rising website shows us that Cascadia Rising 2016 is just part of a series of ongoing military exercises that also include Ardent Sentry 2016 as well as Vigilant Guard 2016. Interestingly, a group called the 'United States Transportation Command' is also involved and as you can see, they have a rather bizarre emblem that appears to be part-dragon. Their purpose may tell us what Cascadia Rising is really all about. From Wikipedia:

The United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) is one of nine unified commands of the United States Department of Defense. The command is located at Scott Air Force Base Illinois, was established in 1987. USTRANSCOM is a syllabic abbreviation formed from United + States + TRANSportation + COMmand.

This command is the single manager of the United States' global defense transportation system. USTRANSCOM is tasked with the coordination of people and transportation assets to allow the US to project and sustain forces, whenever, wherever, and for as long as they are needed.


As we're almost immediately told in the first video below, if you think that government cares about us, you haven't been paying attention and you may soon have another thing coming if you expect them to take care of you in times of major trouble. Our videographer then proceeds to break down governments NON-responses to actual events that are still ongoing right now that are adversely effecting the health of millions, such as the Pacific Ocean being turned into a vast radioactive death pool that government won't even speak of.

We're also told some rivers in this same area where the Cascadia Rising drills are happening are polluted beyond repair, yet government does nothing. Why suddenly such massive preparation, with hundreds of millions of dollars spent, for a huge event that may not happen for another 20 years or another 150 years, or more? Do they know something that we don't know or has government turned into the 'ultimate preppers', preparing for a future event that may not happen in their lifetimes? 


Interestingly enough, as is seen in the 2nd and 3rd videos below which show us a military train with heavy equipment being moved up into the Cascadia area through Mount Shasta, California area for these drills, claims are made that we are seeing some NATO military equipment here on US soil as seen in the screenshot taken from the video seen above. That 'lion looking Eastward' emblem is on several of the vehicles we see in this video and as is proven to us in the 2nd video below, that emblem has been used by NATO forces. Is this proof NATO forces are actually here now on US soil and will somehow be used up in Cascadia or is there another explanation for those markings? Whether or not those are NATO vehicles, are Cascadia Rising 2016 and all of the other military drills that surround this exercise really in preparation for war on US soil, collapse, martial law or worse?  

At ANP, we'd love to believe that government planning for possible disaster is just that, government playing the 'ultimate prepper' role and planning to protect the people of the Pacific northwest but there is far too much proof that government doesn't give a hoot about US Veterans, Christians, middle-class Americans, Conservatives, those who still follow the US Constitution as the supreme body of laws in the land and certainly not 'preppers'. Why should we believe them now? 

That comment is not to disparage those still working within government and the US military who put their lives on the line every day to serve us all while also seeing that our govt has gone astray. We know you are out there, and seemingly everywhere. A recent story from Infowars tells us a little bit about some of those people, high level military and intelligence personnel who have seemingly given their 'go ahead' to one presidential candidate to 'take down what ails us' according to Catherine Austin Fitts. For the countless number of people across the country who continue to serve our country bravely despite major govt flaws, to those who Fitts speaks about, we thank each and every one of you for your service to America and Liberty. 


Interestingly, when we first started researching the Cascadia Rising drills, the image seen above was one of the first to show up. While we immediately thought that it looked like 'Communist propaganda' and began looking into it to find out if it was official 'Cascadia Rising' material, we were quite taken aback when we learned that the image seen above was actually created by one of the most infamous people in the Cascadia area, mass murderer Chris Harper Mercer who back in October of 2015 killed 10 people at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Just a strange coincidence? 

A new story from KBKW tells us that over 50 counties from California to Canada will take part in the drill, taking place in the heart of FEMA region 10 and surrounding the devastation that could be caused by a quake and the resultant tsunami along an 800-mile long fault, only days after the White House announced a 'FEMA camp app' while warning America to 'prepare for disaster'. From the KBKW story which offers us some good solid advice.:

The event is being coordinated through FEMA Region 10, and will provide every citizen, community, jurisdiction and response agency of the County, an opportunity to participate and work with Military, Federal, State and local response organizations in order to develop a robust plan for disaster response.

Take a minute at some point today, or maybe later this week, and think what would you do? right now, if there was a Cascadia earthquake creating a tsunami right now? The quake would last around 4 minutes, and you would have roughly 20 minutes to get to the highest ground possible, depending on where you are. Do you know where the highest ground is right now? Or where the nearest, highest ground to your home is, and does your family know to meet there?

You can’t drive there. liquefaction and damage from the 4-minute quake will make roads impassible, and bridges bend at the piers.

These questions may seem simple but can save lives if you know them well, because in the event of a major Cascadia earthquake you will be the first responders, to your family, your neighbors, and to people you will meet in crisis.

Are the Cascadia Rising 2016 earthquake drills simply more drills preparing for something we hope never comes or something more sinister as hinted at in the videos below? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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