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February 22, 2020

How Long Before We Begin Witnessing In The Streets Of America What We're Witnessing In China? Heartbreaking Videos Leaked Out Of China Show What The Mainstream Media Never Will

 - Use Of Force To Quarantine Coronavirus Victims Is Coming To America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Very rarely will we lead off an ANP story with a video but the one below has to be shown before we continue too far. While Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton recently ripped the establishment media into little bits and pieces by claiming they continually spout the Chinese communist party line on coronavirus while doing an appearance with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, the Brighteon video directly below shows many scenes we'll never get from the mainstream media, that of forceful roundups, the brutalization of people simply for not wearing masks and quite possibly, the brutal executions of coronavirus victims by the police in China.

This video is certainly not for the faint of heart and after watching it, can you imagine THIS going on in America?! Welcome to 'medical martial law' and if this is an indication of what is ahead, with reports of lockdowns now outside of China in both South Korea and Iran, Americans better start paying attention and preparing for what could easily be coming to American cities because if they're not prepared, as people on lockdown throughout China have learned, it'll be too late by the time the quarantine starts and the food stops flowing.

As we'll see in numerous additional videos below, the next one after this 1st one showing one dead body after another lining a street in China, Americans are definitely NOT getting the truth about this pandemic from the government of China though as my well-trusted US hospital admin source has told me, they themselves don't trust the information on coronavirus we're getting from China and my source is definitely NOT a 'conspiracy theory' person though they're beginning to think more and more this might be some kind of 'conspiracy'. So before we continue, can you imagine scenes like this playing out in the streets of America? Please leave your thoughts on this video and the others and everything happening now in China in our comment section below.

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Think that things aren't bad in China with the very real potential of things turning very bad here in America? The next video below of barely over 30 seconds taken by a scooter driver in China who is riding down a residential street shows at least 12 dead bodies laying by buildings and sidewalks within barely 3 blocks.

And while the streets of Baltimore have turned into 'death zones' with 6 people shot within hours of each other just days ago while the streets of San Francisco have turned into gigantic homeless encampments where people are leaving body solids and fluids all over the streets, imagine what America might look like should this killer virus get on the loose here, especially in the big homeless cities, where medieval diseases are already flourishing?

Then think about this next one! According to many citizens of Hong Kong who've been doing their own research into coronavirus with information hard to come by through the communist China government, coronavirus can be spread through pipes, just like SARS, as reported in this Whatfinger News story

So if coronavirus can be spread through sewage pipes like SARS as reported in this Live Science story, where two residents of an apartment building which shared the same pipes became infected with the virus despite having not visited China, potentially any large city or suburbs that shared the same systems could be at risk. 

Videos like this one below from Brighteon help to emphasize how bad this outbreak really is. 

The next video below also leaked out of China shows 3 Chinese police officers walking down the empty streets when an approx. 25 year old man spontaneously collapses and dies from rapid-onset #Covid19.

As we had reported on ANP previously, doctors have have reported that people who get the virus but recover are then often getting it for a 2nd time and collapsing and dying on the spot like we're witnessing in this video below. And as 'Theodore Smith' states on Twitter of this video which he posted there of what appears to be sudden onset coronavirus heart failure due to cytokine swarms, "I'm telling you guys repeatedly: NONE OF THE HEART ATTACKS ARE REPORTED! Death toll 100k+."

Of note to everybody, neither of the other two police officers walking along the stricken victim are wearing masks, either, adding more evidence to the argument that China will never, ever be able to 'control' this outbreak and that there are likely many 'walking time bombs' on the streets of China this very moment. How many more such 'time bombs' are now here in America, not even knowing they are infected but feeling ill while having a friend, co-worker or neighbor who recently returned from a trip to China? This video is truly heartbreaking and tells a story about this outbreak we'll never get from the mainstream media. 

As the Washington Times had reported in this February 19th story, China's government now threatens the world with it's 'Orwellian, 1984' policies with Communist party officials running the government, military, police and media in the manner of a nightmare science fiction movie. 

Perfectly seen in the videos that we've embedded within this story of attrocities being carried out against the people of China, dead bodies littering the streets and a nation seemingly in a death spiral, if this outbreak is as bad as it looks and it comes crashing down upon American shores with the masses fully unprepared, its up-to-24-day incubation period where someone could be contagious without showing symptoms and the close proximity within which many Americans work together is a recipe for disaster. From the Washington Times.:

The Chinese communist government increasingly poses an existential threat not just to its own 1.4 billion citizens but to the world at large.

China is currently in a dangerously chaotic state. And why not, when a premodern authoritarian society leaps wildly into the brave new world of high-tech science in a single generation?

The Chinese technological revolution is overseen by an Orwellian dictatorship. Predictably, the Chinese Communist Party has not developed the social, political or cultural infrastructure to ensure that its sophisticated industrial and biological research does not go rogue and become destructive to itself and to the billions of people who are on the importing end of Chinese products and protocols....

But the world is learning that China does not just move mountains for new dams or bulldoze ancient neighborhoods that stand in the path of high-speed rail. It also hid the outbreak and the mysterious origins of the deadly coronavirus from its own people and the rest of the planet as well — a more dangerous replay of its earlier effort to mask the spread of the SARS virus. The result was that thousands of unknowing carriers spread the viral plague while the government covered up its epidemic proportions.

China, of course, does not wish to have either its products or citizens quarantined from other countries. But the Chinese government will not allow foreign scientists to enter its country to collaborate on containing the coronavirus and developing a vaccine.

No wonder Internet conspiracies speculate that the virus was either a rogue product of the Chinese military’s bioengineering weapons lab or originated from bats, snakes or pangolins and the open-air markets where they are sold as food.

With the world we live in never more inter-connected than it is today via high speed planes and railways, boats and automobiles and a global delivery system of parts, supplies, goods and other merchandise flowing freely, as Michael Snyder warns in this story, over 5 million businesses across the planet could be adversely affected due to this outbreak. And if this beast really is a bioweapon as even the above mentioned Washington Times story had mentioned, all bets are off. 


With San Diego County, California recently declaring a public health emergency to deal with this coronavirus outbreak after hundreds were quarantined after flying into the US Marine Corps Air Station Miramar there, how long will it be until we're witnessing scenes like we are now in China throughout the streets of America?

With the 'use of force' authorized to detain their own citizens in San Diego county under their pandemic preparedness and fatality response emergency health plans, should people start dropping suddenly dead in the streets of San Diego or across America like we're now witnessing in China, we'd imagine it woudn't be long until the crackdown in America begins should a worst case scenario unfold. From this story over at Intellihub.: 

SAN DIEGO COUNTY (INTELLIHUB) — County officials declared a public health emergency on Friday triggering the silent activation of local emergency pandemic preparedness and fatality response plans.

The heightened state of emergency authorizes certain law enforcement and military personnel the right to detain anyone suspected of being infected with COVID-19 or anyone who may have had contact with someone who was infected with the deadly virus.

This essentially means that if authorities ask an infected person or person suspected of being infected to be quarantined and that person does not want to be quarantined, symptoms or not, the use of force is authorized. The CDC refers to this hunter-seeker offensive action as “contact tracing,” LOL.

The infected or suspected infected will one way or another be detained and taken to a camp located at the nearest military facility authorized to contain the deadly COVID-19 strain.

With 10 plagues hitting our planet Earth at the very same time as Michael Snyder had reported in this 'End of the American Dream' story while some are warning coronavirus, the locust plague, the wars & rumors of wars, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, wildfires and other pestilence striking our planet are signs of the 'end times', each of the rest of the videos below take a look at what's appearing more and more to look like a 'weaponized bioweapon outbreak', the 10 plagues striking our planet at the same time and what we can do to prepare ourselves for its arrival in America with our world linked together like never before.

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