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May 1, 2017

Is This Another Sign The Illuminati Has Chosen Their Next Sacrifice? As Much Of The World Prepares For War, Have The 'Elite' Been Tipped Off To 'Danger To Come'?

- While Russia Prepared 40 Million For Nuclear War, Why Haven't We Built Bunkers For The American People? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story over at the Christian Post that Steve Quayle linked to today called "The Handwriting On The Wall: How Great Civilations Fall" is a perfect lead in for this new ANP story within which we take a look at all of the latest signs within recent news stories that a 'great culling' may soon be about to begin and the 'sacrifice' is us. 

As anybody who's been paying attention to ANP stories knows, according to the website, great changes are expected to be coming to America over the next 7+ years, changes that will leave an expected population drop of more than 260 million for America, changes that will leave America looking like a 3rd world nation if their forecasts are correct. 

As we've also reported, Deagel's sources for their forecast numbers ARE the 'deep state', including the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the CIA, the World Bank and the European Union among others.

What might Deagel and their high-powered sources know that 'We the American People' don't know? While we've examined several different theories as to why Deagel shows such a massive drop in population for the US, this story will look at those numbers from the viewpoint of 'civil defense', taking a look at the countries that have been running huge civil defense drills for their PEOPLE while here in the US, such preparation is reserved for only for 'the elite' and the military brass while the rest of America becomes the 'sacrificial cow'. Have the 'illluminati' already chosen 'America' to be sacrificed? At the bottom of this story is embedded Cresson H. Kerney's "Nuclear War Survival Skills" for your own personal prepping knowledge. 


In this November 1st of 2016 story from the NY Post they reported that Russia was conducting their largest civil defense drills since the Cold War.  As we reported on ANP a month earlier back on October 2nd of 2016, the drills they were running involved 40 million people and extensively involved 'bunker' preparation. In fact, as this once top-secret document prepared by the CIA and published back in 1998 confirms, politics and policies in the Soviet Union dating back many decades placed priorities upon protecting the civilian population should nuclear war have broken out back then.

According to this Wikipedia entry 'Civil Defense by Country'many countries around the world have civil defense organizations dedicated to protecting civilians from military attacks and providing rescue services after widespread disasters. In most countries, civil defense is a government-managed and often volunteer-staffed organization. Towards the end of the Cold War, a number of civil defense organizations have been disbanded or mothballed (as in the case of the Royal Observer Corps in the United Kingdom and the United States civil defense).

As we reported on ANP back on April 12th, even the North Korean capital of Pyongyang has underground bunkers for their civilians and as has been reported time and again, many of 'the elite' here in America and around the world are preparing with underground bunker systems for themselves, have they been tipped off about something coming that we don't know? Wikipedia also reported China continued to construct large public emergency shelters with more planned and as this April 11th story from The Diplomat reported, China's answer to the US military-industrial-complex is a new trend in civil-military relations.

And as Bill Gertz reported over at the Washington Free Beacon back on January 11th of 2013, China had recently hardened their subway infrastructure in preparation for an act of war upon Beijing, allowing the Chinese people to shelter for a short period of time underground should there be a nuclear attack. And as we previously reported on ANP;

While Russia builds enough underground nuclear bunkers to accomodate the entire 11+ million people now living in Moscow, underground shelters in America are generally reserved for the politically well-connected (think Clinton's, Obama's and Bush's) and the 'elite' who have enough money to build such bunkers themselves as detailed in this ANP story.


With North Korean nuclear threats against America in the news every day, NBC recently ran a story called "What Should You Do In Case Of Nuclear Attack" within which they claim the survival strategy of 'don't run, get inside' could save thousands of lives. And while correctly stating "the goal is to put as many walls and as much concrete, brick and soil between you and the radioactive material outside" as possible, the photographs seen above and below from Hiroshima and Nagasaki should prove to us 'don't run, get inside' wouldn't have worked back in 1945, its certainly not likely to help too much now, especially for anyone near 'ground zero'.

As this October of 2016 story from CNN of all places reported, should the nuclear weapon used against America be one of Russia's 'Satan 2' missiles, what we see of 'ground zero' in these horrific photographs from Japan could be spread across an ENTIRE STATE the size of Texas, or a country the size of France. Was CNN peddling 'fake news' when they reported the following?

 A Russian missile design company has unveiled the first image of a new weapon in Russia's arsenal: the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, nicknamed "Satan 2."

The RS-28 Sarmat rocket "is capable of wiping out parts of the earth the size of Texas or France," Russian state news outlet Sputnik reported in May


And as former Ronald Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts warned back in October of 2016, what the US dropped upon Japan more than 70 years ago is nothing compared to what Russia has now. In fact, according to Roberts, all that would be needed to destroy much of America for thousands of years would be 5 or 6 'hits'.:

Russia has the largest haul of nuclear weapons of any country in the world and reportedly has the most powerful bomb named the SS-18 – menacingly nicknamed the Satan.

A staggering 112.6million people could be at risk of extermination from the deadly missiles.

Experts estimate Russia has 55 of the deadly weapons, but only five would be needed to destroy the East Coast of the US.

The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki would look like “popguns” in comparison to the demolition the Satan missiles could inflict.

Dr Paul Craig Roberts, who served under Ronald Reagan administration, claimed the bombs would "wipe out three quarters of New York state for thousands of years”.


If we think that 'don't run, get inside' is going to help us should we anywhere near ground zero represented by the photograph seen above, we've got another thing coming. The image show above is the final of a series of images created by Dr. Theodore Postol proving to us why any nuclear war is a very, very bad thing for everyone. The first two images in his portrayal of what will happen after an 800 kt nuclear strike upon New York are seen below.

One second after. 


30 to 40 seconds after.


The devastation done by such an attack would be quickly felt far, far away.


Why are Russian's 'Satan 2's such a concern? This October 2016 story goes on to explain why these nuclear weapons, quite appropriately named 'Satans', could go on to obliterate a completely unprepared America. How's 'don't run, get inside' going to work for Americans when the weapons we may be facing are capable of what we see outlined below? The final video below asks if Satan 2's are warned of in Biblical prophecy while the 3rd video takes a deeper look at the true scope of damage that can be caused by some of today's nuclear weapons.  

The Satan bomb are said to be capable of carrying up to 20,000 kilotons of nuclear material – making it one thousand times more powerful than the Nagasaki warhead.

A direct hit on New York would kill 4.5million people, injuring 3.6million and would spread radioactive material more than 600 miles away.

The devastating machinery will also allow for 10 smaller weapons, weighing around 550 kilotons, to be dropped across a much wider area and, making it almost impossible to intercept.

Dr Roberts said: “The atomic bombs that Washington dropped on these helpless civilian centres while the Japanese government was trying to surrender, were mere popguns compared to today’s thermo-nuclear weapons.

“One Russian SS-18 wipes out three-quarters of New York state for thousands of years.

“Five or six of these ‘Satans’ as they are known by the US military, and the East Coast of the United States disappears.”


With the mere existence of Russia's 'Satan 2' missiles giving us more good reasons to remain on friendly terms with Russia, it's quite disturbing that some within Washington DC and the 'deep state' are still pushing for a war with a country that could completely destroy us and in no time at all, especially a completely unprepared America. 

Rather than get America prepared for a tyrant or a madman by building underground bunkers for every day, ordinary Americans, the bunkers go to the elite, to the government top dogs as shared in this next story.

As was recently reported back on April 14th by Foreign Policy, the US government had a secret plan for surviving the end of the world according to recently declassified CIA documents. While continuity of government has long been documented, there are no bomb shelters being built in America for every day, ordinary citizens like most Americans. 

And when National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster says 'the country should be prepared for military operations in North Korea', who really believes most Americans will be prepared for what such military operations could bring to US soil should the worst case scenarios play out? Certainly any kind of war upon US soil should be the last thing that Americans want, especially against nuclear armed and capable North Korea, Russia or China. 

In the first video below we hear McMaster's warnings that the US needs to be prepared for a possible war with North Korea while in the 2nd video, Infowars looks at the very real possibility that war with North Korea lies ahead.

For those who still believe that nuclear armed nations might be playing games, the 2016 Daily Sheeple story excerpted below helps prove it appears we're watching history repeating itself as everybody gets their ducks in a row, preparing for war. However, the weapons are much more powerful now than they were then. And 'America' is seemingly much less prepared with our military devastated under Barack Obama and civil defense put on the back burner decades ago.

And perhaps not coincidentally, the forecast population's for both Russia and China for 2024 are expected to remain status quo, showing either a tiny fraction of population loss or an actual population gain as we might expect.  

In addition, Russia just announced it will be drafting an additional 152,000 soldiers this fall. History is repeating itself. It’s like we’re back in the 1950s, only people are much poorer with fewer jobs and even less of an idea what is going on in the world geopolitically.

Nuclear War Survival Skills by rand915 on Scribd

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