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July 3, 2021

What Is The Government Hiding? Conspiracy Theories In Modern Day America And Through History: From The Bizarre To The Sublime, Is There Truth In Almost Every 'Conspiracy Theory'?

By Kalbo for All News Pipeline

Spread the Word. Stay Informed. Be Prepared. Remain Vigilant. Stay Ahead of the Curve. Remain Flexible. Have a Backup Plan. Follow the Money. Donít fall for the Narrative. Determine Who Benefits. Resistance is Always Greater When You are over The Target. To Reveal Your Controller, Discover Who You Cannot Criticize.†

(ANP Intro: In 2021, with the globalists in a full-scale battle to not only 'demonize' those who push what they love to call 'conspiracy theories' but anyone at all who even questions 'their version of reality', what else is being hidden from us?)

The term "Conspiracy Theory" is used as by those in power to malign and denigrate any questioning of their criminal activity. It is the equivalent of shutting down debate by calling the opposition party a racist. When a person is caught cheating on their spouse, or on a work assignment, they often try to conceal their guilt with rage at or ridicule of the revealer. To discover the truth of anything, search where you receive the most resistance.... you are now over the target.†

Below are secrets, crimes, and coverups that have been dismissed as Conspiracy Theories. I offer up a counter theory to each event, supported by facts revealed slowly over time by those involved, declassified documents, suppressed or deleted witness statements, and little known or hidden evidence.†

Conspiracy Theories Debunked

TWA 800 was a 747 commercial jet that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean shortly after takeoff in 1996.†

Official Version: The plane's center fuel tank exploded in flight due to an electrical short, causing the plane to split in two parts, and fall into the sea.†

The Truth: In 1996, airports were handling near maximum traffic, and were assigning slots for take off and landings of scheduled commercial flights. TWA 800 was assigned a slot at 0824 from JFK Airport. An El Al 747 flight was scheduled to take off at its usual time of 0819.†

At approx 0800, a medical courier arrived at JFK with a human heart that was needed for a transplant in Paris. TWA 800 was scheduled for a stop over in Paris on the way to Rome. The heart and the courier were boarded on TWA 800, which, now being a priority medical flight, was granted permission to take the next take off slot (0819) originally scheduled for El Al. El Al was bumped back one slot to 0824.†

Twelve minutes after take off, TWA 800, now at altitude and over the sea, and looking similar to the El Al 747, was shot down by a surface to air, heat seeking missile fired from a boat off shore. It was likely a Stinger missile bought on the black market. Over 40 witnesses saw the streak of light ascending from the water to the sky, including an Air Force sergeant who was an expert on anti-aircraft missiles due to his military assignment at an aircraft target range.†

The coverup was ordered by the Clinton White House. The central fuel tank was found with the tank bottom pushed in from the explosion occurring outside the aircraft, but was altered with sledge hammers until the bulge was facing the exterior of the tank. Fact is that commercial jet fuel is kerosene, and will not ignite when in a liquid state, but must be atomized to burn. You could dump burning trash into the tank, and the fuel would not ignite. TWA was paid well for their cooperation in taking the blame.†

Who Benefited: Bill Clinton did not want to have a terrorist attack on his record as President. Israel did not want to have the terrorist attack reported publicly, as it would further encourage copycats. But, within a few months, all El Al airliners were fitted with anti-heat seeking missile flare launchers and enhanced warning radar. The terrorists were likely Palestinians or Syrians, seeking revenge by killing a plane full of Jews. I am sure that Mossad knows who they were, and eliminated the individuals soon after.†

MH370 was a Boeing 777 Malaysian Airlines Passenger Aircraft that was lost on March 8, 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. It has never been located.†

Official Version: There has not been a final decision on the cause of the plane being lost. Theories range from decompression and hypoxia of the crew/passengers, to a fire in the cargo caused by Lithium batteries, to crew suicide.†

The Truth: The official cargo list for the flight lists only Mangosteens and Lithium Batteries. There was additional cargo, that due to security concerns, was not listed on the flight manifest. The cargo was 2 metric tons of gold bars destined for Beijing.†

The first officer was able to lock the captain out of the cockpit when he left for a bathroom trip. Then the FO depressurized the plane and flew the plane up to 43,000 feet altitude and stayed there for 28 minutes, killing any passengers that may have been able to use a second oxygen mask after the first one quit after 10 minutes. The plane then flew to Australia, where the gold was unloaded. The FO was paid US $500,000 in Bitcoin. (Note: large transfer of 200 Bitcoin on Mar 9, 2014). The plane was later ditched by remote control.†

Who Benefits: Well, obviously the masterminds of the theft as well as the FO.†

Operation HighJump: was a US military mission to Antartica in 1946. It was led by Adm Byrd.†

Official Version: 13 ships and 33 planes were sent on a mission to Antartica to train in cold weather environments, and to expand the sovereignty of the US over the continent, and to study the feasibility of frozen runways for use by military aircraft. The mission ran into mishaps and weather causing a retreat from the mission.†

The Truth: The Nazis were being helped in their technology since the 1930s, by the reptilian ETs, known as the Dracos. The Dracos have been on the Earth for thousands of years. They view earth as a source of humans for food. This is the source of the human aversion to reptiles.†

The Nazis were able to construct antigravity saucers, but they were unable, with their present technology, to use them successfully in the war. The Nazis did not have computers, so they flew the saucers with stick and rudder controls, which proved difficult. The armament consisted of their usual cannons and machine guns, which also proved difficult to aim while the saucer rocked around. The saucers were made of boiler plate technology steel. This made them vulnerable to weapons fire from Allied aircraft and ground units.†

The Nazis were able to use the saucers for transport to the south pole, where the Dracos had constructed a very very large underground base. The base has an entrance near the top of a mountain, with a shaft proceeding down past ground level and into the bedrock. The base is miles square, with tunnels leading to several other miles square base/cities.†

The Nazis had retreated there at the end of the war. Several Nazi submarines had failed to surrender to the Allies, and had traveled to Antartica. Adm Byrd and the Allies knew this from captured Nazi soldiers, freed slave workers, and captured documents. The Allies either were not aware of, or did not believe the existance of the Dracos.†

Adm Byrd's mission was to eradicate the remaining Nazi base and soldiers. Upon arrival in Antartica, Adm Byrd attacked the base, but was defeated when the US fighter planes were shot down by light beams from ET craft, or crashed into invisible barriers (force fields). Several ships were lost as well as almost every plane.†

Who Benefited: Since this was a defeat for the US, there was no ultimate benefit. It was planned to be a final defeat of the remainder of the nazi military which had not surrendered. The coverup did benefit the Truman Administration, who one year later, would be faced with the Roswell crash, and hard proof of the alien presence on Earth.†

911, Twin Towers, Bldg #7, Pentagon: This has got to be the pivotal event for those born after 1990.†

Official version: 19 Saudi men hijacked 4 airliners and flew 2 of them into the WTC and another into the Pentagon. The fourth was crashed by the passengers taking action upon learning that they were to be killed when the plane crashed into an important building.†

The Truth: The WTC was rusting out from the outside. The building was built with a strong central spine of 48 steel tubular columns, with concrete floor decks supported from the central spine and the exterior aluminum skin. The Aluminum skin was attached to the floor decks with steel bolts.†

Dissimilar metals, when in contact with each other, and in the presence of water, exhibit galvanic corrosion of which ever metal which is lowest on the galvanic tree. In the wet salt air, the steel bolts were not only rusting, but through galvanic corrosion, the aluminum was being eaten away around the bolts. The WTC needed repair. The scaffolding alone would have cost $1 billion dollars. The building was too large, and in a bad spot, for an explosive demolition or a tear down.†

In the week prior to the event, there were workmen working in the building after hours. It was reported that a NY building Inspector had noticed hundreds of dry cell batteries stored on a vacant floor. The weekend before the event, the building was closed, but vehicles came and went into the underground garages. The workmen were Israeli military, who could be relied upon to keep the operation secret.†

The three buildings were wired with thermite to cut the columns on many floors as well as in the basement. The basement charges were set off at the same time as the plane impact, but failed to take down the buildings. The thermite charges on the upper floors were set off later, causing the building to implode at free fall speed.†

The 1993 bombing had failed to take down the WTC. It did serve as cover for the 2001 false flag. The 911 attacks were planned by a committee headed by Dick Cheney (the real President). The other conspirators were Israel (Mossad), Larry Silverstein (lease holder of WTC), NY Port Authority (owner of the WTC), and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.†

After the first two attacks, when the FAA called for a halt and recall to all commercial air traffic in the US, there were several instances where a group of middle eastern men were aboard a flight that was cancelled. In one instance, they demanded that the flight still take off. These were teams that were to crash into other buildings, likely the Capital and the White House.†

WTC Building #7 was supposed to be hit by another plane, but that plane never took off, or it was the one shot down (yes, shot down) over Pennsylvania. The passengers intervened, but since one engine was found 8 miles away from the crash site, it is obvious that the plane was shot down with a missile. Sec of Defense Rumsfeld even admitted that the plane had been shot down. A vault of gold bars was in the building basement vault. After it was looted by the Israelis as payment, the building was imploded, having been preset with explosives as well.†

The Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a commercial aircraft. The lack of debris from a plane, such as the massive landing gear, engines, luggage and passenger seats cast doubt on this story. The fact that the FBI was able to seize all video tapes taken by local security cameras in just a few hours after the incident, lends credence to the theory that there was advance planning of a coverup. The further fact, that 20 years later, we do not have any of the real videos released, only an edited few frames from a gate camera at the Pentagon, showing the explosion and an aircraft tail that is too small for the airliner. The decoy plane was flown over the Pentagon and then into the ocean far off-shore. Norm Mineta, the Sec of Transportation, was with VP Cheney during the time leading to the impacts, who since related that several times aides had come to the VP and stated that "the missile was so many minutes out, and is it still a go?" Cheney responded, "I have not told you different".†

Who Benefited: Israel benefited as it gave the US a reason to invade Iraq again. Five Israeli men were arrested on the NJ side of the river filming the attack on the towers; who were using a van decorated with a mural of the towers in flames. Israel had already once bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor, and was afraid of Iraq becoming the dominate power in the Middle East.†

The US defense industry benefited with almost a trillion dollars in defense contracts for replacement and new weapons. The US military benefited by having records destroyed in the Pentagon that would have shown illegal payments, contracts, and black projects.†

The generals got their war and all the medals and promotions that go with it. Larry Silverstein benefited by collecting billions in insurance on the two buildings. The Port Authority benefited by having the buildings taken down cheaply, and without having to pay millions in damages to victims of the dust and debris. The Israeli demolition experts were paid with the tons of gold from WTC #7.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily align with those of ANP.

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