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March 10, 2020

 Coronavirus Brings A 'Shocking Escalation From No Symptoms To Death' Within Hours - With 'Containment' Now Impossible, Prepare For The Crackdown 

- TEOTWAWKI Has Already Begun For Millions Around The Planet

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the commissioner of the FDA for President Trump's first two years in office, 'containing' the spread of coronavirus is now impossible as reported in this new MSN story. Gottlieb also said "the next phase is underway" in the battle against the spread of this killer virus and for those wondering what the 'next phase' might be, this new story over at The Sun gives us a taste of what that may entail. Reporting that coronavirus patients are being forced to stay in their own homes by terror cops in HAZMAT suits, we get a hint at what may soon be coming to America. 

Especially with a man in Missouri recently showing what could happen when violating a 'coronavirus quarantine' after he, the father of a woman who had coronavirus there, broke his own self-quarantine to attend a school dance with a younger daughter, thus requiring the entire school to be locked down.

And a couple more very concerning new stories and reports help to illustrate just why such caution is being taken with mandatory coronavirus quarantines with this new story over at The Week reporting the coronavirus outbreak in the Washington state nursing home has unfolded with shocking acceleration and  almost like a horror movie: From no symptoms to death within hours.

So while we realize there are some who believe this entire outbreak to be vastly overblown and totally understand how the globalists can use this to usher in a cashless society and further usher in tyranny by declaring what amounts to 'medical martial law' here in America, every day we're getting more reports about just how bad this illness is. The excerpt shared below from a New Jersey physician who fell ill with the virus last week, and think about this, he fell ill while at a medical conference in Times Square. How many more people will have fallen ill due to their possible exposure to that man? From this Daily Mail story

A physician's assistant who became New Jersey's first case of coronavirus has spoken out about the disease from his hospital bed and warns others to take the threat seriously.

James Cai, 32, fell ill last weekend while attending a medical conference at a hotel in Times Square. He has been hospitalized since Tuesday at the Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, New Jersey. So far, 13 people have been tested for COVID-19 in New Jersey. The other 11 cases have come back negative.

'Every day is getting worse,' Cai said Monday during an interview with CBS, adding that 'it happened so quick'.

Cai told the network that he's not a smoker and had no underlying health conditions before contracting the virus.

Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco said Cai was in New York over the weekend, went to work last Monday in New York, felt ill and came to Fort Lee Monday evening and then sought treatment.

Tedesco stressed 'there was no known contact with anyone here in Fort Lee'.

So with 'containment' now impossible as more and more 'untraceable' cases emerge in the US and the very real possibility that the number of cases of the virus here could explode overnight, just as it's been doing in Italy, Iran, South Korea and wherever else it has hit, might we soon see the same 'draconian measures' unveiled here in America that we witnessed in China and are now witnessing at a much lower scale in Italy? We strongly urge all Americans be 'PPV' right now: 'Prepared, Peaceful but Vigilant', because none of us know what tomorrow may bring.  

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In the TV mini-series 'Containment', an epidemic breaks out in the city of Atlanta, leaving the large city quarantined and those stuck on the inside fighting for their lives. With the containment efforst first starting off in only a large quadrant of the city, and all quarantines first expected to last for only 48 hours, by 'day 13' of the lockdown, chaos had become the 'law of the land' and we'd argue that in any mass quarantines of entire cities here in the US in 2020, chaos and madness would be the law of the land long before 13 days.

With it long being argued that only 3 days or '9 meals' separate a peaceful, civilized society from total anarchy, as the excerpt below from this story over at Doug Casey's International Man points out, nearly all commodities that Americans use from day to day can handle a disruption from getting delivered but food is completely different, something that all living beings need from day to day simply to survive.

So should a situation arise in America where suddenly and without much warning, the general population is unable to get food when they need it, it won't take long for all hell to break loose, especially in the big cities where huge chunks of America's population reside in small, cramped areas. As Pew Social Trends had reported back in 2018, about 46 million Americans live in the nation’s rural counties, 175 million in its suburbs and small metros and about 98 million in its urban core counties.

And while people living out in the rural areas might still have their small mom and pop shops they're able to sprint to should that 'worst case scenario' arise, and might have to contend with a bunch of other locals who've been reading the same stories, those who haven't been paying to anything about coronavirus, living in the big cities completely unaware, are setting themselves and their families up for an ugly fall. From this story over at International Man

The key here is that, unlike all other commodities, food is the one essential that cannot be postponed. If there were a shortage of, say, shoes, we could make do for months or even years. A shortage of gasoline would be worse, but we could survive it, through mass transport or even walking, if necessary.

But food is different. If there were an interruption in the supply of food, fear would set in immediately. And, if the resumption of the food supply were uncertain, the fear would become pronounced. After only nine missed meals, it’s not unlikely that we’d panic and be prepared to commit a crime to acquire food.

If we were to see our neighbour with a loaf of bread, and we owned a gun, we might well say, “I’m sorry, you’re a good neighbour and we’ve been friends for years, but my children haven’t eaten today – I have to have that bread – even if I have to shoot you.”

And while we'll pray that it never gets to that point of time here in America because if it does, that'll mean TEOTWAWKI has arrived and all bets are off about the future, as Susan Duclos had pointed out in these two recent ANP stories, chaos and mayhem are already happening around the planet due to COVID-19 so we best be prepared for what is being unleashed.  

"The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our separate ways. I to die, and you to live. Which is better God only knows." Socrates to Plato after he had been sentenced to death. Also, the opening screenshot of episode 2 of the mini-series 'Containment'

While we'll definitely hold back for now on declaring that coronavirus will bring death on a 'Spanish Flu scale' to America and the world, it's already bringing at least a temporary 'end of life as they know it' to the thousands of people who have been quarantined by the disease, including Senator Ted Cruz and a number of other Republican politicians who recently shook the hand or were exposed to a COVID-19 infected person at CPAC recently. 

With China now threatening to hold back ALL MEDICAL EXPORTS leading to the very real possibility that "the United States will fall into the hell" of a coronavirus epidemic and the number of coronavirus cases continuing to climb across America, we hope that all ANP readers and friends across America and the world are preparing for the arrival of this beast in your own homes, towns and cities because once it gets going here or anyplace else around the world, we've seen the havoc that it can cause. From this story at Time.:

The epicenter of Washington state's coronavirus outbreak has a disturbing status update.

Life Care Center of Kirkland, Washington, outside of Seattle, has seen 15 of its residents die after contracting COVID-19, and dozens of its workers haven fallen ill. The center's remaining 55 residents are going to be tested for the virus, and while only six of them are currently sick, that doesn't necessarily mean good news, The New York Times reports.

As the Times put it, Life Care "had seen some residents go from no symptoms to death in just a matter of a few hours." "It was surprising and shocking to us that we have seen that level of escalation from symptoms to death," said Tim Killian, a spokesperson for the nursing home. Efforts to contain the spread from Life Care aren't going well either, seeing as 70 of the center's 180 workers were out sick as of Sunday, but "there weren't enough test kits yet for them," the Times reports. Three of those workers had been hospitalized, and one of them tested positive for COVID-19.

The first video below takes a look at Italy now taking the unprecedented step of locking down their entire population, a warning to America should the worst case unfold here that is already unfolding there while in the 2nd video below, our videographer takes a look at this virus from several different angles; is it a bioweapon to 'depopulate' the planet, a 'hoax' to 'scare people' into taking vaccinations or something even much more sinister? And in the final video below from Mike Adams over at Brighteon he warns that COVID-19 is now an unstoppable global pandemic and the best thing that we can do for our own families and loved ones is to get prepared for its full force arrival now in America, while we still can. 

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