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March 21, 2020

How 'Coronavirus Idiocracy' Could Lead To Nearly 20 Million Or More Dead Americans Following Collapse, Chaos & Starvation

 - The stupidity surrounding Covid-19 doesn’t end with those who’ll kill or be killed for toilet paper

By 'Jolly Roger' for All News Pipeline

Several years ago, Jake “the hammer” Bobbit lost an eyeball while fighting over a Tickle-Me-Elmo doll in a Black Friday big-box brawl, but that didn’t stop him from breaking someone’s arm last Tuesday so he could grab a twelve-pack of Charmin in the Corona Virus wars.

American heroes like Jake, dumb as they are, provide entertainment for millions who enjoy the You-tube videos of big-box brawling, which is quickly becoming America’s favorite spectator sport, and may soon replace the Three Stooges as the best source of footage featuring people being hit in the head with blunt objects.

You definitely want to avoid meeting any of these morons in person, and there are millions of them, but they can be entertaining when their idiocy is put on display for all to enjoy from a distance. There’s potentially a lot of money to be made by capturing the videos, but that’s a risky business venture because your close proximity to any idiot is always dangerous.

The stupidity surrounding the Covid-19 virus doesn’t end with the intellectually-challenged individuals who’ll kill or be killed for toilet paper; it actually extends to the entire panicked population who’ll swear by any information they see as long as it supports their present opinion about the danger and origin of the virus.

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Firstly, we have a collection of idiots who insist on comparing this to the seasonal flu, and are presently crying about the small number of corona deaths being used to justify all kinds of tyranny.

The collection of viruses that can cause seasonal flu have been circulating through the population for many years, and most people have already developed some immunity to them. The Covid-19 virus (or “novel” corona virus – look up that word “novel”) is NEW to the human population, and because of this, no one has any built-up immunity to it at all, which gives this particular virus the potential of being much deadlier.

How deadly? That depends on how long people believe that this is nothing to worry about, and insist on breathing and spitting on other people in large groups. The Covid-19 virus is extremely contagious (easy to catch and spread). Nipping it in the bud is of extreme importance, because the number of infected people will rise exponentially (by factors of ten) until it’s contained. That’s why cities are on “lock-down”, and people are being forced to stay home. You can try to explain to them why they should stay at home rather than spit on people in a crowded bar, but it won’t stop them from infecting the biggest crowd they can find, because they’ll continue to believe that it’s “no worse than the flu”.

These “super-spreaders” won’t voluntarily stay home for the good of humanity as any decent person would, but instead require cops to beat them back into their houses before they embark upon another public infection spree. No, I’m not a proponent of government goons beating people into their houses. I’d rather see people exhibit an ounce or two of social conscience by doing what’s best for everyone around them, but since we do have millions of idiots who would fight over toilet paper, and knowingly spread disease, someone has to beat them into their houses before their stupidity threatens thousands of lives.

To review: The seasonal flu has been circulating for years, and most people have developed some immunity to it. The Covid-19 virus is new, very contagious, and no one has developed any immunity to it. I’ve seen mortality rates estimated from 1% to 5.7%, so even on the low end of the scale, we’re looking at the possibility of 3.2 million dead in this country. That’s a lot worse than the flu. There aren’t many deaths yet because the virus hasn’t spread to the entire population yet. Stopping the spread of the virus as soon as possible will prevent a lot of people from dying. You can help stop the spread of the virus by minimizing your contact with other people, and developing stricter hygiene and sanitation standards.

Might the government use this event to seize more tyrannical power over the people? Of course they will. Why would you expect otherwise? But that doesn’t mean the virus is a hoax; it’s one of the reasons they released it. It just means you have to be more wary of your rights being trampled in any way that’s not justified by stopping the spread of the virus. Yes, I believe people should stay home as much as possible, and self-quarantine when symptoms appear, but “quarantine” shouldn’t be used as an excuse for government goons to drag anyone from their home, and you should prevent that from happening in your neighborhood.

Is this a bio-weapon that was intentionally released upon the public to take the blame for the economic collapse we all new was coming? Yes, I believe it was, but again, the virus is very real, and the only way to successfully fight it is by stopping its spread as quickly as possible. Some may argue that a bio-weapon would be deadlier, but if the average person doesn’t have a good chance of surviving this, they’re more likely to react violently, and you’re always walking on egg shells when you’re attacking three hundred million people. Three million dead is a major military victory, especially when there’s no one to strike back at. Some of the people insisting that this is “no worse than the flu” may be looking to increase the body count, and thereby increase the effectiveness of this event for facilitating tyranny.

What’s essential right now, as far as fighting this pandemic is concerned, is limiting the exponential spread of it as quickly and thoroughly as possible. The sooner this is contained, the fewer deaths there will be, and more hospital beds will be available for the growing number of people who are infected, and can be saved with proper care. Is it killing anyone to stay in their house for a month? Catch up on your reading, learn to play the guitar, and avoid being infected, because if it infects you, you’re likely to infect ten others. No one’s swinging a wrecking ball toward your favorite bar or casino. They’ll all be there a month from now, and a lot more of your friends might be around too if you help to stop this virus now.

The numbers junkies are all watching the number of infected, the number of recovered, and the number of fatalities, and all of the numbers are essentially useless because they’re based on a very limited segment of the population, and aren’t even close to any realistic estimate. Someone is only counted as a “confirmed” case after he’s been tested for the virus, and this only happens when their symptoms are bad enough to warrant using one of the scarce test kits. There are many people who will be infected with this and never see a doctor because they’ll believe they’ve caught the seasonal flu, apply their usual home remedy, and it’ll work.

Some people will catch this virus, and their body’s immune system will defeat it without them ever feeling ill at all. Most of the people who have, and are spreading this virus right now have yet to be counted by anyone, because they’re not feeling any symptoms yet. There’s no way to estimate the size of this largest segment of carriers until they start showing up in hospitals, and that means all of the numbers have more to do with numerical trickery than math. In another two or three weeks we’ll have better numbers to work with, and we’ll start to find out if this is even containable.

Some numbers you can count on indicate that the crashing economy will cause more suffering than the Covid-19 virus that’s taking the blame for it. Government imposed “lock-downs” and travel restrictions are probably being put in place to reduce the crime and civil unrest that will result from mass starvation.

Eight million Americans starved to death during the Great Depression, and that was with a much smaller population, and a much smaller economic problem. I don’t think the Covid-19 virus will hit us nearly as hard, but I could be wrong. The high-end mortality rate estimate leaves us with 18 million dead, but that many may easily starve, too. — Jolly Roger

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