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November 15, 2017

This Unending Series Of Mysterious And Still Unsolved Deaths And Murders Proves Massive Corruption Still Exists In The Highest Echelons Of 'The Establishment'

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

Even though many of us patriots have concluded that the federal police and intelligence agencies are dominated by the corrupt agents of the Luciferian elite and are not to be trusted, traditionally we have been avid supporters of our local police. And local police forces (and even, to some degree, the federal ones like the FBI) attract a good many idealistic people who truly want to serve and protect their fellow citizens.

But they also attract another kind of recruit, people who want power, who want to dominate and even harm honest citizens. And when the police chief or sheriff is corrupt, is power-hungry, is a leftist ideologue, or is willing to surrender his principles to serve those higher up the food chain…then we have a problem. We have all heard horror stories of police shooting family dogs that were no real threat to them, or firing wildly into a crowd to hit one suspect, and wounding or even killing bystanders. Such cowards do not belong on a police force.

And, time after time, local officials, including sheriffs and police, have aided and abetted the federales in their sinister plots, or at least helped to cover up assassinations and false flag operations. It is frightening and infuriating to think that, all too often, the officials we should be able to depend on are not worthy of our trust. And it is uncanny that none of them ever seem to stand up to the ultimate criminals, or reveal their plans.


Does anyone seriously believe that Sheriff Lombardo told us the truth about the Las Vegas massacre (if it was a massacre)? The official story changed more than once…was he lying the first time, or the second, or the third, or all the above? Did his FBI “handler” threaten his life? The operations of the NWO elite never seem to go wrong; luck is always on their side. Perhaps that is the reason for their magical rituals.

At least someone in the Dallas police had to have been involved in the JFK hit, or at least in its cover-up. The most important prisoner they ever held (Lee Harvey Oswald) was killed while in their custody by a Mafia associate (Jack Ruby) known to many of them. There is reason to suspect that the LAPD aided at least the cover-up of the RFK hit.

Investigative reporter Danny Casolaro began looking into the possible theft of PROMIS software by the federal government and his investigation snowballed until he was trying to expose the “octopus,” his name for the NWO elites. He was found dead in a Martinsburg, Virginia hotel room on 8/10/91 with his wrists slashed multiple time just hours before he was scheduled to meet an informant. Police and local officials labeled it a “suicide,” but who slashes themselves more than once or twice, even if determined to die? At the very least, the local officials could have been more thorough.

Slick Willy Clinton’s lawyer, Vince Foster, was found shot dead in a park in DC on 7/20/93. Carpet fibers were found on his clothing…and a witness claimed he had seen two men carrying something long and apparently heavy into the park, wrapped in a carpet. The ground was muddy, but there was no mud on Foster’s shoes. The handgun found in his hand (in real suicides the victim almost always drops the gun) was unregistered and no one in his family knew he owned it. And this is only part of the evidence. Yet the Park Police (federal) and local coroner pronounced it a suicide. And Foster was but one of a long list of bodies in the wake of the Demonic Duo, including former WH intern Mary Mahoney and her co-workers, at least two of Slick’s former bodyguards, Ron Brown and a planeload of people, and one of Slick’s aides when he was Arkansas Governor. In every case local police and other officials ignored the evidence and gave Slick and the Witch a pass.


Gary Webb was (like Danny Casolaro) an investigative reporter, and he claimed that the CIA-supported Nicaraguan Contra rebels were peddling cocaine in US inner cities. For this, he lost his job at the San Jose Mercury News and moved to Sacramento, CA, where he took a lower-paying position with the Sacramento News and Review. In 2004 he was found dead, shot twice in the head, and Sacramento authorities ruled it a “suicide.” No one shoots himself twice in the head (or slashes his wrists 14 times). So, once again, local authorities covered up what was almost certainly a murder, probably carried out by the operatives of the Deep State. We may never know for sure.

On 10/3/13 a Black dental hygienist named Miriam Carey traveled for unknown reasons from her home in Connecticut to Washington D.C with her infant daughter. Apparently by accident, she turned into a blocked WH access street, and then, realizing her mistake, did a u-turn, whereupon the heroic uniformed Secret Service and Capitol Police opened fire, 26 rounds of it, narrowly missing bystanders, missing the child, but hitting the menacing Ms. Carey multiple times, killing her.

Bear in mind that nothing she did was illegal, and the police violated standard protocol, and then repeatedly changed their story regarding the sequence of events…yet no one was ever held accountable. The usual Black race baiters like “reverend” Al Sharpton were silent, and Black Lives Matter has never taken up her cause. Apparently, they only care if Black thugs and criminals get shot; a law-abiding, intelligent, productive Black lady’s life is of no importance. Maybe they should change their name to “Black Thugs’ Lives Matter.”

Conservative Supreme Court judge Antonin Scalia, a thorn in the side of Hussein Obama, loved to hunt, and, while staying at the Cibola Creek Ranch, a hunting lodge in West Texas, was found dead in his bed with a pillow over his face. While elderly and not in the best health, he had no known life-threatening conditions. US Marshalls claimed that Scalia had declined a security detail. Justice of the Peace Cinderela Guevara issued a death certificate claiming that he died of “natural causes.” That really narrows it down. She did this even though there was no autopsy and no doctor examined the body.


Ms. Guevara was no stranger to controversy; in 2013 one Melaney Parker was found dead on the train tracks in Marfa, Texas, and Ms. Guevara issued a death certificate with no autopsy…it was clear that being run over by the train was the likely cause of death, but why was she on the tracks to begin with? Cibola Creek is owned by one John Poindexter, a member of the Order of St. Hubertus, whose American chapter was founded at the Bohemian Grove, where members of the elite have secret meetings and openly perform magical, pagan rituals. As if all of this isn’t strange enough, Cibola Creek is near Marfa, where mysterious “ghost lights” appear regularly.

Democratic National Committee employee Seth Conrad Rich was murdered on 7/10/16, shot in the back with no robbery. Almost certainly it was he (and not the dreaded Russians) who leaked DNC documents to Wikileaks. Even DNC member Donna Brazile has implied that she suspects he was murdered on the orders of the Demonic Duo (Slick Willy and the Witch Hillary) or others within the DNC. He was shot mere blocks from his DC apartment after leaving Lou’s City Bar. The DC Metropolitan Police have not solved the case and seem to have little or no interest in doing so. Oh…and the Witch said his death proves the need for “gun control.” Or maybe the practice of witch burning needs to be resurrected.

Since then we have seen leftist rioters destroying property and assaulting “right wing extremists” in Beserkeley, while the police, dutifully obeying orders, stood by and did nothing and eventually made only a handful of arrests. Nor did police in Charlottesville, Virginia, keep Antifa thugs from attacking their opponents. Like Hitler’s concentration camp guards (many of whom had been police officers before the war), “law and order” police are often willing to obey orders even when they violate the law.


Unless and until the situation changes (and it will never change while the current elites are in power) we patriots must not, in most places, trust the local police and deputies too much…and we must never, never allow ourselves to be disarmed. But if the elites are ever overthrown and a new free Republic is established, what sort of police should we have?
First of all, law enforcement has been incrementally federalized in America, something that would have horrified the Founding Fathers. About the only crimes over which the federal government should have jurisdiction are counterfeiting, treason, espionage, and illegal entry into our country. If we have anything like the FBI it should be a very small force limited to investigating those crimes, and perhaps maintaining a database and a laboratory to aid local police, if requested.

But even for local police, could it be that the very concept of a separate caste of police is wrong to begin with? Let me suggest a very different model. Suppose that in every city or county there is at most a very small cadre of full time police or deputies, carefully selected and thoroughly trained. As a job requirement each of them would be required to be active in a church or synagogue, bowling league, or garden club, any legal organization that would bring them into frequent contact with civilians, keeping them in touch with the community. And each one, even the sheriff or chief of police, would be required to walk a beat one day per week, in a school or university, shopping mall, or park, bringing them into face-level contact with the people they serve.

Then there would be reserve police, trained at the police academy, who would work part time as peace officers. People with civilian jobs during the day and week might be part time police at night and/or on the weekends. School teachers, college professors, and college students might have full time summer jobs as police. Note that nights, weekends, and summers are when more police or needed. Such a force would never be out of touch with the greater community. Then there would be civilians openly carrying firearms, and others carrying concealed. The people would identify with the police and the police with the people…and the criminals wouldn’t have a chance.

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