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April 30, 2015

The Cosmic Dance of Death Has Begun - CERN, Earthquakes And The Doorway To The Devil

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


On April 27, 2015 both author and researcher Steve Quayle and Timothy Alberino joined Doug and Joe Hagmann for a fascinating, extremely informative show on Alberino's expedition to Peru and Bolivia for the newly formed GenSix Productions, and while the Hagmann and Hagmann video is titled "Mysteries of the Giants," the information provided by both Quayle and Alberino build a picture from a series of events and findings from the expedition that lead Quayle to state "The cosmic dance of death has begun."

 Noted within the interview is that the expedition took place after the CERN large hadron collider was restarted, followed by the massive earthquake that hit Nepal, killing thousands, injuring thousands more and the destruction of not only whole area but specifically  some architectural losses which included the majestic Shiva temple pagoda and its twin, the Narayan temple pagoda, which dominated Kathmandu's main Durbar Square. (Also noted is the increase in large quakes worldwide since the CERN Hadron collider was restarted.)

As many already know the figure of Shiva sits right outside of the CERN facility, shown in the image below.


Before the restart of CERN, scientists spoke of opening up extra dimensions and parallel universes, leading us to Alberino's terrifying experience as the expedition crew set up camp at what locals refer to as the "gate or doorway to the Devil," which is purportedly the location of an alleged stargate, where strange unexplained sightings of supposed "UFOs" and beings have been spoken about through the decades by locals.

While Alberino's description of events and findings in Peru are fascinating, the experiences in Bolivia take us to the massive cover-ups beings implented by world governments to hide what is below the ground, not above. From officials following their expeditions and being watched to the unwelcoming feel of their visit, to the official "narrative" that even tour guides are forced to push, Alberino and Quayle show us why a production company such as GenSix Productions is so sorely needed  to obtain information that is not subject to being censored, and to see the same information through a biblical prism, showing that what happened in the past and what is happening in the present, will ultimately determine the future.

[UPDATE] Via an email to ANP we are pointed towards and article at Huffington Post titled "Here's The Dance Opera That's Being Filmed Inside CERN's Large Hadron Collider,"  which underscores, as Steve Quayle tells us, "the willing participation of a dance company parroting Shiva's death dance - in other words identifying with the process of destroying the world."  Quayle informs ANP "SHIVA IS AN IN OUR FACE DECLARATION OF CERNS TRUE INTENT BEYOND THE HAPPY TALK AND SCIENTIFIC PRATTLE!."

More, with images, at The Creators Project.

Make sure you have time to listen because once you start the interview below, you won't want to stop until the end.

Reccomended reading: "GENESIS 6 GIANTS - Volume 2" by Stephen Quayle

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