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June 30, 2017

'The Countdown To August Has Begun' - Will It Be A Red Hot Summer? 'It's About To Get Worse' Insiders Warn

- Remember The Intern Found Dead In The Congress Office Of 'Psycho Joe' In The Summer Of 2001? 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on June 19th Susan Duclos reported in a story on ANP that rage in the streets of America was exploding into violence in increasing instances and in the 10+ days since, we've seen one sad event after another of people 'melting down' and inexplicably harming others as summer officially arrives and the 'dog days of summer' come into view.

While summer has traditionally seen an increase in certain crimes according to the Department of Justice, partially due to many more people being outside than during other seasons, as we hear in the 1st video below from Dave with the X22Report, the summer months have also traditionally been the elitists time to create havoc.

Whether via their financing of anarchists who've taken to the streets or them pushing for 'an event' that will get them into a much-needed war, as Dave points out, the month of August has regularly been a hotbed of activity and once again we're witnessing moves towards a 'false flag' to get us into a war. August is also, 'coincidentally' (more likely not!), a time when Congress is out of session.

As this story from Zero Hedge reports, there's a good reason that Congress is getting so little done with 218 days off in 2017 as seen in the calendar below. With most Congress-people far away from Washington DC during the entire month of August, the month Dave proves to us has consistently 'gone hot', what might they have planned for this year? 


While Antifa terrorists were busy throwing feces and urine at supporters of President Donald Trump and free speech supporters at a free speech rally in what has suddenly become the most politically violent city in America, Portland, Oregon, we learn that this was the same 'protest' where police confiscated bricks, bats, knives, and brass knuckles from the “peaceful” demonstrators. And as this story from Politico that the Drudge Report linked to reports, according to 'protesters' on both sides, "it's about to get much worse".

As has not been lost on those paying attention and their story points out, while calling themselves 'antifascists', they've adopted the most fascist tactics, actually attempting to stamp out the rights of others to speak freely in this mixed up, backwards, upside down world the past 8 years of Barack Obama brought to America. From Politico:

The likelihood of a confrontation may increase if Buchal, the head of the local GOP, follows through on his plans to hire militias—Oath Keepers and Three Percenters—as security at future events, a development he told POLITICO Magazine he’s still considering. “What we’re really seeing are these very strong alliances being forged between Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and … white supremacists and white nationalists,” Vysotsky said. Added Pitcavage, the Oath Keepers especially have “really, really come on strong against the antifa. 

So now into the equation you not only have antifa versus white supremacists, but now you have antifa versus a much larger swath of the far-right, which really increases the possibility for all sorts of things going on.”

As of now, any possibilities of dialogue—of a negotiated off-ramp to de-escalate tensions—seem negligible. “When somebody is threatening you with bodily harm, as many of these groups are, sitting down for a conversation is not really something you want to do with somebody like that,” David said. “That’s the unfortunate truth.”

Meanwhile, the next round of protest is scheduled for Friday in downtown Portland. The right-wing Patriot Prayer group has organized a “freedom march” that is expected to attract white nationalists, neo-Nazis, militia and white supremacists. The antifa have pledged to block them. The Rose City Antifa wrote on its Facebook page, that, this time, “enough is enough.”


While here in America, tempers continue to simmer as seen in quite a few recent road rage incidents across the country as well as various brawls and horrific altercations, 8+ years of Barack Obama and decades of policies which moved America towards socialism have launched the 'summer of crazy' we're now witnessing in the world of media where CNN and MSNBC talking heads and Hillary Clinton propagandists are finally being exposed for what they really are by a 'brilliant' and 'mad genius' President Trump.

And since we're on the subject of 'Psycho Joe', does anybody remember that back in 2001, a short time before the 9/11 attacks, an intern DIED in 'Psycho Joe's' Congressional office in Florida? As Gawker reported in 2015, when a regular MSNBC guest mentioned the death on twitter, he was blacklisted by them. What's really going on with 'Psycho Joe'? Has President Trump come across something that 'Psycho Joe' hopes was 'long buried'

Back in 2010, Markos Moulitsas, better known as the founder of the Daily Kos blog, was a regular guest on MSNBC. The pairing of a liberal blogger and a liberal network was a natural one, so Moulitsas was used to going on TV and swapping insults about Republicans with Keith Olbermann or whoever.

That state of affairs came to a screeching halt in July of 2010, when Moulitsas found himself summarily blacklisted from MSNBC. His offense? Mentioning, on Twitter, the strange, sad story of Lori Klausutis, the intern who was found dead in Joe Scarborough’s office when the “Morning Joe” host was still a Republican congressman.


In this recent story over at Zero Hedge they ask "Is America Really Coming Apart?" with a 'spoiler alert': YES! And while 'Psycho Joe' and 'Crazy Mika' will blame President Trump for the mess that America is in, those of us who've long been paying attention know that the plan to 'take down America' has long been in effect and blaming President Trump for the inferno that our country has turned into would be like blaming Russia for getting him elected. Lies and fake news.

With health care activists promise to make the lives of Republican Congress people a living hell this 4th of July season by protesting at various picnics and public events while some on the left hilariously prepare for war with a new self-defense training class as seen in the absolutely 'rich' 2nd video below, warnings that 'this summer is really going to heat up' from the X22's Dave in this 1st video should simply be seen as a warning to all to be prepared for whatever this summer may bring us. 

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