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June 29, 2017

MSM Inflicting Carnage Upon America By Dumbing Down Half The Population - With Russia BS Story Dead, Media Manufactures New Scandals†

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Now that the "late, great Russian Collusion myth" is dead and buried, since former FBI James Comey isn't around anymore to "orchestrate" leaks to the press, then claim those stories using said leaks were "dead wrong," after they went viral, †the mainstream media is finding itself at a loss on exactly what to report, how to report it and what they consider newsworthy.



With the latest scandals engulfing CNN over false reporting, deleted stories, full retractions and the "resignations" associated with that cluster, along with the Project Veritas videos showing that CNN employees admit the whole "Russia" storyline is "bullsh*t" and a "nothingburger," the mainstream media doesn't seem to want to delve too deeply into the Russia/collusion story anymore, despite six months of non-stop coverage over a story that wasn't, but what they are now covering, almost makes one wish for the days of "leaked bombshells" even if they were all fake news.

A look at headlines being highlighted and breathlessly reported shows exactly how bad things have gotten and†fair warning, the referenced stories that seem to be the talk of the MSM, can and will knock double digits off your IQ. (Links to said stories will be via because they truly do not deserve any traffic.)

The New York Times headlines a story titled "Trump's Obama Obsession," whining about all the bad things president Trump has said about the former president, yet a look over to one of CNN's blaring headlines leads us to believe that Trump's so-called obsession, isn't near as bad as the "obsession" seen in their latest blockbuster report about the evolution of what jeans Barack Obama wears.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, they managed to top their "who cares about this" record when they wasted time, effort, money and air-time on how many scoops of ice cream president Trump likes on his pie.

442 words,†2,597 characters (According to†, along with five different images to show how Obama's jean choices have evolved and are now more stylish... they only thing they missed was talking about the jeans cupping his "package" and how his butt looks in them. (Ok, that one made me throw up a little in my mouth...sorry!)

Is it any wonder why Jeff Zucker is in the crosshairs in regards to At&T working to buy out Time Warner, where New York Post is reporting they are already working towards a way to†"neutralize" Zucker?

Speaking of obsessions, that is not a word the NYT should be bandying about considering their own unhealthy obsession with the now completely debunked Russia/Trump collusion fairy tale, but since the constant stream of "anonymous" and "unnamed" †"leaks" from sources within the intel community (*cough*....COMEY...*cough*) have basically dried up and are barely a dribble now, they have taken their obsessive †and unhealthy behavior in a another direction as they created a scandal over President Trump saying a reporter has a "nice smile."

OH MY! That is "sexual harassment" their dumbed down liberal progressive readers and bloggers start screaming.†Sexist cries Media Matters! Other reactions from those progressive little snowflakes that still take their cues from the NYT, range from "inappropriate" to "disrespectful," and saying he was "creepy" for complimenting a woman.


Think I am exaggerating the stupid amount ink and manufactured outrage over this, just look at some of the headlines generated over the new fake Trump scandal:


In the words of Brit Hume,†via Twitchy, "What a chickens**t story."

Biz Pac Review†gets the quote of the day over this "fake scandal," stating "Meanwhile, these same virtue-signaling leftists said nothing when creepy Joe Biden inappropriately kissed and groped countless women during his 8 years as vice president." (They have the images too!)


Well, if the President complimenting a reporter on her smile was outrageous enough that Mashable thinks they have to apologize on behalf of America, tweeting that Morning Joe Scarborough is "psycho," and that his partner in attacking the president almost daily on their morning show, Mika†Brzezinski, was once "bleeding badly from a face-lift," is "shocking" †and an "assault," (CNN via †and "laced with sexism" according to Washington Post (archive link), and a whole host of other†outraged headlines.


A couple points about the Trump tweets above - 1) The media and progressive liberals seem to be under the assumption that they have the right to report "fake news" and attack President Trump day and night, every single day, and that he no longer is entitled to the free speech protections to strike back. They are wrong. You reap what you sow MSM.†

2) Does anybody think it is a coincidence that once again a Trump tweet has completely unhinged the left and the media,†on the very same day the travel ban goes into effect, where the insult to "Psycho Joe" and "bleeding from a face-lift" Mika, had dominated the coverage with little or no room left for the†real news that the travel ban the Supreme Court gave lifted the injunction against, starts tonight.

No... it is not a coincidence. Once again the president has deliberately given the press something to cry and whine over while he goes right ahead and works toward keeping the promises he made to America during the presidential campaign.


From the day Trump announced his bid for the presidency, throughout the primaries and general election all the way up until today, "The Donald" has played the press and they keep falling for it. I don't know who is dumber, the liberal progressives flying off the handle in their unhinged declarations after the MSM blows their dog-whistles, or the press that falls for it time and time again.

Remember the "pre-debate presser" where the media ran over to cover it and†ended up covering Bill Clinton victims?†Or how about when Trump the candidate said he would have a press conference, †allowing the media to assume he would be addressing the Obama birth certificate issue,†just to end up giving live coverage to veteran after veteran endorsing Trump?

Now that the MSM has lost the "Russia!" narrative, they are left with talking about Obama's jeans,†mysterious Trump portraits, the president's tweets and creating fake scandals.

The MSM is inflicting carnage upon America by dumbing down half of the population.

Never thought I would say this, but I almost miss Comey's orchestrated leaks!

I am with†Mark Levin here... Keep tweeting Mr. President. (You hear why at the 4:24 minute mark below)

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