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February 9, 2020

These People Are Unhinged! Boot Kissing, Car Ramming, Extinction Level Event Wishing Libs, Show Us How Crazed Democrats Have Become


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Some days you boot your computer, start browsing and find something you think is simply crazy, then move along and see something even crazier. By the time you are done you are left wondering, which of these things is the craziest? 

We'll let our readers decide the answer to that question.


A poll of 400  New Hampshire Democratic Primary Likely Voters, independently funded by the University of Massachusetts Lowell, taken on January 28-31, 2020, found that 62-64 percent of New Hampshire Democrats surveyed said they would prefer a "meteor strike" Earth, "extinguishing all human life," than see President Trump re-elected. 

Yes, they are that crazy.

Proving once and for all that women are indeed, more unhinged than men, 68 percent of the women surveyed said that and only 53 percent of the men.
The College Fix breaks down the numbers:

The meteor strike is more popular with lower income brackets (69 percent under $50,000) than higher income brackets (49 percent $100,000 and up). Less educated Democrats (66 percent) also favor the meteor strike more than more educated Democrats (58 percent).

Women would much rather humanity end (68 percent) than see another Trump term, while a slight majority of men (53 percent) favor mass human extinction. The numbers are similar for older voters (45 and up) versus younger voters (under 45), showing more optimism about a post-Trump White House.

Showing that the Democrat party no longer has true moderates left, those that self-identify as "moderate" top those that  consider themselves liberal, with 69 to 59 percent, respectively.

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The entire 18 page PDF showing the results is here.


In one of the strangest, disgusting and saddest things I have seen, a liberal white couple actually bent down a kissed the boots of what appears to be a black power group called the Black Hebrew Israelites, to prove "they are sorry for what their forefathers have done."  

Not only does this couple kiss the boot of one man, but then others take turns setting their booted foot on the speaker, so this moronic couple can kiss their boots as well.

Via Paul Joseph Watson over at Infowars:

“Get these white women and get these white people in here man,” states the Black Israelite activist.

“Keep on coming, Mr. white man, keep on going,” he says as the couple then proceed to kiss the boot of every single member of the group.

“They showing what it means to really salute a prophet and a priest,” he asserts, adding, “This is a white couple here that’s proving they are sorry for what their forefathers have done.”

At the end of the clip, the woman even gets down on her knees on the floor to kiss the boot of the cameraman.

“Give these white people a hand,” says the leader of the group at the end of the clip.


How do we know they are liberals? Just ask any, ANY, conservative or even any normal person, if they would ever bend down and kiss anyone's boots to apologize for something they didn't do.

Never happen!

Especially this particular group, which is know for their radical members standing around streets and sidewalks, yelling at people passing by them. They are also known for hating white people.

Twitter user Jennifer, a black conservative woman, has some harsh words for the couple above while sharing the video, asking if the white couple above are "mentally weak," or if they have a "form of mental illness."

Yup, what she said!! 


This one shows that not only are liberals becoming more and more unhinged, but the liberal media is just as complicit by trying to hide just how bad Trump Derangement Syndrome has become.

In Jacksonville, Florida, six Trump campaign volunteers who were registering voters, were "intentionally targeted" by a liberal in a van as he tried to kill them. They narrowly escape injury, as the driver then sped away after making obscene gestures at the crowd.


The full DuvalGOP thread explaining everything and asserting they will not be silenced, can be found at Twitter.  

Political commentator Stephen Miller highlights the hypocrisy by the media ignoring, or downplaying, the attack on Trump supporters, by pointing out how the media would have provided wall-to-wall coverage had this been a Trump supporter or a conservative attempting to murder liberals.

The must-read thread from Twitchy.

• Going out on a limb and suggesting if a MAGA hat wearing yokel drove a van through a Warren or Sanders voter registration tent, it would be the only thing journalists & major news outlets would be talking about right now.

• They would be clearing graphite off the roof at CNN right now.

• There would be Charlottesville comparisons. Jim Acosta would chain himself to the WH Fence. Tapper would be demanding Kellyanne Conway personally accept responsibility and Fredo would be quote tweeting people with 12 followers.

(Note- The Fredo reference is to Chris Cuomo who once threatened to throw a man down the stairs because he called Cuomo "Fredo," in reference to being the "stupid brother," from the Godfather movie.)

• There would be 5 NY Times OP-Eds about Trump’s SOTU speech was the motivation. NBC reporters would be scouring 4Chan. Wash Post front page would read TERROR IN JACKSONVILLE. Candidates would be gathering for candlelight vigils.

• Jacksonville and #DefeatHate would be top trends on Twitter. Every celebrity with a political following would be making Hitler comparisons. Stelter & Darcy would be blaming some Fox & Friends segment because that’s what Media Matters would be doing. There would be marches.

• But of course there’s none of that, and you don’t have to like Trump to notice this. You just have to have a pulse.

He is right. The media doesn't want normal Americans to know how violent and unhinged liberals have become, because it is quite possible, even likely, that the liberal establishment media is like the poll respondents in the first example above and would rather see an extinction level event than President Trump re-elected.

Telling the truth about the Trump Dearnage Syndrome infected liberals would guarantee said re-election, so the media hides it from their dwindling audiences.


Over the past three years we have seen violent attacks, liberal politicians encouraging the the public harassment of conservatives, screeching college students threatening to slit Republicans throats, and as media that has done their best to help overthrow a sitting President by lying, publishing outright fake news, stalking and doxxing an elderly woman for sharing a Facebook post, and threatening Trump supporters (looking at you CNN!) for creating a meme that hurt CNN's poor little feelings, to list just a few of the many examples.

If we thought we have seen craziness from liberal since Trump's election in 2016 (even before), just imagine what these people are going to be like if they can't stop him from being re-elected in 2020.

It will be utter insanity because these people are already unhinged!

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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