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December 10, 2021

Big Tech Is Using Our Cell Phones In A Creepy New Display Of Vax Brainwashing & Mind Control: A List Of The Tactics Being Used And Stories The MSM Will Never Report On

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I have been writing since 2006, and have seen and heard some pretty shocking, bone chilling and creepy things from then until now, but watching the literal brainwashing of a significant segment of Americans by the MSM, the U.S. government, social media and big tech, has got to be right up there with some of the freakiest things I have seen to date.

We have watched as we were told the vaccine is a must to stop the pandemic, then told it would be two shots, then as variants were announced, a booster, now two boosters, with some suggesting life long sets of boosters.

We see "breakthrough" cases, where fully vaccinated individuals are catching the new variants of COVID, but are assured those people suffer far less than the unvaccinated or "purebloods."

Maybe they should tell the families of 522 Oregon residents who have lost a "fully vaccinated" family member to COVID, with the majority of breakthrough cases in people aged 30 to 39.

Below we are going to go through a partial list of brainwashing and mind control tactics being used by all the aforementioned entities.

Starting with the most recent "creepy" vax brainwashing example.

If you have an Android phone and hold the "home" key and say "Google, sing me a song," it starts singing "the vaccine song."

There are a couple videos directly below, showing this isn't one person changing some setting on their smart phone to get the response they want, but it is a "feature," to help brainwash and control the masses.

There are dozens of these examples on social media and video platforms, creeping people out, and this is just the latest example of the all out attack on Americans' minds in order to control them.

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Utterly cringeworthy is actually the nicest thing that can be said about this next "skit" from so-called comedian Stephen Colbert, who has a running series of "vax-scenes," each worse than the one before.

Courtney Kirchoff over at Louder With Crowder, discusses this embarrassing skit and concludes:

How many of you who are not beatified with the all holy Pfizer or Moderna are now convinced to bathe in the waters of the vax? How many of you who have dipped your toes into the blessed waters of the coronoavirus vaccine pools see this video and feel like you're part of something larger and greater than yourselves? How many of you who are somehow undecided, suddenly decided one way or the other after seeing this video?

The above are purely rhetorical questions. For as a woman who prides herself on guessing, my guess is zero minds were changed, zero laughs were had, but all eyes rolled. It's just that bad. The only people who think "this is some good shit right here" don't recognize good shit if it took a dump right in their open mouths. But my guess is those same people do enjoy such exercises.

COVID isn't the worst of our problems after all.

The video below is only 55 seconds, but between the cringing and our eyes rolling so far back into our sockets it is painful, this does sit right up there with the "Google, sing me a song," in the creepiness factor.


Project Veritas spoke to two whistleblowers from Facebook, and provided Facebook documentation confirming the whistleblowers' statements, where Facebook created an algorithm which would determine which users were "vaccine hesitant (VH)," so they could tailor the users' post those VH people could see on the platform.

As Project Veritas provides a large number of documents and details, the one below encompasses the general tone of how Facebook is joining in with the globalists attempt to brainwash users.

They might as well have Zuckerberg robotically dancing around in a needle costume.

Apologies to those that are wanting eye bleach for just the imaginative visual of that.

Facebook terminated one of the whistleblowers for exposing their mind control and brainwashing campaign with documentation proving the veracity of their testimony.


Sesame Street, a children's show that conceived in 1966, used to teach children their ABC's, math, English, and other basic educational subjects, has  been turned into yet another method to brainwash Americans, this time very young children.

Big Bird has some big news.

“I got the COVID-19 vaccine today!” said a post from the “Sesame Street” character’s official account on Saturday.

Everyone’s favorite walking, talking, giant yellow bird is 6-years-old, meaning he is finally eligible for the life saving jab, which was recently approved for kids ages 5 to 11-years-old.

Big Bird, Elmo and other Sesame Street characters appeared on CNN for a Saturday morning program called, “The ABCs of COVID Vaccines.”

“My wing is feeling a little sore, but it’ll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy. Ms. @EricaRHill even said I’ve been getting vaccines since I was a little bird. I had no idea!” Bird wrote on Twitter.

The Mockingbird Media, is busy as beavers pushing the preferred narrative on vaccinations, such as CNN pimping for Jill Biden on her "child vaccine tour."

Related: Most vaccine-hesitant group is those with PhDs, research shows


We have seen the Biden regime's hard push to force Americans to get the COVID vaccine, which was fast-tracked, so there is no data on long-term effects, with threats, mandates, and tyrannical power-grabs which exceeds presidential authority and powers, according to multiple judges who have slapped Biden's decrees down in court, multiple times.

Via the Montana Department of Justice:

• A U.S. District Court Judge issued a nationwide preliminary injunction today against President Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors, which was set to take effect next month. Three of the federal government’s vaccine mandates are now enjoined in Montana.

• Last week, a federal judge granted Attorney General Knudsen’s request for preliminary injunction against the COVID-19 CMS vaccine mandate. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has also been ordered by federal court not to enforce its vaccine mandate for private employers.

I will note that while President Trump had his faults, his lasting legacy will be the balancing of America's court system, as liberal writers are bemoaning that some of the judges slapping Biden down, were nominated by Trump and confirmed while he was in office.


From mask mandates to economy destroying lockdowns, to threatening the livelihood of Americans with termination if they do not get vaxxed, we have seen not only a tyrannical push, but once courts started smacking Biden's overreach down, we saw the all out attack on America, via brainwashing and mind control.

Big tech, social media, Democrats, the #LetsGoBrandon regime, liberal state and city leaders, leaders in sports, the MSM, and liberals across the internet are all working to brainwash and pressure free thinking Americans into doing what they want.


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