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May 25, 2022

Expect The Crime Family Cabals Running America To Keep Unleashing Destructive Distractions To Hide Their Real Agenda, The Annihilation Of America And The World As We Know It

- Censorship Like We're Seeing Now Has Always Been A Tool Of Dictatorship

By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

A bit over a week ago on May 16th we spoke of censorship and I told the story of looking for specific articles in ANP.  I have an update; I recently did a search for All News Pipeline, just that simple search phrase with no modifiers, and got what should not have been a surprise, but it was anyway.  It only showed the ANP home page and no other stories in the first three pages that I looked through.  A lot of links to various oil and water pipelines and related items as would be expected, but no links to actual stories from ANP.  I just did that same search as I am writing now and the results are a bit different with links to the Alternate News and the News feed pages and a link to the old out of date Face Book page.  On page two we start with the propaganda listings with the leftists anti-ANP Rationalwiki where a week ago there were other listings of the same sort like Media Bias Fact Check and other non-factual garbage “factual” sites.  Down a few pages we find the LibertasBella merchandise site where I purchased my ANP mug from and as I went page after page, nothing else.  This is using the assumedly open Brave search engine, not the insane lefts approved mass censored ones.  

I meant not to complain but to illustrate my growing frustrations with finding what I KNOW is out there because I have read it before but now cannot find.  This type of mass censorship is directly related to war and the control of information and thereby peoples thought processes which is directly related to the phrase of “fog of war”.   I recently watched a video of a tour through the VOA (Voice of America) transmitter facility that used to operate from Union Township near Cincinnati and found it very interesting what various people went through to get some hopefully real news rather than what the official government offices of information allowed.  For instance, in WWII Germany, Hitler controlled the only radio stations on the air and also produced the only radio you could buy at that time called Peoples Radio or the “Volksempfänger DKE 38” that covered Medium Wave (like our current AM band) and Long Wave with the receiver tuned so that it could not receive any VOA or BBC but could be modified to do so.  As it was a capital offense to listen to anything other than official German news sources, people would modify their radios (also a death penalty if caught) to receive other nations broadcasts, much the same as it is currently in some other nations now such as in North Korea where it is still a death penalty to listen to stations such as VOA.  This would have made a great introduction to a story on the planned Bureau of Disinformation that our current dictator in chief would have us cowering under but got derailed for a little bit, but is on a closely related subject we will get to shortly.

Volksempfänger DKE 38 WWII German Radio Receiver

Another term I would like to define is “Distraction” as that is one method of hiding the truth from would be learners and Merriam-Webster says it is “an object that directs one's attention away from something else” and as synonyms they include such terms as mental uncertainty, bamboozlement, chaos and confusion among many others.  Psychology Today speaks a bit on distraction and a wandering mind which they related to your mind being hijacked.  That term to me covers how many of the censoring systems used against us today seem to be geared; you are not in control of your attention but you get hijacked and then you are not focused on the real target, you are focused on the wrong thing.

Although there are very serious and very real problems we are faced with right now, it occurs to me that so many of them are, if not specifically designed to be, are nevertheless acting as distractions from whatever it is that the Powers That Be do not want us to see or know about, or at least to recognize the real threat that whatever it is they are hiding may present to us and the world.  The C19 “vax” killing people?  Bring on a war.  Russia fighting Gates and friends weaponizing diseases in labs around the world including Ukraine?  Start a worldwide famine.  Our border being overrun with military aged men from around the world?  Start an energy shortage.  Food productions being artificially destroyed?   Hide it under an engineered foreign war started by the feared warmongering Russians.  People waking up and realizing that their freedoms and livelihoods are being systematically destroyed?   Bring on yet another plandemic to shut them up and give them a different distraction.  The Cabal of Crime families running Washington getting found out?  Attack White Christians as being the mortal enemy of the state.  But most important is this, never let them correlate these destructive distractions with what the real agenda is; the total destruction of this world as we know it to rebuild it in their satanic idea of “better” and “green” and “equitable”.  

Censorship is just one aspect of the methodologies involved and it appears to be a very effective implementation of their well laid schemes.  And as I research more columns to write, I am coming up against more and more censorship in finding the sources I know exist but cannot now find.  Some I have bookmarked but still various searches reveal no links where just a short time ago they were prevalent so I need to search my links to find them again.  This uncovers yet more evil mischief on their part; the complete wiping out of links that do not follow the strict orders of rule that “they” so carefully craft to hide what it is they are doing.  So, the question comes up, just what is it that they are so worried might come out if people are allowed to successfully search for and actually find?  Much of it is covered in the last paragraph in a sort of sidewinder style linkage but the whole goal is the preparations for the total world control as they brag openly about, the Great Reset aka the New World Order but there is much more.  The worlds various Secret Societies are working hand in hand to bring this about but they are also quarreling among themselves in the process so it does not appear to be such an easy to reach goal. 

So with that distraction out of the way, let’s bring up another one.  Do you remember how for about a year there were at least weekly if not every couple of days or so news reports that Biden’s approval rating had slipped dramatically to only 43%.  Over and over they used that number; next week they said it had dropped drastically to a new low – only a measly 43%.  Week after week, month after month the newest low was now way down to 43%.  Then, for some reason, they changed it to his lowest of all lows had dropped to 38%.  For a few months the headlines would scream at you that he is now only approved by 38% of the people.  The fact that they continually claim the same number for each weeks newest poll showing the same number as the previous few months shows that it is pure propaganda, no truth in it at all.  Liberal news, conservative news, they all use the same numbers except for a very few that put it in the 20’s range, which I find is much more realistic.  An occasional conservative site might say 34% or other similar number, but the majority used 38%.  Now they are going back up with Fox, Washington Times, Forbes and others saying it had slipped to a new all time low of only 39%.  That is much lower than only 34% don’t you think?  No? You must be reading the wrong, unapproved numbers that the Bureau of Disinformation was designed to correct.

And now Quinnipiac has his disapproval rating so far down it seems impossible; right in the bottom of the lowest basement of only 43%.

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In a very rapidly changing pattern of disinformation and the resultant drafting of legislations to stall any blowback to the official narratives, the much vaunted DHS program of Bureau of Disinformation was created.  And must have been loved by the masses of confused sheep that cannot discern truth from fantasy.  As the GOP Times put it, the DHS thought we were being fed so many lies, so much disinformation that the “Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced the creation of a “Disinformation Governance Board” to help us learn what the approved truth really is.  Nope, no more trying to modify your radio receiver to bring in other stations to allow you to figure out what is real and what is not, no more censored search results to throw you off of the trail of highly suspect opinions and reports, no more distractions from those news reports about all of the things that might worry you, but the real, actual, official reports that the VOA would feed you if it were not a government owned propaganda outlet.  Our federal government is to our rescue.

J.B. Shurk wrote in NOQ Report that “It seems every day some notable Democrat is pushing for censorship” and asked the question “Where is the journalistic outrage over threats to the First Amendment?  Remember when reporters pretended President Trump’s habit of slapping the “fake news” moniker on their work was nothing short of a threat against their lives?”  He then goes on to show that it was Barry Obama that “supercharged the lefts embrace on censorship” and that seems spot on.  I would add that since it is the Kenyan communist revolutionary that is running the White House through his evil minions that could be completely accurate.  Not to be outdone, the New York “governor” authorized the police to go after “hate speech” in their push to weaponize the Buffalo shootings.  But the new Ministry of truth would fix all of that for good.  Except that it didn’t because officially anyway, it no longer exists.  Well, sort of or so they say, or so it is officially announced.  More confusion, more distraction, more censorship, more lies.

So, as The Post Millennial reported “A hearing that had Nina Jankowicz scheduled to testify was abruptly canceled after viral video showed the Biden disinformation minister bragging about being the "Mary Poppins of disinformation."  Ah, finally some good news I suppose.  Speaking of that hearing, they said "They yanked it when the entire ‘disinformation board' blew up," a senior aide told the Free Beacon. "They realized there's no way they could reschedule without Nina Jankowicz being called to testify."  But it wasn’t just the hearing that was canceled as The New American reports, but the whole DHS “Disinformation Board” put on Hold Because of Online “Disinformation” Attacks” and that “Because of the perceived hostility toward the board and its director, the DHS decided to shut it down for the time being, according to “multiple people with knowledge of the situation,” per the Post. Jankowicz decided to resign and continue her career in the private sector.”  Ah, gee whiz, that is too bad.  But although many news sources are reporting that it is now a dead issue, note that it is only Put on Hold

And of course, the radical leftist disinformation sources like the Washington Post just had to scream and rage against the Real Americans because as they saw it, “Jankowicz’s experience is a prime example of how the right-wing Internet apparatus operates, where far-right influencers attempt to identify a target, present a narrative and then repeat mischaracterizations across social media and websites with the aim of discrediting and attacking anyone who seeks to challenge them. It also shows what happens when institutions, when confronted with these attacks, don’t respond effectively.”  In other words using actual facts, the “Biden administration let right-wing attacks derail its disinformation efforts” or some such nonsense.  Funny how they always call us what they themselves really are.

And so, although the highly vaunted fascist censorship board is seemingly temporarily put on hold, remember what Junky-Witz err, I meant to say Jankowicz said that Americans Criticizing Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board Are “Endangering Our National Security” (See Twitter video here) we should be sufficiently aware to know that is one huge lie, or rather one big piece of real disinformation.  That might be better said that “The Disinformation Governance Board was the victim of disinformation … [Critics] completely mischaracterized its mission. Frankly, this childish behavior is endangering our national security now” as Junky-Witz put it in her video as posted here.  I do not know if the republicans retaking the House later this year will make any difference (if the elections are even allowed or at lease allowed fairly) remember that it is the communist party (more commonly known as the democrat party) that loves his idea.

I think we can cautiously pat ourselves on the back for slowing this evil down, but it is not stopped and there are different approaches to realize the same end goal that they are pursuing right now.  The Federalist Papers headline announced “Like Heads of the Hydra, Two DC Insiders Are Hired to Replace Biden's 'Minister of Truth'” and they are not incorrect as that disinformation board is still alive and kicking with “DHS announced former George W. Bush administration Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Clinton administration Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick would be doing the review, designed “to help instill trust in our work.”  And Gorelick is added to the DHS Advisory Council to be sure it all stays on track whether or not it actually uses the disinfo name or not.  It has NOT gone away but is being redirected into other forms to accomplish the same end

But have no fear Truth Warriors, they have passed a New Domestic Terrorism Law which will do just cover until the formal apparatus of official Government Propaganda and Ministry of Truth can be officially renamed.  No need to fear those unruly conservatives because the new domestic terrorism law H.R. 350 is now passed by the House.  As The Geller Report puts it “Section 2 provides a definition for “domestic terrorism.Sounds sensible . . . until you remember that federal law already has a definition of domestic terrorism” and that it allows for going after anyone that does not meet the DHS standards for their version of what a Real American is.  Tucker had a good piece on that the other day as seen in this video found on Fox.  And with jail time now available for disagreeing with Biden it is not a far jump to the death penalty as the history of fascist ogres proves.  This new Domestic Terrorism bill is designed to have the FBI target and silence those who disagree with the propaganda and lies of the evil left.  Do not doubt that they will do just that as we already know they do that without the law in place to do so.  This just gives them someplace to fall back on for their perceived powers.

Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom of speech.”—Benjamin Franklin

And besides that, Junky-witz is still receiving Federal Funds to fight “disinformation” as told by The National Pulse when they said “A consultancy firm advised by former “Ministry of Truth” Director Nina Jankowicz received a federally funded contract to combat the spread of alleged disinformation in the U.S. Air Force” and that “Despite Jankowicz exiting the role shortly after it was announced, it appears the Alethea Group’s AFWERX contract is still active, allowing the firm to receive federal funds”.  The government already reads your email, snoops into everything that you have on the internet and our cell-fone including your present location and those near you along with turning on the mic and the camera without you knowing it, all of your bank records, every aspect of your life whether it has permissions to do so or not.  Ready or not they will muzzle us until we are under the death penalty for speaking out against their evil dictatorship and mass murdering ways.  Do not doubt it.

So, as Red State put it, “Joe Biden’s Failed Attempt at a Disinformation Force Might Seem Frivolous, but We Need to Be Wary…. Many in the press hailed its arrival, clearly a sign they felt they were all on the good side of government authorities. This was the behavior of journalists seeing the creation of a division of statist thought police, and believing they would become deputies in the effort.”  It is not over yet, it is just begun.  As they will do whatever they will do lawful or not, we must be on our very best alert to maintain some semblance of a place in reality or sense of truth.  They have just begun the fight and they do know that we have just begun our defensive work as well.

Stay alert my friends, and God Bless.

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