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October 29, 2016

Danger Level Goes Up 10 Notches In America With 'Clintonistas' Backs To The Wall - Does This Recent US Military 'Purge' Foreshadow The 'Final False Flag'?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the bombshell news story of the week that came on Friday telling us the FBI had reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton after relevent emails were found on electronic devices of Anthony Weiner/Huma Abedin left most Donald Trump supporters thrilled and Clinton's campaign in 'freefall mode', we immediately realized these latest events also has the danger level in America going up considerably when all things are considered.

While Hillary on the ropes is something that 65% or more of America really wanted to see as that in itself would signify 'justice was being served' to all people, not just 'us little people', if we think such a development will really prevent the globalists and 'Clintonistas' from completing their plans of 'burning down America', we may have another thing coming.

It's long been warned that a wild animal is at its most dangerous when its back is against the wall and they're backed into a corner and with the globalists and Clintons now in that very position here in our country, we've been told by a well-trusted source to watch out for a final false flag to take America down upon the horizon.

What form that 'final false flag' might be is still up for debate but as was pointed out by several ANP readers yesterday after the FBI/Clinton story broke, we may be moving closer to the chance that Obama might have to suspend the election altogether if Hillary is indicted. ANP has warned over and over again that if the globalists felt that there was no way they could maintain their hold upon America by Hillary winning the election, they'd take down America by other means.

And as we learn below, the REAL threat and danger to America may be much greater than just a suspended election as we see Gary Heavin's warning from his movie "Amerigeddon" of a possible false flag taking down our electrical grid that leads to the final 'takedown of America' may be materializing before our very eyes.


The story from the Daily Mail that was published on Friday tells us that the death of US Army 2-Star General John Rossi that happened this past July has been ruled a suicide. The first suicide by an active-duty Army General since the Army began keeping track of such statistics, Rossi was only two-days-away from a brand new job when he allegedly 'offed himself'.

However, as the comments on this Popular Military story from August 2nd about Rossi's death tell us, those who are paying attention aren't buying it. With nearly EVERY comment on the story blaming 'Hillary' for Rossi's death as seen in the screenshots above and below, the fact that Rossi was about to take a job as the HEAD of the US Space and Missile Command Center should have sent up massive red flags back then, especially considering the ongoing military purge here in America that began soon after Barack Obama took office and recent threats by hostile nations to wipe America off of the map via space-based-weapons-systems.


For those who may have missed it, since Barack Obama took office in 2009, an ongoing 'treasonous and criminal' purge of top military officers who were beholden to the US Constitution and not to Obama himself has been underway.  As this 2015 story from Red Flag news told us, as a result of this ongoing purge, our military is crumbling. As this September 10th, 2016 story from the American Thinker told us, the U.S. military has been "reduced to rubble" and left floundering without a coherent strategy or meaningful capability to win wars. Their story also told us that Obama has nearly completed his purge of all of those within the US military who 'sought victory'.

Thus leaving America set up to take a massive fall, we have to ask, what did US General John Rossi know that the American people don't know? If Hillary has no chance of winning and the globalists keeping control of America, are they planning on launching the kind of attack upon America warned of by Gary Heavin in his movie "Amerigeddon", the kind of attack that Rossi would be responsible for stopping? From WND.:

Imagine this: In the not-so-distant future, a large-scale electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the U.S. energy grid wipes out all power in the country. Electronic devices cease to function. No more phones. No Internet. No TV. Credit cards become useless as the entire banking system grinds to a halt. Food, water and mere survival become every person’s primary concerns. 

“Amerigeddon” depicts a dystopia in which the American government reacts to a debilitating EMP strike by declaring martial law and stripping Americans of their constitutional rights and their guns. And by the way, it was the U.S. government, in conjunction with the United Nations, that staged the EMP attack in the first place.


Call us 'conspiracy theorists' but the fact that a healthy US Army General 'commits suicide' two days prior to taking a position with such importance to America's security as General Rossi's position was sends a loud and clear alarm.

The US Army Space And Missile Command Center conducts space and missile defense operations and provides planning, integration, control and coordination of Army forces and capabilities in support of U.S. Strategic Command missions (strategic deterrence, integrated missile defense, and space operations); serves as the Army force modernization proponent for space, high altitude and global missile defense; serves as the Army operational integrator for global missile defense; and conducts mission-related research and development in support of Army Title 10 responsibilities according to their website.

As many Americans know, the US military takes an oath to defend the US Constitution, not behold themselves to the US president or those 'helping to run the show' such as Hillary Clinton. The military is also sworn to protect the US Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign as well as domestic, the "enemies of America and the Constitution within". 

What happens if US military members are ordered to do something against the US Constitution and against the best interests of America and the American people by globalists who are also high level US govt public servants like Obama or Clinton? And has the death of Rossi and the ongoing purge of high-ranking military officers in America been foreshadowing the 'final false flag'?


With America now having 100% proof that the 'Clintonistas' are indeed preparing to steal this election and complete the process of desecrating our Constitution started by the previous globalists sitting in the highest office in America, the fact that Hillary stated back in 2006 that the US should have 'fixed' the election in Palestine proves to us they could care less for the rule of law. And with their complete and total lawlessness now completely exposed for the entire world to see thanks to Wikileaks and the good men and women within the US government who allegedly leaked Clinton/DNC documents to the world, we see desperation in their eyes that could be a warning where all of this goes from here.

According to this August of 2015 story from GOP The Daily Dose, Christians have been being systematically purged from the military by Obama in an ongoing effort throughout his term in office. During this same time period as we've reported on ANP, an ongoing 'trojan horse' invasion of America has been allowed to happen. 

Might the globalists, without a chance at a Hillary Clinton win allowing them to continue their hold upon America, now have all of their ducks in line anyways, ready to overthrow this country via a false-flag EMP attacked blamed upon a nation such as North Korea or Russia, knowing that Obama has already purged those from the military who would be loyal to the US Constitution and the American people? We take a look directly below at a recent SQAlert from a woman who was warned long ago by God in a dream about what might soon happen to America.


Steve, I just read the article about the pastor in GA that has been told to hand over his sermon and bible. You are right when you noted that Bibles will be considered contraband. My husband and I have been married for 39 years. Many years ago, over 30, I had a dream. In this dream, we were smuggling bibles into a city in the United States, to an underground church! We had backpacks on and there were military troops all over the place. We were crossing the street and when we came to the crosswalk a bible fell out of my pack. We knew it was immediate imprisonment if you were caught with a bible. We prayed that God would blind their eyes so they, the soldiers, wouldn't see it. I picked it up and on we went. It had dropped at their feet! When I woke I prayed about it and God told me this would happen, and to start saving and collecting bibles. We have. I have not forgotten this dream. Some people ask me about why I always get the bibles at garage sales and thrift stores. When I share this dream I had, they have looked at me like I'm a nut. Of course this couldn't happen in America! I have known in my heart to prepare for this day. yes, sadly it is upon us. May God bless you and yours, and all of His people. I pray they don't wake too late. Thank you for being a watchman on the wall, and for blowing the trumpet of warning. God has been warning his people for many years through you, and I am glad for it. Annette


In the first video below we hear Alex Jones talking with us about the globalists dreams of 'burning down America' if Hillary Clinton loses while in the 2nd video, we hear a report on the death of Major General John Rossi that was recently ruled a suicide.In the 3rd video below we get 100% proof that this election is being rigged directly at the voting booth, giving us more proof that Clinton and the globalists will do anything they can to steal this election away from Trump and the American people.

In the final video from A Minute To Midnite, Pastor Steve Aiken tells Tony why he believes we're on the verge of a HUGE false flag operation that will see a take down of the internet and other communications systems. “The New World Order really cannot tolerate voices of dissent,” he says,”and the government is going to have to shut off access to the internet, or at least restrict it, and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later”.

With everything else happening now, especially after Friday's events, it's looking more and more like the elections may be the trigger that the globalists use to cause mass chaos. As we have warned on ANP, everything is now in play including the fact that the global economy is in tatters and 'Clintonistas' seemingly blaming Russia for everything

While we have very little control over world events, each and every one of us is not only responsible for our own actions (hope you're reading this Hillary!) but our own preparation as well. If you think the government's going to save you, you haven't been paying attention. Pastor Steve Aiken also shares with Minute to Midnite what he feels we need to do to prepare for what's coming whether war, economic collapse or election calamity as we reach the homestretch.


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