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June 8, 2015

Bilderberg 2015: Elite Prep For Worldwide Bank Runs And Nuclear And Economic Devastation


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With Barack Obama recently giving Americans our final warning about the TPP by telling us 'there will be losers' and Rand Paul fighting in vain to get the details of America's death via trade deal released to the public, the 2015 Bilderberg meeting is days away and we learn here that even Bilderberg members are afraid of what's coming and well-aware of the eventual 'worldwide bank runs' that will likely leave chaos and mass destruction in its' path across the globe and America in the bullseye.

With the recent mysterious closing of the website depopulation website to most of humanity, we have to ask if its' sudden shuttering is due to the upcoming meeting of the 'Bilderberg† global mafia' and their desperate bid to ban cash, allowing them to them to launch their final crackdown upon Liberty and the Republic, with Deagel covering up what will soon be happening to America?

According to the CIA Factbook, the GDP per capita - PPP (purchase power parity) in America was $54,800 in 2013. According to a cached version of, the PPP in America was also $54,800 for the same year. Is the secretive TPP, which Obama is for some reason HIDING from the American people, the reason why has our GDP PPP set at the mind-boggling number of $9,061 for 2025, a drop of an additional $4,000+ per American since we last checked just months ago as seen in screenshot below? If you suddenly heard that the average GDP PPP of EVERY American would soon drop by more than 80% in less than 10 years, would you think that something was terribly wrong? Is THIS what Barack Obama is trying to cover up with HIS REFUSAL to tell the American people about what is soon coming with the TPP? Something is clearly quite rotten here.


The 1st two videos below are from the Alex Jones channel and give us all an update on Bilderberg and the fact that the global mafia is quite fearful of what is coming. From possible nuclear annihilation to economic armageddon, what do the 'elite' know that we don't know? We hear that the banning of cash is high on the agenda and we also learn that worldwide bank runs when SHTF are of grave concern to them. We also learn that we may be closer than ever to a nuclear war that might just happen 'by accident'.

With massive numbers of bank closures happening within the next 10 days in southern California (yes, the Jade Helm part of the state!) while we have a massive worldwide financial problem that leaves the entire world headed towards financial devastation, China is slowly taking over America by demanding US lands as payment for our debts and we can begin to see the formation America will be taking in the century to come, the century of China at the helm. Sadly we learn here that China at the helm means something quite akin to an 'American gulag'. Is this what Jade Helm 15 is preparing for?

We previously learned from Deagel that in less than 10 years, nearly 78% of the population of the US that is here now won't be around by 2025. We see our own sitting president is neglecting the American people, REFUSING to tell us what's coming with the TPP, yet we see that Deagel (and the CIA!?) expecting Americans to be making 80% less in 2025 than we are right now. There will be winners with the TPP, and there will be losers; even Barack Obama said so. Do we really even need to ask which side America will be on with a man in OUR White House who so hates America? †

Why is Deagel now blocking most IP addresses? What do they know that they don't want us to know?


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