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June 7, 2017

With 'Death Cult' Invited Into America, We Understand Why President Trump Warns: 'It Could Get Much Worse'

- America Stands With President Trump Against Islamic Terror As Hillary Clinton Calls For A Picnic

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Fresh off another terrorist attack in England, President Trump took to twitter and proclaimed a cold, hard truth that the mainstream media and political left pounded him for: "We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people" with this kicker: "If we don't get smart it will only get worse".†

While London's Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan joined the MSM and left in condemning President Trump, and the MSM attempted to 'sell' to America that most Americans were condemning Trump as well, a look at the top comments on this Daily Mail story proves that Americans and people around the world overwhelmingly stand with Trump. And the mainstream media's attempts to keep Americans 'dumbed down' are least on Islamic terror.†

With many commenters on the story actually ripping Khan to shreds in a story which the MSM was attempting to use to bash Trump, we see the world may be turning a corner on Islamic terrorism, this at a time when the Head of the Department of Homeland Security in America warns that if most people knew what he knew, they wouldn't leave their homes. Is London's mayor Khan a coward for refusing to admit and confront the problem as one commenter states?†


With some commenters actually claiming, possibly correctly, that Khan is a huge part of the problem and certainly not the solution, we have to ask once again, what does DHS Chief General John Kelly know that we don't know that might cause ordinary Americans to stay at home? As we've reported time and again on ANP, a virtual trojan horse of potential terrorists was allowed to infiltrate America during the 8 years of the 'terrorist-friendly' Barack Obama regime while the Muslim Brotherhood was allowed in the White House. So, how many terrorists might be here in America right now who do not have our best interests at heart? The FBI has warned there are terror investigations in all 50 states.

With another terror attack just happening Tuesday in Paris, this time with a jihadi going insane with a knife and a hammer, what can ordinary, every day Americans do to ensure our safety and the safety of our families and loved ones? With Ramadan still ongoing and radical Islamists still calling for more attacks, Gabe Suarez has an excellent column called "The Real Solution To Jihadist Knife Attacks" within which we learn why Hillary Clinton's recent calls for "ending terrorism by getting to know each other, learning about each others culture's, religion's and food's" is not the answer.

From Suarez.:

Learn preemption: It is 2017. Are we already forgetting that there is a true social-religious-political culture living in the truth invited by the west, that seeks to supplant western culture by force and attrition with its own culture? If you see a couple of strong young men, that look like they just got off the boat from Afghanistan moving aggressively toward you with knives in their hands - do we really need to have a time out to explain what their intentions are for you? This is the time to draw and shoot each one of them to the ground, not running or hiding.

Keep alert: All the weapons and willingness to violence will not help you in the least if you are asleep at the bar. The first part of all this is staying alert. Sit where you can see the exit, have your back covered or have an equally alert associate watching it. Look around constantly and know who is moving and what is happening. Don't want to live like that you say? Well, western nations, you should have thought about that before you invited the death cult into your country, or voted for fools that did so. You live in a time of war and you will either deny it and hope you are not selected by the next jihadist, or you accept reality and prepare to meet him. That is all. There are no secret techniques to defend against the knife by physically frail and empty handed males. It takes violence and weapons. And in that order.


While we stand strongly with self-defense, we also should condemn those who launch attacks upon the innocent such as the horrific attack recently in Portland, Oregon where a cowardly Bernie Sanders supporter killed two people. There's a very clearly defined line in between defending one's self and one's family and illegal acts of cowardly 'vigilantism'.†

However, according to Louisiana Republican Congressman Clay Higgins,†"every conceivable measure should be used to hunt down and kill anyone suspected of being an Islamic radical". Congressman Higgins made the 'controversial remarks' upon Facebook as seen in the screenshot above and as of this moment, hasn't backed down from his remarks claiming "I call things the way I see them". A former Sheriff with St. Landry's Parish in Louisiana, Captain Higgins has long been outspoken on the dangers of radical Islam while claiming "I've never been accused of being politically correct." †

While we certainly agree with Congressman Higgins that not a single radicalized Islamic terrorist who intends to do harm to Americans should be allowed in this country, even the FBI claimed that hunting down such suspects is like trying to find a needle in the haystack. So we hope President Trump gives 'the law' what it needs to 'hunt them down' while hoping Americans are prepared to defend their homes and work places should that 'green horse of death' arrive.


With 23,000+ potential terrorists in the UK setting up the nation to be sitting ducks at a time when the mayor of London is in deep denial about what the problem even is, we can learn a great deal by watching what the MSM is concocting, attempting to throw in our faces, such as the recent viral story about CNN.†

Falling apart more and more every day, with CNN actually being big-time busted for attempting to stage a Muslim counter protest in London as was reported by both the Gateway Pundit and this story over at the Daily Mail,†we're not the least bit †surprised that Snopes and Media Matters are once again 'running cover' for 'fake news CNN on this story. So, can CNN and the msm tell us that they DON'T have 'an agenda'? Possibly even a more important question as has recently been pointed out by Infowars, is CNN actually ISIS? If not, why do they seemingly support the Islamists radical agenda? †

While CNN reporter Reza Aslan recently called President Donald Trump a 'piece of sh*t' after Trump correctly called out radical Islamic terror, does Aslan and CNN think that the world has forgotten that Aslan recently ate human brains on TV while filming a segment with a Hindu cannibal group? What is CNN's real motive and are they the 'enemy' of America as even President Trump has previously warned? The fact that CNN rarely reports truthfully upon the 'death cult' that was invited to run roughshod over America by the Obama administration tells us everything we need to know in 2017.

In the first video below, a former Islamic extremist tells Fox News what CNN will never report - Europe is now in the midst of a full-blown Islamic insurgency. In the 2nd video below we hear that ISIS fighters should be tried and executed if found guilty of barbaric crimes against humanity, not imported into countries by 'libtard' government's such as the UK. In the final video below, we hear more about how Hillary Clinton thinks we should deal with the terrorists who want to slaughter us - by learning about their cultures and foods and religions. Are we ready for a 'Hillary picnic'...anybody?†

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