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June 8, 2019

With The World Teetering At The Edge Of The Abyss, Nearly At The Point Of No Return, The Implementation Of The Globalists 'Total Control' System Is Ripping Out The Heart And Soul Of America

- America Needs A Revival: It's Time To Rise Up And Fight To Restore America's Soul


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this heartbreaking new story over at The Guardian which Steve Quayle had linked to on his website on Friday, their title alone tells a tale that must be told in 13 words: "America's Rural Radio Stations Are Vanishing - And Taking The Country's Soul With Them".

With local, community newspapers also now disappearing at a rate never seen before, with more than 1,300 different communities having lost their local newspapers according to this story over at Poynter, and about 20% of all metro and community newspapers having either gone out of business or merged with larger, mainstream publishers since 2004, we'll take a look within this story at signs that all of this is happening to coincide with the still-ongoing unveiling of the globalists 'total control' system and strategically timed with the death of the middle class in America.

And as we hear in the 1st video at the bottom of this story from Pastor Brandon Holthaus, all of this is also taking place during a period of mass indoctrination against Christianity and against Western Civilization's values, with America's younger generations the targets of this mass brainwashing which Pastor Holthaus warns is leading us to 'end times'. 

'All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like birth pains, the predicted events are happening more frequently and more intently. Never, in the history throughout the world have so many forces, including economic, scientific, techno-logic, ecologic, cultural, geopolitical, moral, spiritual and religion, converged together to bring this world that's already teetering over the edge into the abyss, to a point of no return. Jesus said when you see all these signs happening, know that I am near, even at the door.'

With smaller rural radio stations, which once helped to provide community cohesion, going under largely because they rely upon small local business advertisements, yet a massive consolidation of goods, services and advertising is now taking place in the globalists 'beast system', as Steve Quayle warns us, "the truth is becoming non-existent in this luciferian, God-hating, Jesus-rejecting world".

Yet as we'll also explore within this story, even while the globalists attempt to pull everybody into their global total control system, with 'big pharma's TV ads' dominating much of TV and online advertising, and largely targeting America's aging 'baby boomer generation' and the health problems that naturally come our way as we age, we've also seen miracles playing out before our eyes as Americans across the country rise up to help other Americans in need and fight to restore the soul to America.

With that, we ask that if any ANP readers has a few extra dollars, an ANP family member is in need after we learned that 'Sloopofwar's' daughter's house burned down just days ago, destroying everything. While thankfully, Samantha and her children are safe, they also lost their beloved dog of 10 years and everything else. Friends and family have launched this Go Fund Me page for Samantha and her family to help at a time when Samantha will need to start again from the beginning. 


According to this new story over at HNews Wire that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website Saturday morning, despite the 1st Amendment in the US, corporations are now in charge of American values, with 'truth' and Christianity the new 'hate speech' in this insane, politically correct world that we live in. Yet as we see in the stories referenced below, the attempted silencing of Christians and the mainstream embrace of 'corporate values' is leading America on the path towards self-destruction, with 'corporate values' of 'profit' never able to take the place of Christian values of love and charity. 

As the Washington Times had reported back in October of 2017, what was then newly released data showed that people who were religious were much more likely to give to charities than atheists and as this story over at the New Statesman had reported, many "Christians believe that God’s love and generosity towards humanity moves and inspires us to love and be generous in response.

Jesus taught that to love God and to love neighbour are the greatest commandments. Charity is not an optional extra, but an essential component of faith. In Matthew’s Gospel (chapter 25), Jesus identifies himself with those who are poor and excluded, and teaches that we will be judged, not on how beautiful our altars are, but on the way that we treat others. We cannot profess to worship God in church, yet not express that love practically to our neighbour. 

The following comes to us from this Washington Times story

David King, director of the Institute on Faith & Giving at the school, said the “Giving USA Special Report on Giving to Religion,” released on Oct. 26 by The Giving Institute, reaffirms what many researchers in the field have long known: that there is a “substantial connection between religion and giving.”

“Religious affiliation really matters,” Mr. King said. “Someone with a religious affiliation was more than two times more generous than someone without a religious affiliation. And among those with a religious affiliation, religious intensity really matters. Those who attend services were much more likely to give, whether it’s monthly or weekly. We really see the connection grow with continued involvement in a religious community.”

Not surprisingly, religiously affiliated households are much more likely than nonreligious households to donate to religious institutions defined in the report as congregations, denominations, missionary societies and religious media.


As Steve Quayle had also warned us, with the deaths of small local radio stations and community newspapers bringing about the end of community cohesion, it's interesting to note in the Guardian story the mention of an '800 pound gorilla' that has taken the place of 'community', a gorilla which holds control over all resources, licenses and 'the market'.

Mentioning within their story one 'entity' controlling 6 of the top stations in any individual area in 2019, that makes it very easy for that same 'entity' to control the flow of information, just as we've been witnessing from the mainstream media conglomerate in America over the past several decades where only 6 corporations controlled 90% of ALL of the mainstream media, helping us to understand how the media was turned into a 'weapon of mass deception' against the American people. From the Guardian story.

Small-town radio is fizzling nationwide, as stations struggle to attract advertisement dollars. And as station owners are forced to sell, media conglomerates snap up rural frequencies for rock-bottom prices, for the sole purpose of relocating them to urban areas. In a more affluent market, they can be flipped for a higher price.

With limited frequencies available, larger broadcasters purchase as many as possible – especially those higher on the dial – in a race not dissimilar to a real estate grab.

At a time when local newspapers are vanishing at an alarming rate, the loss of a radio station leaves a community with another cultural and informational deficit. Communities are diminished when they lose their local radio stations, says Dennis Deninger, a communications professor at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. His first media job was working at an AM station in Hornell, New York, where obituaries were read on air along with board of education updates. 

“We connected with people,” he remembers. “We told them stories about a fender bender that happened down on Main Street, or a local parade coming up, or the success of a youngster at the local science fair.” 

“Consolidation has, in a lot of ways, killed the radio business,” says Barry Cohen, a former rural radio host and managing member of AdLab Media Communications, LLC.

“With consolidation comes scale, and then you end up with an 800lb gorilla that has hold of resources, licenses and the market. You can have one entity owning six of the top stations in a single area.” (ANP: Controlling the flow of all information)

Those large operators “buy up the best stations and signals, sucking all the money out of the marketplace”, says Cohen. As advertisers flock to larger stations, small independent radio operators like KHIL end up with fewer listeners, fewer sponsors, and far less revenue to get by.

And while sucking all of the money out of the market place, they've sucked the life blood from America's soul, leaving communities all across America a mere shell of what they once were. But we can't stop fighting.

And we've witnessed miracles here at ANP, where ANP readers such as Dar, Remi and others stepped up to help ANP reader Sharon Oliviera move to Hawaii when she was facing homelessness. Susan and I feel so absolutely blessed to be part of such a vibrant online community that ANP readers have created here, a 'true' community where people have gone out of their own way to help others in need, others who they've never even met before out in the real world. Each and every one of you is a miracle. May God Bless you all.   


The photograph above was sent to us by 'Sloopofwar' showing the remnants of his daughter Samantha's home and providing us with the perfect metaphor for the fight that we all face ahead of us in attempting to rebuild American communities out of the ashes while the globalists control system constantly attempts to tear them down. With Samantha facing the fight of her life ahead of her, we pray that God through ANP readers will be able to provide her with some much needed relief. 

And as we had reported on ANP just days ago, it's not just small American communities that have had their hearts and souls ripped away by the scourge of globalism. In fact, Democratic politicians all across the country have let their own big cities descend into cesspools of homelessness, filth and exploding 3rd world diseases.

As Michael Snyder reported over at The Economic Collapse Blog, "the skid is everywhere, and we just received more confirmation that the worst is yet to come." As Snyder reports, cities from San Francisco to Portland to Seattle to Denver to Minneapolis to Chicago to Detroit to St. Louis to Memphis to Cleveland to Baltimore to Philadephia and countless more are now disintegrating, transformed into stomach-churning cesspools of squalor with tent cities popping up from coast to coast.

So, how's 'globalism' working out for us, America? As we had also reported on ANP back on February 14th, 34 of the biggest 50 cities in America have long been run by Democratic politicians so the descent of America's big cities into trash-infested hellholes are definitely happening on Democrats' watch. And with the NY Times also reporting that we're now facing the worst drug crisis in American history and all of this happening at a time when Americans are tuning out God and religion,  it's clear that the answers to the problems that America faces can only be solved by addressing the spiritual crisis America faces.

And while we know that there may be some readers who attempt to blame President Trump for all of the problems America faces, as Senator Rand Paul had warned all the way back in September of 2014, long before President Trump came on to the scene, "America is in a full-blown crisis - a spiritual crisis". As we read in his words below, Senator Paul saw the handwriting on the wall years ago.

Soothing voices seek to reassure us that everything is OK. Everything is just fine. All is well. All is well until… Until one day all is not well. The problem, as Os Guinness puts it, is not wolves at the door but termites in the floor. Our foundation is cracking. It’s not that we’ve chosen the wrong politicians. It’s more fundamental than that. We have arrived at that crossroads.

We have arrived at a day of reckoning. Will we falter? Or will we thrive and rediscover our mojo?

America has much greatness left in her. If we believe in ourselves, if we believe in our founding documents, if we believe in the system that made us the richest, freest, and most humanitarian nation ever. But cracks are evident. The sand is shifting. Our moral compass is wavering.

Guinness makes this point. When he states that: “The only proper restraint to freedom is self-restraint.”

What does that mean? It means that those who love freedom must realize that freedom is not a license to do as you please, freedom can only be realized when citizens know self restraint, or put another way — virtue. This parallels George Washington’s belief that democracy requires a virtuous people. Laws don’t really restrain people. Ninety-eight percent of people follow a virtuous course with or without laws. This is not an argument against laws but an argument that laws alone are not enough to civilize a nation.

What America needs is not just another politician or more promises. What America needs is a revival.

As we had reported back in January of 2018, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, had warned that the fall of civilization would be brought about by the 'normalization of evil'. Kirill's 2018 warning as heard in the 2nd and final video at the bottom of this story is a final warning to America today as the globalists unveil their 'Godless beast system'. 

As Patriarch Kirill tells us in this translated video, never before have evil and righteousness been put upon the same level as we are witnessing now and the Patriarch issues this firm warning, "if evil prevails, the end times will be upon us."

When asked about the apocalypse and if 'the end is near' and what would bring about such a scenario, Patriarch Kirill tells us "In the case when the human society stops to be viable, when the resources to exist will be exhausted which would happen in the case when we have absolute dominance of evil". Warning us that evil is not viable and in cases where systems are taken over by evil, those systems will fall, Kirill continues "If evil drives away good from human society, then the end will come".

When asked by the interviewer "why do we have to talk about this today?", Patriarch Kirill replies "Because we are now living through a special period in history. Never before did human society put good and evil on the same level. There were attempts to justify evil but never to say that good and evil are relative and not absolute truths. People's perception of good and evil was that they were absolute truth. But today they are relative. When can evil unrestrainedly grow in human society? EXACTLY when this point of view that good and evil are the same triumphs globally. And we are currently not at the beginning of this process but a certain amount of time has passed. History as we know it is exhausted, so how can the church keep silent? How can it avoid sending up an alarm? How can it avoid warning that we are on a very dangerous path of self-annihilation? If the church will not say this than who will?"

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