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February 14, 2019

This Map Shows Where We Don't Want To Be When SHTF As Big US Cities Already In A State Of Decay Are Transformed Into Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands

- 34 Of The 50 Biggest Cities In America Are Run By Democrats


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this important new story by Michael Snyder over at The End Of The American Dream that the Drudge Report linked to on Wednesday, quite literally knocking Snyder's website offline for several hours, he reports upon the worsening state of affairs in cities all across America which are quickly becoming uninhabitable hellholes even before the globalists 'end game' is carried out. 

With public defecation in the streets along with open drug use and homeless numbers increasing daily, leading to tent cities popping up in various cities nationwide, Snyder reports that rats and fleas are running the halls of the Los Angeles City Hall while the zombified hordes of homeless people living in Seattle and San Francisco, two of the wealthiest cities in the nation, are simply too drugged out to care that the worst parts of major western cities are beginning to look like post-apocalyptic wastelands. 

And a quick visit over to Wikipedia finds that of the 50 biggest US cities, the mayors of 34 of them are Democrats, 13 are Republicans and 3 are Independents. Is it just a coincidence that cities turning into hellholes such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Baltimore and others are governed by Democrats? In fact, a look back at the history of many of those cities finds that they've had Democratic mayors going back several decades or even more. Just a sad coincidence?

We've long argued that getting as far away from the big cities as possible during a real national emergency is one of the single most important decisions one can make in a survival situation and we'll take a look within this story at more signs that those still living within the cities should be thinking about getting out before they're stuck fighting along with hundreds of thousands or millions of others to get out with cities sure to quickly turn into death zones in any real SHTF scenario. 


And besides the fact that most big cities are governed by Democrats, the rapidly maddening leftist masses also tend to congregate within the big cities with Hillary Clinton taking a huge percentage of the vote in many big cities as this December of 2016 story over at City Lab reported as also seen in the map at the top of this story. 

As we'll see in the next graphic below, nearly every large metropolitan area across America voted for Hillary by very large margins and while President Trump had taken several large metro areas as well such as Birmingham, Oklahoma City, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and the Dallas areathe overall population numbers of those areas are absolutely dwarfed by the population numbers of the large cities and metro areas that overwhelmingly voted for Hillary. 

And with Trump derangement syndrome sure to get worse in the coming weeks as the left, who've long been hoping for news that will lead to the impeachment of President Trump, continue to get news that there was no 'Russian collusion' afterall and they've been lied to once again by the mainstream media, the opportunities for more and more 'incidents' will continue to grow with some even warning of inevitable civil war upon the horizon. 

And as this February 13th story over at News Web Order reports, any kind of 'civil war' in America in 2019 or 2020 will be sure to bring with it food riots and starvation and a global food shortage with big US cities particularly hard hit. From their story.: 

Any national chaos would disable the system of seed production that allows farmers to plant the millions of acres in the U.S. It would also disable the production and distribution of fuels and fertilizers that farmers depend on to plant, grow and harvest.

The only way the food production system would continue operating is if the government or a corporate entity seized control of the large tracts of farmland in the Midwest and continued to operate them. Given the executive orders now on the books this is always a possibility. It is also likely that if that happened, food would be used as a weapon against those areas of the country in rebellion against government rule.


As Susan Duclos reported on ANP on February 9th about Seattle's recent 'snowpocalyse' that saw grocery store shelves emptied of food and supplies and general chaos, while residents of the city were worried about getting food for the weekend, they should be more concerned about preparing for a lengthy interruption of our food supply system and for grocery store shelves to remain empty with a global food shortage being forecast largely due to 'fatal cold' this winter as 'Ice Age Farmer' reported in this January 28th story

As Blacklisted News reported on February 9th in this story, farmer bankruptcies have swelled to a decade high in the farm belt according to this Wall Street Journal story and as Mac Slavo reported in this February 7th story over at SHTFPlan, the US now faces a catastrophic food supply crisis as the result of America's farmers struggling. And as the Organic Prepper recently reported, we're already seeing many bare shelves at grocery stores across America largely as a result. 

While Steve Quayle had pointed out in an SQnote while linking to this Seattle PI story appropriately titled "Combat Shopping Mayhem" that far too many "Americans take far too much for granted", should the masses not come to realize that food doesn't just magically grow in grocery stores, appearing on the shelves there as if part of some divine play, a sudden and lengthy interruption of the food supply chain in big cities across America would lead to instant and deadly mayem. 


While leftist politicians scream for more and more money and benefits for illegal immigrants, the plight of the homeless American is very real, with HUD's 2017 estimate of 554,000 homeless Americans and more than 40,000 homeless US Veterans likely on the low end of the scale considering how difficult it is to keep track of real numbers of the homeless, many who choose to stay away from government programs due to their lack of trust. 

With the left loving to gives away 'free stuff ' to illegal immigrants, far too many Americans are barely able to survive. As CNBC reported during the government shutdown, roughly 78% of all American workers are living paycheck to paycheck, including 81% of all women and 75% of all men surveyed, with even 10% of those making over $100,000 a year living from one paycheck to the next as well. 

With more than 50 percent of their survey's respondents saying that they are only able to save less than $100 per month while a similar 2016 survey found 63% of Americans don't even have enough money to cover a $500 emergency, nearly 2/3's of all Americans are truly only one major expense or emergency away from financial catastrophe. 

Yet imagine what might happen in the big cities all across America should suddenly and without warning, any number of different very real possible SHTF scenarios occur, shuttering grocery stores, banks, restaurants and every other business that makes living in America 'modern day'. It won't take long for all craziness to break loose and as Susan reported on ANP on Tuesday, we're seeing 'crazy' nationwide already and we haven't yet arrived at TEOTWAWKI. 

As Susan mentioned to me this morning about this story of a woman in New York who smahed up a window of a restaurant when she was unable to get her 'beef patty' there, "whatever happened to 9 meals to anarchy?" This woman showed that to some, it's only "one missed meal to anarchy". As author Alastair Reynolds once said in his science fiction book "Terminal World", "a city's only ever three hot meals away from anarchy". 'Population density' is a hidden killer just waiting to strike.  

In the 2nd video below, videographer 'The Money GPS' takes a look at 7 reasons why America is falling apart with even workers for Amazon sleeping in tents behind the warehouses they work in or actually living and sleeping in their cars showing homelessness is even a problem with the fully employed while in the 1st video below, videographer 'Canadian Prepper' takes a look at why we must be prepared for the coming food crisis. 

So what happens when the 'entitled left' are no longer receiving what they feel 'entitled' to? "9 Meals To Anarchy" and "Combat Shopping Mayhem" will be understatements as Americans finally understand why buying long-life emergency foods is much more important than purchasing their latest I-phones. How's that phone tasting, by the way? Need salt? Pepper? 

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