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April 11th, 2017

Is A Massive False Flag Being Planned To Launch WW3? 'America Is Going To Have A Mess On Their Hands' Warning Goes Out

- Is 'The Deep State' Willing To Sacrifice The Lives Of Every Living Person They've Ever Known To Depose Assad Or Do They Really WANT Armageddon?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Going back thousands of years, false flag events have shaped our world. Launching global wars, the only 'victor' is the 'father of lies'. 

In this new story over at The Hill they report top Democratic leaders from across the country are now 'piling on' Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, calling for her ouster over comments that she made over Trump's recent bombardment of Syria. Gabbard, a US Veteran who spent time in Syria, claimed that Trump raining missiles down upon Syria makes Americans LESS safe and could possibly get us into more war (
though we're not the least bit surprised that feces-spewing California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi IS calling for MORE war, death and destruction.) 

And as recent news stories provide us evidence of, if Pelosi gets her wish, there's a very real chance that the 'war, death and destruction' she's calling for could very well land on her front doorstep in California and/or Washington DC.  


On Sunday we reported that a World War 3 that went 'hot' could easily lead to more than 260 million dead Americans if the Russians decided they, too, wanted to perish from the Earth. While defending their country against the mad rush to insanity that would be played out if the US were to do something as STUPID as going to war with a country that could instantly vaporize us, today we learn that Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned of more false flags in Syria. Yesterday we reported that such a war, based upon lies, could quickly lead to the fulfillment of 'end times' Biblical prophecy.

Today we'll take a look back at how the Democrats turned into the 'party of death, war and destruction' under Barack Obama after he surrounded himself with the 'most extreme appointees in American history' while looking at how many secretive, terrorist-supporting Islamists may now be in positions of power within the 'deep state' and govt in Washington DC and around the world, joyfully pushing President Donald Trump and the world towards a nuclear apocalypse.

As we reported on Monday, ISIS and 'radical Islam' NEED a nuclear apocalypse to bring upon their 'mahdi'. Is that why terrorist supporters Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, John McCain and Lindsey Graham are pushing for war with a country that could annihilate us? Is there a way we could just pack all of these war hungry psychopaths into a spaceship and blast them into the outer universe, where they can have their 'death and destruction party' without us? 


The November 2, 2016 story from Front Page Mag reported Barack Obama had a 'secret Muslim list' for important jobs and appointments that his people kept that included a number of people linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. As anybody paying attention to REAL news knows, Hillary Clinton and the Obama government acutally INCUBATED ISIS, mirroring their disastrous Libya policy. As Jerome Corsi reported at WND back on December 27th of 2016, "they are supporting all the terror groups".  

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised. As Geert Wilders recently stated, we're now watching the suicide of Europe with sleeper terrorists flowing into their countries 'en masse'. Germany under Angela Merkel has some of the most open door policies for immigrants that have led to some absolutely disastrous results. And as the Telegraph recently reported, all of this has led to an ongoing war upon Christianity that the West must stop being afraid to speak about. 

According to many Christians living in America, Syria and around the world, the recent missile strike upon the government of Bashar Assad harms Christians more than any other group as Syrian President Bashar Assad has been the only thing standing in between them and a holocaust carried out by ISIS. The Reverend Anthony Sabbagh of the St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania, a Donald Trump voter and supporter, recently stated "his action is not going to strengthen the Syrian government, which is protecting the Christians... it will strengthen ISIS, which is killing the Christians...and not just Christians but nonradicalized Muslims in Syria." 

If President Donald Trump is now getting his information from the same 'deep state' that Barack Obama was, the 'war upon Christians' will not only live on but likely be greatly expanded into 2017 and beyond as we witness a global policy shift by the globalists as argued by Christopher Greene of AMTV in the final video below. Allentown is one of the largest Syrian Christian communities in America and the majority was strongly opposed to Obama bombing Assad back in 2013. They also don't believe the 'fake news' coming from the same mainstream media that Trump had long called 'fake news'. Was the 'deep state' the originator of the 'fake news' that led Trump to bombing Syria and are they leading us to Armageddon?


If the 'deep state' has largely turned into Islamic terrorist sympathizers over the past 8 years of the Obama administration, should we expect them to give truthful news to Trump about Syria and the Middle East, where they have long supported and armed the same ISIS terrorists who are slaughtering Christians around the world and want to destroy America? 

Four years ago, much of Allentown's largely Christian Syrian community opposed President Barack Obama's threatened missile attack to punish Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime for using chemical weapons on its own people.

They feel the same way about the attack Donald Trump launched Thursday night, people interviewed Friday suggest.

The U.S. is not the world's policeman and has no right to insert itself, uninvited, into Syria's internal affairs, said the Very Rev. Anthony Sabbagh, pastor of St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Allentown, which is the cultural center of Allentown's Syrian Christian community.

Sabbagh said he believes the Assad government's explanation that the poisonous gas that killed at least 86 men, women and children in rebel-controlled Idlib Province was released when its jets' conventional missiles hit a terrorist chemical weapons stockpile.

"Syria is fighting ISIS on its own to the end," Sabbagh said.

"Russia is in Syria. Russia isn't stupid either. They know they have the upper hand now. They would not use chemical weapons."

Sabbagh said he voted for Trump thinking he would let the Syrian people determine their own fate, but he's now regrets casting that ballot.

In his mind, Assad is the only leader standing in the way of Islamic terror-fueled chaos in the Middle East.

"America is going to have a mess on its hands if they interfere," Sabbagh said.

Of course, not all Syrians feel the same way and for many Muslim Syrians, they're quite happy Trump carried out the strike. Hussein Assaf is a Hillary Clinton voter and he claims he gained a great deal of respect for Trump after the event. 
"I think it is a very good thing, to put it in a short answer," said Hussein Assaf, a Syrian-American who lives in Allentown.

"It is a very overdue step, a step that should have been taken years ago." Assaf, who has family in Syria's beseiged city of Madaya, said the strike sends a message to Assad about using chemical weapons. As long as Assad's regime keeps killing Syrians, terror groups like ISIS will continue to find recruits, he said. "What I would like to see is a comprehensive military and security plan where they would put an end to Assad's killing machine," Assaf said.

"I have to give Mr. Trump a lot of respect for what he said yesterday," Assaf said, referring to Trump's remarks explaining his reasons for the attack. "It seemed like a heartfelt speech about going after terrorists, whoever they are."


And that is one of the $64,000 questions: 'whoever they are'. According to US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, 'they' are being funded by the US government - so 'they' are our govt with names such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Nancy Pelosi. Yes, according to Congresswoman Gabbards, there are terrorist-supporters in our midst in what might now be the terrorist-supporting capital of the world, Washington DC

Whether or not we supported Trump's airstrikes on Syria, we can all agree on one thing, if Assad's Syrian regime did use chemical weapons on his own people, he should pay dearly for it. Yet here in America, there is a burden of proof. Have we reached the point in time in America where our government thinks it doesn't have to follow the law as Gabbard warned while Barack Obama was still president? If so, we have proof that govt is not what we'd been led to believe it is and suddenly, everything that we've been witnessing over the past 8 years makes a lot more sense. 

Is President Donald Trump ready to take the US to war with Russia, possibly putting the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans on the line, over what MIGHT be 'fake news' being pushed by those who want the world to go up in flames to bring in their 'antichrist' mahdi? As Greene tells us in that final video below, he doesn't believe Trump wants this....this is clearly of the 'deep state's doing. If we go to war with Russia based upon lies, the msm, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the 'deep state', Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and ISIS will have won along with 'their father of lies' while the American people, the free world and the large majority of humanity loses.

In the first video below, Mike Cernovich joins Infowars and puts forth a great point - anti-war Trump-supporting Americans are defending President Trump by going after the 'deep state' that is hungry to profit off of death and war. In the 2nd video below we hear from a Russian leader who now is insanely calling for strikes against the US, strikes that could quickly lead to Armageddon while in the 3rd video below, Susan Duclos talks with us about Vladimir Putin's latest warning that Russia is expecting more false flag attacks in Syria. And once again, in the final video below, a very sullen Christopher Greene shares with us his own feelings about what he thinks this all means. 

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