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May 26, 2021

The 'Great Bugout' Gets Kicked Into High Gear As Americans Get Out Of The Urban Hellscapes In Huge Numbers While 'Democrats Destroy Every City They Rule Over'

- Tent Cities Are Becoming 'The New Norm' In Joe Biden's America

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While Susan Duclos had reported earlier today that cities that have voted to defund the police are now seeing extreme violence and crime spikes, with them now begging for more money while asking for outside help, as we'll explore within this ANP story, people are now getting out of those cities in huge numbers. 

As the Baltimore Sun had reported in this May 20th story, 'once-quiet and remote' Maryland counties, counties far away from the cities, counties like Garrett County which had long been 'in decline', are now seeing booming home sales as people get out of the cities such as Baltimore and Washington DC and the heavily clogged up counties such as Montgomery and Prince Georges counties.  

With that May 20th story echoing this Wall Street Journal story, also published May 20th, reporting that what's being called a 'real-estate-frenzy' is now overwhelming 'small town America' as people leave the cities 'en masse', we had warned on ANP back on April 20th that this was coming as people were ditching the cities as if they were infected with the plague, and moving out to the 'red zones' across America. 

So we'll be taking a look within this story at more and more signs and solid information that people are getting away from the cities as fast as they can not only due to skyrocketing rates of crime and violence, far too many people and far too much traffic and congestion but because of far too many liberal government policies. Which are all reasons which caused me personally to get the heck away from the hellholes run by the liberals years ago. From this Baltimore Sun story before we continue.: 

Kimberly Alster first purchased property near Deep Creek Lake in Maryland’s Garrett County 12 years ago. At the time, the idea was to use the home for frequent family vacations. When the pandemic struck, however, the Alsters decided to trade city life for the great outdoors and move permanently. In doing so, families like the Alsters are fueling a housing boom in locations not accustomed to such activity. 

Alster, an information technology project manager for a pharmaceuticals company, left Pittsburgh and moved nearly full time to Deep Creek with her family as the coronavirus crisis was spreading. Then her company closed its Pittsburgh location and she started working entirely remotely. “We came and never left,” she wrote in an email, later adding that the family now spends 80% of its time at the Deep Creek house and plans to sell the Pittsburgh house by the end of the year. 

Garrett County, located on Maryland’s westernmost point along the border with Pennsylvania, has long lagged behind the rest of the state in income and population. In 2019, Garrett’s median household income was $52,600 compared with $95,572 for the state overall, according to the U.S. census. 

But as some families migrate away from city centers amid the pandemic and move to more remote locations — a trend that is occurring nationwide — home sales and prices in these once-quiet outposts are booming. If the trend continues, economists believe, it could trigger a resurgence for communities that have been in decline. 

“When more people move in, it becomes more attractive for new businesses to serve them, and the overall tax revenues for the county increase,” said Leonard Arvi, an economics and finance professor at Salisbury University. “It’s a very positive cycle.”

With Garrett County, Maryland also the home to ANP, moving here several years ago, I'll personally admit that after living in the Washington DC/Baltimore suburbs for over 40 years, this was absolutely the perfect move for me. Having spent the first 5 years of my life growing up in the mountains of New Hampshire, the 'Live Free Or Die' state, and being ripped from that atmosphere as a young child and  forced into the Washington DC metropolitan area was like forcing a young kid into an urban-hellscape. What's not to like about taking a look outside any time we want and seeing this, trees as far as the eye can see!!! 

With numerous counties in Oregon now voting to secede from the state and their wacky left-wing politics as Natural News reports in this new story, joining residents of California in growing political movements of people sick and tired of liberal state politics hoping to get away from such insanity, as that story points out, an actual successful secession is a long shot, but not impossible. 

Residents who live in dark red northeastern Oregon are fed-up with the left wing lunacy emanating out of population centers like Portland and Salem, and they want out. 

So they are voting with their feet. Or trying to. 

Several counties voted earlier this month to consider joining Idaho, which has long been far more conservative (and sane) than its uber liberal neighbor, though admittedly, the prospect of actually getting to join Idaho is a long-shot (if the current rules are followed, that is).

The secession effort, which is really what this amounts to, began last year when voters in Jefferson and Union counties in Oregon approved measures to move to Idaho. In fact, the Move Oregon initiative also wants to take in some Northern California counties for the same purpose — they are mostly rural and their values of constitutional freedom and liberty more align with those of Idaho’s residents. 

In an interview last year with Fox News, Idaho Republican Gov. Brad Little said that many Oregonians are “looking at Idaho fondly because of our regulatory atmosphere” and “our values.” But it’s not just Oregonians who want to be in Idaho. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Gem State grew at the second-fastest pace over the past decade. 

“According to the 2020 U.S. Census, 1,839,106 million people now call themselves Idahoan. The Gem State’s population grew by 17.4% since the 2010 Census, when Idaho was the nation’s fourth-fastest growing state and had a population of 1,567,582,” KTVB reported. 

“The bid, however, appears to be a long shot as it would require a formal vote in the Democratic-controlled Oregon legislature. If that goes through, Oregon and Idaho would have to come up with a deal, which would then have to be ratified by the U.S. Congress,” 

The Epoch Times added. Fat chance of any of that happening, of course. But, as The Epoch Times adds, it’s not unprecedented: “In 1792, Kentucky was created from Virginia’s territory, Maine was created from Massachusetts in 1820, and West Virginia in 1863 was admitted into the United States when Union states and counties separated themselves from the Confederate ones during the Civil War.” 

When Virginia seceded to become the seat of the Confederacy, residents in the western portion did not want to leave so they ‘seceded’ from Virginia; the state was never formed and ratified in the traditional manner. 

So could counties in parts of Oregon and California essentially do the same thing today? No — not if they followed the rules as they currently exist. 

But what if the diabolical deep state changes the rules again in the 2022 and 2024 elections and steal more elections? Wouldn’t that amount to a betrayal of the existing system? 

Sure it would. And right now, frankly, if Americans in authoritarian states and enclaves want to be free again, they may just have to do what our founders did and declare themselves so.

So as Modern Survival Online reported in this story titled "Bugging Out From your City Before SHTF",  having the right timing is absolutely everything in a true TEOTWAWKI scenario. From that story.: 

No matter what kind of disaster you are facing, you generally don’t want to be stuck in the city when it happens, and you especially do not want to be stuck in the city during the aftermath. Cities often turn into hives of bedlam whenever things go wrong, and the delicate economic and supply mechanisms that keep them viable centers of human habitation break down.

Without those installations of modernity in place, people become desperate, lose their tempers and often turn on each other quickly. 

The solution for most preppers is simply to get away from the city when the getting is good, either long before disaster or immediately prior to it when possible. 

Depending on your lifestyle, the resources available to you and your other goals this might be an elective lifestyle choice for a desperate last-ditch option. 

No matter which category you fall into, or if you fall somewhere in between, knowing what to do to get out of the city before things turn pear-shaped is an important part of prepping for urban dwellers. 

It would not do for you to survive whatever event or natural disaster qualifies as a true SHTF scenario and then fall victim to a swarming, desperate or opportunistic mass of humanity.

Warning within their story then that once a true SHTF scenario strikes a big city, they can instantly turn into massive death traps due to the huge numbers of people living within them and the very limited resources, any and all 'public service' would become quickly overwhelmed in a real SHTF scenario by the sheer masses of people needing help, along with public agencies such as police and fire departments. Once again, from that Modern Survival Online story.:

Simply stated in the immediate aftermath of a major disaster (or any event that results in major societal upheaval) cities are probably one of the last places you want to be. Why? The answer is of course the people. 

I’m not necessarily saying that the people are bad, all those cities have more bad people per capita than other places it seems; it is just that there are so daggone many of them. If it sounds obviously redundant, bear with me for a moment. 

The problem with having so many people crammed into a comparatively small space, and all stacked on top of each other in such great abundance, is that this places an immense strain on the logistical and supply systems that make modern metropolises viable. 

Cities are, quite literally, utterly dependent upon the sensitive, fragile gears of commerce that are installed all throughout our modern life today. 

Cities don’t grow and, in most cases, don’t even produce their own food. Everything comes in from somewhere else, even if it is just a little ways off in the surrounding areas. 

Since so many major metropolitan areas are situated on coastlines or near other large bodies of water, obtaining drinking water is usually less of a problem… so long as the city can continually filter it and otherwise make it safe to drink. 

These systems require people, people that are not likely to keep manning their posts once the balloon goes up and they have their own skins and their own families to worry about. 

Sure, it is easy to believe that there are anywhere from 1 million to 50 billion bottles and jugs of water in any given city at any given time, and one need only to open any given pantry or enter any store to grab however much they need at any time, but that is only true while the trucks that deliver it are still coming. 

The moment they stop, that supply of water will evaporate in an instant, snapped up by the millions of people seeking for it. 

And beyond food, water and other supplies services like basic healthcare, emergency medicine, police presence and even firefighting services are all in a strictly limited supply at any given time in a city.

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As we'll see in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, even Austin, Texas is now starting to look like skid row under liberal government policies, with the video showing large homeless encampments popping up all across the region.

And with the homeless problem in Austin echoing what we're witnessing in other small and large cities run by Democrats all across America, and much of the homelessness spurred on by the pandemic lockdowns that put millions and millions of Americans out of work, as one of the top-voted comments on that video pointed out, "It’s crazy how these “woke” cities are just a lot of people sleeping"

And another top-voted comment on the video remarked: "Meanwhile, Biden is putting up illegal immigrants in luxury hotels."

While a 3rd top-voted comment hit it home: "This is what happens when Californians vote for the politics they’re fleeing from." 

With many US military Veterans who have served the country now living on the streets, some for a year or more following this 'scamdemic', we've argued the entire covid-deception was a huge crime against humanity to get Joe Biden into the White House via that 'scamdemic' allowing massive mail in voting fraud, a total 'election deception' in America in November of 2020. From this VOA News story.: 

Michael Doss cleans up around his tent, the place he calls home in Washington, D.C. He’s not alone; dozens of people are living outdoors in makeshift shelters within view of landmarks and federal government buildings. 

The nation’s capital, like many U.S. communities, is struggling to cope with a growing homelessness crisis aggravated by the historic economic downturn and the coronavirus pandemic. 

“I was forced to live on the streets,” Doss told VOA. He’s among nearly 600,000 Americans living without adequate shelter. “I lost my bartending job, then my apartment, and things kind of spiral downhill from there,” said the 33-year-old African American D.C. native. 

Doss points to a section of the park where he’s seen this tent encampment grow in the last few months. “We have a lot of military veterans, immigrants and minorities living here. I’ve been out here for more than a year,” he said.

So with 2021 witnessing a mass exodus from the cities as more and more Americans realize that it smells of something rotten ahead and 'something just isn't right in 2021' with what we're being told by the mainstream media and government, as videographer 'City Prepping' warns in the 2nd video below, up to or more than 90% of Americans, especially those living within America's biggest cities, likely won't survive a prolonged collapse, a long-term 'grid down' or most other TEOTWAWKI scenarios. 

And in the final video below, Clay Clark joins Mike Adams to talk 'End Times' and all of the insanity unfolding across our collapsing world as Joe Biden's and Democrats plans for America are implemented nationally, not just within America's big cities, with what's happening in the cities a warning to us all of what's ahead for the rest of the country if we continue traveling down the road that we're now on. 

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