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June 18, 2020

The Democrats War Upon Police & Law And Order Is Part Of The Biggest False Flag Distractions Ever As Patriots Strike Back

- NFL Legend Hershel Walker & His Son Christian Have A Few Words For Those Burning Down America

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"And maybe just remind the few, if ill of us they speak, that we are all that stands between The Monsters And The Weak"†- US Marine Michael Marks

While ANP has spoken out strongly against any 'police state' in America for years, dating back to Barack Obama and the Democrats 'militarizating' of police forces across the country that has been totally ignored by BLM & Antifa protests nationwide, we've also spoken out strongly in support of 'law and order' and the 99% of good law enforcement officers across America.

With the poem written by US Marine Michael Marks "The Monsters & The Weak" perfectly summing up our thoughts on why those pushing for the abolishment of police are out of their minds, we'll agree completely with the sentiments recently expressed by former NFL Dallas Cowboy Hall Of Famer Herschel Walker, who recently offered on twitter to work with the airline industry to send people who want to defund the police to countries without police.

As Fox News reports, Walker, who played 12 years in the NFL, took his thoughts to Twitter in response to people who want to eliminate police departments across the United States.:

Walker also took to twitter to offer some advice that clearly would trigger most Democrats in 2020:

"Weíre civilized people,Ē Walker said. ďWhy canít true congressmen/women and senators get together with leaders from all ethnic groups, both left and right, to find solutions... unless certain people in Washington donít want to see a change. Iím volunteering myself as one of the black leaders.Ē

Another notable response to Walker's tweet came from D.B. Fugate, a Republican Candidate for Congress in Florida's District 23 who is also a former professional athlete as well as a former member of the US Air Force who tweeted.:

And while we're now living in a time when Conservatives are once again being demonetized by 'big tech' for expressing any disagreement with the†'Black Lives Matter' agenda, with Zero Hedge being called 'racists'†and demonetized by google for some of their stories disagreeing with BLM, Walker's son Christian recently took to twitter to voice an opinion†sure to trigger most liberals in 2020.

So why have so many Democrats suddenly become 'anti-police' and 'anti-law&order'? With cities in France now under siege by Islamic gangs and antifa showing us the direction things could take here in America if we continue the mad pace on the road America is on, echoing remarks from some living in Seattle's 'autonomous zone' who've admitted they simply want to burn the whole thing down, as Martin Armstrong recently warned, 'defunding the police' is looking more and more like the Democrats 'next stage of Revolution'.

And with this Democrat 'war' upon 'law and order'†also coming at a time when many Democrats and deep state traitors, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and more, should be being prosecuted for the entire 'Russian collusion hoax spying affairs', we'll argue that all of this a massive and manufactured 'distraction'†from America experiencing a 'grand awakening' to the criminality of the previous administration and the Obama/Hillary Clinton†'deep state'.

And although many Americans might believe they're all alone in their thoughts on all of this madness being unveiled across America by Democrats with their 'manufactured chaos', we'll close this section with an eye-opening instagram post by John Dolmayan, drummer for the rock group 'System of a Down'.:

The reason I post my opinions on this forum and open myself up to attack and ridicule is for you, the silent ones who think they are alone in a world where their thoughts are alien or wrong. Youíre not alone, millions are with you.

For those of you who think you are coming from a morally superior position therefore any differing opinion or viewpoint is invalid think again. Itís the easy path to think like you, itís in their best self interests for celebrities and politicians to support you but you will lose in the end because you are the very thing you pretend to fight against.†

The true fascist, the true bigots hidden in plain sight from the same party who fought to maintain slavery, Jim Crow, non voting rights for women, and who are directly responsible for 70 plus million abortions, a large majority of whom were black. You donít want free speech, you canít handle free speech because you are cowards and need to be herded along with the rest of the sheep.

Iím lucky, Iím in an industry where you CAN be honest about your views wherever they fall with little to no repercussions. I donít rely on a movie studio, label, media or anyone else who will bow down to pandering political correctness and am in no danger whatsoever of ďlosing my jobĒ because you donít like what I have to say.†

This is a dangerous time where free thought and speech is under attack but it will pass, the next generation is watching as they always do and they will overcome your insanity.

In the first video below, a very 'awake' black man shows a hospital staff protesting for BLM just how hypocritical they are by asking them if 'black lives matter'. While at first they all scream in unison "Yeah!", they are completely silenced when they are asked if the lives of black babies still in the womb matter. With over 1,000 black babies aborted every day in America†and Democrats not only the original party of slavery but those in charge of all of the run-down Democrat cities, why do leftists keep voting 'Democrat'?

In the 2nd video below as well as this story from Infowars they argue that BLM is a globalists ploy to complete their long held goals of destroying America while in the 3rd video below and this story they argue that all of this is nothing but the United Nations attempt to openly hijack US police departments. And in the final video below, Tucker Carlson takes a look at the Rayshard Brooks shooting in Atlanta that has sparked another fierce round of protests and riots and coming at a time when 'leftists media' and politicians are pushing for 'total regime change through chaos'.†

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