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June 17, 2020

Attacks Against Independent Conservative Media By MSM, Radical Liberal Activists, And Big Tech Collaboration, Intensifies Ahead of 2020 Election

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While the majority of Americans already know the establishment media, often dubbed the Mainstream Media (MSM) has been moving further and further politically leftward over the past decades, coincidentally (or not) coinciding with the dwindling trust Americans have in the confidence of the media, we are seeing an intensification in 2020.

The MSM and big tech are now openly collaborating with leftist/liberal activists to shut down conservative Independent Media websites.


DBDaily provides the background in an article titled "NBC/Comcast and Google Conspire to De-Platform Conservative News Sites":

NBC blue-check “journalists” celebrated all over Twitter Tuesday afternoon after engaging in blatant anti-trust behavior, conspiring with Google to de-platform conservative news sites The Federalist and ZeroHedge. It later turned out that they had not quite succeeded in the way they had hoped, as Google backed off to some extent – probably on their internal lawyers’ advice – but the clear anti-trust nature of NBC/Comcast’s and Google’s actions was not lost on at least one GOP Senator.

Long story short, NBC, working with a radical, far-left activist group called "The Center for Countering Digital Hate," to target a number of conservative Independent websites, starting with ZeroHedge and The Federalist. NBC then highlighted those sites to Google on behalf of the leftwing activists, to which NBC then reported that those two websites would be demonetized by disallowing google ads on their sites.

We have seen the MSM do things like this before but what makes this example of collusion and collaboration even more egregious, is they admitted to doing it openly on the social media platform Twitter.

The writer of the NBC piece is Adele-Momoko Fraser, as can be seen on her byline of the article in question. Fraser's verified username on Twitter is @AMFraserNBC.

NBC News then promoted the article written by Fraser, with the message "Two far-right sites, ZeroHedge and The Federalist, will no longer be able to generate revenue from any advertisements served by Google Ads. @AMFraserNBC reports."

Fraser then responded to that promotional by publicly thanking the radical liberal activist group for their "hard work and collaboration! "

She tweeted:
NEW -- from @NBC_VC . Thanks to @SFFakeNews and @CCDHate for their hard work and collaboration!
Yes, she publicly admitted to collaborating by naming the account for the website "Stop Funding Fake News" (@SFFakeNews) who openly targeted 10 Independent conservative websites, falsely claiming they promoted racist content.

Interesting that a website which has "Stop Funding Fake News"as its name is actually peddling the biggest pile of horse manure online today.

 Those ten websites being targeted by the MSM, Google and far left radical activists are American Greatness, Moonbattery, American Thinker, Big League Politics, Zero Hedge, WND, The Washington Standard, Gateway Pundit, Breitbart, and The Federalist.

Note: We linked to each of these websites since liberals, and yes that includes the MSM, are targeting them to be deplatformed, so we encourage readers to show them a little love.

This collaborative effort was noticed by GOP Senator Josh Hawley, who also noticed something very disturbing about googles messages regarding the demonitization of The Federalist.

Evidently the claim wasn't about written content on the Federalist, but some commentary deemed "racist" in their comment section by readers, not the website or website authors themselves.

The reason I say that is because Google publicly admitted it on Twitter. Screenshot for posterity in case they realize what they admitted and try to delete it:

(PLEASE HELP SUPPORT ANP: With Independent Media being censored on almost every internet platform, reader donations are what keeps websites like ANP up and running. Your donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Stefan and Susan.)

Hawley responded to Google: "Wait, wait - you want to treat the @FDRLST comment section, which they don’t curate, as THEIR speech but simultaneously say the content you directly host and modify IS NOT your speech under Section 230? Wow, this is getting really interesting."

I just checked over at The Federalist and could not find a comment section. Apparently they were forced to remove it and chose to do so rather than remove Google Adsense.

That is their choice and we are not going to criticize it because they have a large operation and have payroll to meet, so they did what they felt they had to do.

To put it bluntly, Google threatened their income and to deplatform them because they refused to censor their readers and commenters.

Talk about messed up.


Next up is Amazon, which apparently now is using the hate group SPLC to determine which non-profit groups can benefit from their customer donation programs.

 Amazon gives a portion of their revenue, if the customer wants chooses, to non-profit organizations, via their AmazonSmile program. They are refusing to allow two very well known conservative non-profits to benefit from their program, specifically, Family Research Council and the Alliance Defending Freedom.

They do however allow organizations that are anti-religion and baby killing abortionists, like Planned Parenthood, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation, to receive donations via their program.

While Amazon customers can use the AmazonSmile program to donate a portion of each purchase to left-leaning organizations like Planned Parenthood, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the Center for American Progress (and to be fair, to many right-leaning organizations, too), Amazon has decided to single out a few well-known conservative organizations like FRC and ADF from receiving part of the tens of millions of dollars the program raises each year from customers.

That’s because the company uses the radical, left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as the standard-bearer to decide which nonprofits customers are allowed to direct their contributions to.

SPLC has labeled some of the mainstream conservative organizations it disagrees with as “hate groups” and publishes their names in a directory alongside real hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis. Amazon won’t allow any group that’s on SPLC’s “hate list” to participate in AmazonSmile.

Related: Twitter Takes Commands from Hard Left, Deplatforms @AmyMek for Telling the Truth About Islam 


There are a few advertising services that stay away from the censorship game and refuse to allow themselves to bow down to the online liberal mobs, but far too many are part of that mob, therefore are very quick to deplatform anyone that does not toe the "preferred narrative" line.

Websites cannot survive without revenue. That is an inescapable fact. If they could, there would never be an ad on sites like ANP, nor would we need donations, but that is the price for choosing this as a career.

No one ever started an Independent News site with the expectation to get rich.... no one.

We simply want to be able to share the truth as we see it, highlight angles that the MSM completely ignores, and offer a "big picture" if we see things that should be connected but are not by others.

For sites like ANP, we also enjoy the community feel of our readers, those that comment and those that lurk. That is just as important to us as the articles we publish.

To see that companies like Google are deplatforming websites because of what is said by others in a comment section, is a chilling reminder that we, and others in conservative media, need conservative groups or benefactors to create their own ad services, so that conservative websites can dump big tech once and for all.

[MAJOR UPDATE] Right before hitting publish on this piece, Stefan sent me the following:

"DOJ to unveil plans to strip tech giants of protection from being sued over content on their platforms after Donald Trump accused Google, Facebook and Twitter of anti-conservative bias."


We at ANP would be remiss not to assure readers that our comment section is going nowhere. If Google threatens to demonetize us if we don't remove the comment section or heavily censor our readers, than we will remove Google Adsense and try to find something to replace it with that respects free speech. (That isn't as easy as it sounds nowadays)

Might be a tough couple of months, but beats bowing down to censors that are using their services to try to interfere in the 2020 elections by targeting websites that lean toward conservative views, by limiting their readers ability to communicate and discuss issues.

The media, big tech, and radical liberal activists are now openly collaborating to target Independent News and Congress is either unable or unwilling to step up to the plate and break these companies up or take their protections away from them.

The best we can do is "keep on keeping on," and keep our readers as informed as we can.

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All donations are greatly appreciated and will absolutely be used to keep us in this fight for the future of America.

Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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