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September 27, 2020

Democrats: Create Liberal Country, Divide Blue From Red - Republicans: 'Yes, Please, Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Butt On Your Way Out' 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We have used the map above as a visual of why the electoral college is so very important, showing that limited "blue" strongholds should not be able to dictate the results of an election to the entire nation, because when broken down by county or "red versus blue" areas, rather than by compacted population in small areas, the sea of red shows how very little of the nation, geographical-wise, liberals actually inhabit.

For the purpose of this article, the visual represents the lunacy of some recent statements made by Lanny Davis, who once served as special counsel for former president Bill Clinton, who took to Twitter in a lengthy thread which began with "1) DEAR RED STATES; WE'RE LEAVING. We've decided we're leaving. We intend to form our own country, we're taking the other Blue States with us...that includes Hawaii, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and all the Northeast."

What Mr. Davis didn't address because it would negate his entire 15 tweet thread is that entire states would not be part of his "create our own country" scenario, because in most of the country, the majority of the population may all be squeezed together in small areas like sardines, but they too are surrounded by the sea of red, meaning more counties would be staying American while Lanny and his cohorts all struck out on their own.

Interestingly, most conservatives that read his entire nonsensical thread, were saying "Yes, please, go... don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out."

His "plan" assumes that the red areas, the counties considered very conservative, wouldn't flip him and his merry band of plotters off, or worse, decide the "state" wasn't going anywhere, but they would happily provide an armed escort to help them leave the entire state.

That is seriously taking the cold civil war we are in the midst of now and blowing it all up into a hot civil war where even more blood is in the streets, on a daily basis.

Frankly I cannot imagine that many conservatives would be all that upset to see the backend of a bunch of blues, along with their failed policies that have led to many "blue" areas looking more and more like third world countries than cities in a great nation.

Then we have people like singer John Legend insisting that people should leave America if President Trump is reelected.

Hollywood and musicians claimed they would leave if Trump won in 2016, yet they are still here. This means they are not only petulant children, but liars as well.

I think they should have to sign some sort of contract, Trump wins, they have to leave because they said they would.... isn't that like a verbal contract or something?

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On the flip side, we see that many conservatives are not just mouthing off like Mr. Davis, but are actually packing up their stuff, without any fanfare, and heading on over to other "red" areas within the U.S., for a number of reasons.

Some would rather be among likeminded conservatives in preparation for the increased chaos that is expected in the near future. 

Others are so sick of liberal policies, as the image above shows, that they are simply taking their stuff, their money, (meaning their tax revenue) and simply leaving.

Many would think that this exodus of people living in "blue" areas would not bode well for the "red" areas they moved to because they would bring their bad policies with them, but a recent SHTF Plan article explains that isn't an accurate reading of what is happening.

Again, the main reason given by former Californians was politics. They are conservatives or moderates that felt isolated or trapped in a far-left cesspool and they realized their future life prospects depended on them transplanting to a more free and less bureaucratic place.

The fear among conservatives was that the pandemic would smoke leftists out of their hives and that they would spread to more conservative areas and “take over”. This does not seem to be the case. In fact, it appears that most leftists are stubbornly refusing to acknowledge that their states are dying and are actively defending state policies on the web. Check out the angry and delusional comments from California progressives on this opinion article in Arizona telling them to leave their failed policies behind if they move to the state.

These people are suffering from some serious saltiness, and the fact that they are still trying to claim that states like California are economically stable shows how truly delusional they are. Conservative states have nothing to worry about – The lefties are too dumb to relocate. They’re going to sit within the rotting corpses of the states they killed and pretend it smells like roses. This is what they do; when they are wrong or when they have failed they double and triple down. It’s their defining characteristic.

Read the entire article, it is quite interesting.

JUST IMAGINE...................

So, since liberals continue to talk about how they want to leave America, yet they refuse to actually leave, let us take a quick gander at what America would really look like if they got their way.

Just imagine the differences in what the two nations would look like.

The blues would have the people that do not even know which bathroom to use, while the reds would be using the "ladies room" for females and the "men's room" for males.

In blue areas the little girls would have to share bathrooms and locker-rooms and changing rooms with men claiming to "identify" as woman, and little boys would have to share it with women claiming to identify as men.

In red areas the children would be safe from perverts pretending to be the opposite sex just so they could perv on children.

In blue areas, taxes would be so high, because they wouldn't have any tax revenue coming from the reds, that people would barely even be able to afford to eat.

In red areas people would be able to afford more because the blues were gone and the taxes wouldn't be as high, so the standard of living would be far greater.

In blue areas, they would have to learn to grow and farm as much as those in the heartland, because if totally separated, reds wouldn't want anything to do with blues, including feeding the poor saps.

In red areas, food would be in abundance because many heartlanders are already prepared to live from the land.

In blue areas we would see the same type of "mass shootings" we have witnessed over the years in "gun free zones," because criminals, murderers always prefer to attack the helpless, and liberal gun control advocates create the helpless everywhere they go.

In red areas, people will be armed, children protected, because they are Second Amendment supporters that believe in self-defense rather than blaming the protectors rather than the attackers.

Blue areas would look like warzones, like Portland Oregon, Lancaster PA, Seattle WA, and others places dominated by liberal leaders allowing Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) groups to run their city streets.

In contrast we would also see red areas where rioters and domestic terrorists are treated accordingly, which is why Antifa and BLM groups generally avoid going near those areas because the few times they tried, they got their butts handed to them.

In blue areas one wouldn't be able to tell boys from girls because liberals promote transgenderism in children as young as 18 months.

In red areas, boys and girls are taught they are either male or female according to their sex at birth.

In blue areas, due to the lack of tax revenue by the reds that are not part of their "new country" their areas would be even more destitute because they will be welcoming illegal aliens in with open arms, then having to pay for everything without help from the reds.

The reds on the other hand will not have to worry about fighting over borders because they would automatically set up borders, not just at our countries borders, but between the blue areas and the reds.

In blue areas the population would dwindle considerable over the years because they are in favor of murdering hundreds of thousands of babies in the womb, trying to put the label of "reproductive rights" to abortion, despite abortion being the exact opposite of reproducing.

In red areas, population would stay at percentages that would allow for them to grow and reproduce to continue a strong civilization.

In blue areas, globalization would rule, where the good of the national community is sacrificed to the good of the global community.

In red areas, the residents, Americans would come first.

There are so many different "just imagine" scenarios, but liberals talk without acting many a time, like the promises to leave the country if Trump was elected, then staying to whine and complain instead.

Conservatives on the other hand, the major cause of the mass exodus in many liberal states, don't threaten, they are just packing up, making arrangements and getting out.

Last but not least, in blue areas god has been forsaken, ignored and those of faith persecuted, but in the red areas, god is worshipped, and children are taught right from wrong.


Which "country" do you, the reader, think would last the longest, be able to feed themselves, support themselves and protect themselves.... and which wouldn't? 

Which would you rather live in?

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