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March 29, 2015

Critical Alert By Gregory Mannarino - Are Final Preparations Being Made For Total Economic Collapse With Jade Helm Drills?

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


While those that have been contending for years that the central bankers have been rigging all the markets have been called conspiracy theorists, experts are now admitting outright that those "tin foil hat" wearers were all right in their assessment.

The most recent expert revealing what is referred to this "dirty secret" is†Ed Yardeni, a longtime Wall Street Guru, who told CNBC "These markets are all rigged, and I donít say that critically. I just say that factually."

While you can hear Yardeni admit to this massive rigging in the first video below, it is the second and third video by Gregory Mannarino that offers the critical alert and a more detailed explanation of what we have seen, that he too warned us of, who is responsible, and what is coming at us, as he clearly states on his Seeking Alpha blog "What we have been witnessing is legal theft right under the noses of the entire population and NO ONE says a word about it and why? Because those in power realize clearly that 98% Of the population are sheep-and sheep get slaughtered."

Mannarino informs listeners that we are seeing a massive 'wealth theft" from the middle class right now, and it isn't just the Federal Reserve and big companies but that the "White House is colluding with the Federal Reserve and Wall Street."

Does this in any way tie in with the recent explosion of news on the martial law training, Jade Helm, happening right now in multiple cities and states?

We go back to something Mannarino has on the top of his front page of his website, a reminder of comments made by Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller, where Mannarino tells us what will happen when "total economic collapse" hits.

The structure of the global monetary system is dependent upon debt expansion in perpetuity, therefore when the debt market collapses the entire world monetary system will cease to function at that moment. Banks will close, cash will become near worthless, and all business activity will stop.

Governments will have no choice but to declare Martial law to keep order as public panic and pandemonium explode in the streets of every nation on Earth.

The question everyone should be asking themselves right now is if these Jade Helm drills are part of the final preparations being made for the fallout of a complete and total economic collapse. Remember, they are practicing the round-up of American citizens, as caught on camera in Florida†and†the stealthy integration of military members into American communities.

Bottom line is we are watching the US government prepare to go to war against its own people.


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