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April 6, 2021 

Many Democrats Actually Want The US Military To Go Door To Door And Disarm Americans: Remember! Totalitarian Governments Always First Disarm Their 'Future Victims'!

- The Democrats Latest War On The 2nd Amendment Leads To Huge Surge In Gun Sales Nationwide

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to David B. Kopel, an American author, attorney and gun rights advocate, "Even if we assume that 'gun control' may reduce firearm homicides by individual criminals, it facilitates murder by government."

Warning us in a recent episode of his "Kopel's Law & Liberty News" that the problem of government carried out mass murder "was on full display in the 20th Century", as we also hear from Kopel in the only video at the bottom of this story, "the accumulative dangers of armed criminals are much smaller than the danger of armed criminal governments". 

With the very real problem of 'government tyranny' alone giving Americans a reason to arm up like never before in 2021, with fewer guns historically leading to more genocide, as Kopel warned Americans in an article which we've embedded above the comment section of this story below titled "Fewer Guns, More Genocide", totalitarian governments are the most likely to perpetrate mass murder. 

Warning also that Americans are setting themselves up to be slaughtered by "becoming complacent in the belief that any nation, including the United States, is immune from the dangers of being taken over by a murderous government", that paper also warns that traditionally, "governments intent on mass murder prioritize victim disarmament" with "such governments considering victim armament to be a serious impediment to mass murder and to the government itself." 

So with Joe Biden and Democrats now pushing the sinister kind of 'gun control' that tyrannical governments push before engaging in the mass slaughter of their own people, those Democrats forget that America's Founding Fathers incorporated the 2nd Amendment into the US Constitution to prevent just that. 

So while Democrats and world leaders, including Canada's globalist stooge Justin Trudeau, claim people don't need an AR-15 to go 'deer hunting', the 2nd Amendment was never about deer hunting but about ensuring a balance of power between government and 'the people', with guns in a very worst case scenario ensuring that 'tyrants will be treated like tyrants should be treated' should they cross over into the realm of carrying out the mass slaughters of their own people. 

And as we'll see in this next story, a huge chunk of the American people see that something incredibly sinister is now going on. And as the Washington Examiner reported in that April 1st story which gives us a great indication of what many Americans have been spending their 'Covid-19 stimulus' checks on, it's enough to give many Democrats a heart attack.

With that Examiner story reporting that Biden's Covid-19 stimulus checks have led to a historic surge in the purchase of firearms all across America, especially AR-15's, we get more proof from the story that whenever Democrats talk about 'gun control' like they're doing now, Americans respond by going out and purchasing weapons, 'en masse'From the Examiner story before we continue.:   

For the second time in three months, the FBI broke its record for gun sales, concealed carry, and other firearms background checks in March

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System conducted 4,691,738 checks, an all-time high. It broke the record set in January of 4,317,804. 

Gun sales generally track with the NICS numbers, though the FBI doesn’t make public how many were for gun purchases. Gun industry groups typically release those numbers after the FBI. 

Gun sellers have said that President Joe Biden’s threat to use executive action to expand background check requirements and possibly ban the sale of semi-automatic firearms like the popular AR-15 is driving sales. House and Senate Democrats are also pushing anti-gun legislation, especially in the wake of two mass shootings last month.

And with another 'mass shooting' since that Examiner story was written leaving Democrats once again screaming for 'gun control', with many leftists claiming that 'Joe Biden and his administration aren't doing enough to stop the shootings', if Democrat politicians and many of the far-left commenters on that story get their way, there'll be no more 2nd Amendment in America's future. 

With some leftists calling gun owners 'terrorists' who should be thrown in prison along with hardened criminals, simply for wanting to protect their families from such criminals, it's easy to see where this is headed with totalitarian/communist governments needing to first disarm their 'future victims.' And some other insane radical leftist commenters on this linked story are actually calling for the US military to go door to door to disarm American gun owners, even though they are 'law abiding American citizens'

Can you imagine an America like that, where the US military goes door to door to disarm the American people?! While many would argue that such an America would be absolute proof that totalitarianism had arrived on our shores, such an America may not be that far away if the radical left gets their way. As this new story over at the Epoch Times points out, the US military has also become 'detached from reality' in their 'service of progressive values'

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With some insane, radical leftists also calling for the banning of all 'assault weapons', completely clueless to the fact that deadly 'assault weapons' could be knives, baseball bats, fists, knees, slingshots or even banjoes, microwave ovens or a loaf of pumpernickel bread, the 'go for the guns' idiocy that is unfolding across America is quite contagious among the left. And just to hear their constant babbling should be enough to get Americans to go out and purchase a few more ways to defend themselves. 

Because with 'governments' the biggest mass murderers in world history, and 'death by government' leading to hundreds of millions of innocent people being cruelly and viciously slaughtered over the last century+ alone, as Kopel points out in his paper below, in Europe alone during the twentieth century, governments murdered about 87.1 million people while globally, the number was well over 200 million people.  

So with history proving to us that no country is immune to 'government sponsored mass murder,' and that such murderous governments traditionally disarm their people before they go on their killing sprees, Americans have all the reason in the world why they should continue arming themselves to the teeth, preparing for something that we pray never comes. 

But with Senator Dianne Feinstein a perfect example of Democrat hypocrisy in this day and age we're now living in, with Feinstein wanting to ban certain guns (even though she had her own!) and certainly having armed security to the max, with Biden's White House promising 'executive actions' on 'gun control' coming at a time when leftists are equating gun owners to terrorists hints of danger ahead. 

In the only video below, we hear from Dave Kopel who tells us that while 'gun control' may reduce firearm homicides by individual criminals, it does nothing at all to stop governments from committing mass murder by firearm, a problem we've seen far too often in our lifetimes and a problem that will be exaggerated, not go away, by government attempting to disarm the American people.

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Fewer Guns Equals More Genocide: Government Mass Murders In The 20th Century by All News Pipeline on Scribd

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